Academy of Magical Beings
Academy of Magical Beings
Moreusico (unknown if true)
All Gods
The Grand Library
Places of note
The Mages' Quarters
The Sorcerers' Quarters
The Necromancers' Quarters
The Grand Quarters
The Council Chamber
The Great Gardens
The Main Hall
The Courtyards
The Battle Grounds
The Settlements
Date of founding
Around 9,595 BPD
9,595 BPD
"There was once a place where all could venture for knowledge and wisdom. To seek aid for education, and hope. A place that once felt like home to all living beings."
Moreusico on the academy

The Academy of Magical Beings was a vast castle located within Wizardear. It was the home to the talented Magical Beings, and the main seat of the Order of Magical Beings. It was founded by Jafier Heartan, who at the time was the only known magical being, and created the school for a place where others like him may use and train their talents.

The school was widely praised by all, and it was not only a place for magical beings, but a place where many people could venture for education, and even knowelage from the wizards and witches. The academy stood for over 1,400 years, before its fall under the destruction of Azugon. Its fall eventually led to the most brutal war in history, known as the Great Purge.

After its destruction, the school was abandoned, and it has attrackted many looters and theives, who have all took their share of the treasure that had been buried deep within. However most of these treasure hunters mainly come back empty handed, as many say that the halls are still protected by the dead magical beings, who have taken the forms of wisps.



Around 9,400 BPD, Jafier Heartan soon after discovering his magical talents, thought of a way where he can place his knowelage and wisdom into education, so that one day he could teach others to learn his gifts. 

The school was created from ancient foundations that had been apart of the Dark-Elf Empire around 10,000 years before. Jafier used the old rubble to construct the school, with the help of dwavern builders. It took four months before the first outline of the castle was made, and a further two years before its completion. By this time, Jafier Heartan had used his blood to create more Magical Beings, and trained them within the walls of the school.

After 10 more years, more and more people begun to come out with these new magical talents. Jafier used magic to sense these beings, and sent out his council memebers to find and bring them to the academy. However, Jafier did not want anything personal to intervein with the youngs' trainings, so he made a law that no young mage can hold any attachment, while in their stages of training.

By the time of 9,250 the school had more than two hundred students, and was known for also being a school for knowelage. Due to himself being the King of Amsnorth, Jafier Heartan did not spend much time within the academy, so left the place in command under the control of the one known as the Grand Wizard. 

Several RulersEdit

The school had many Grand Wizards in its time, and with each one they brought something different to the way of law and events that took place within the school. Many of these old talented beings were known for their certain contriubutions. 


After over 1,400 years of standing, the school was eventually attacked and destroyed when its own Grand Wizard grew power hungry, and was tainted by dark magic. Azugon, the mighty lord who was at the time the most powerful man alive, declaired the dragons to be the enemy, and asked his council to assist him in wiping them out. However they shunned him, which threw him into a state of rage, in which he killed them and absorbed their power.

It was during this time, did the dark lord murder countless magical beings and also absorbed their power, making him unstoppable. While battling against another powerful being, Morganna, the witch destroyed the whole school to try and crush the dark lord beneath it. But this attempt was proven uneffective as he survived and she died in the process.


See the Order of Magical Beings

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