Societal information

Largest City
Head of State
Farik Wolfbane
Rochillion, Gaenapease, Dwarfik
Yellow hybrid lion/yeti, on a red cross, on a blue background
Type of Government
Great House

Historical information

Creation Period
FA 0
790,850 Km2
20 million per year
Golden Yeti
"Perhaps the most beautiful country in the world, Afrana is a glorious sight to behold, full of luxury surroundings, and spectacular visions. "
―About Afrana

Afrana once known as Ahāmòr is a state located in the Western Territories. It is the West's second most populous country, with a population of over 26 million. The country is ruled by a group of Aristocracy nobles, including the Lord of Markwall, the country is also one of the many states under the Human Royal Government. It was once a monarchy government, but before the events that became the War of Kings, Afrana has since been ruled by lords and ladies.

Covering approximately 790.6 thousand square kilometers, Afrana is the West's second-largest country by land area,and either the seventh or eighth-largest by total area, depending on the method of measurement. Afrana's landscape is vast and diverse, ranging from forest steppes in the arid north to subtropical forests in the wetter south. It is often remarked as being the most beautiful country of them all, as its landscapes and huge wildernesses are full of some of the most stunning visionary sights. It is known for its massive blossom trees, which cover most of the forests and woods. Its grass is also greener than any other place in the world.

The history of Afrana goes back to its ancient civilization – one of the world's earliest, along with most countries in the West – that flourished in the fertile basin of formation of the Dark-Elf Empire. For millennia, Afrana's political system was based on hereditary monarchies, known as dynasties. It was ruled by the Dark-Elf Empire for hundreds of years, and a selected Dark-Elves were elected as kings and queens, only falling under the emperor. It was not until the Human Migration, did the country be awarded to the humans for their support in forging much of the villages and towns in the surrounding area. The humans ruled as the new kings, beginning the Undertongue Dynasty, and the country expanded, fractured and been reformed numerous times. There were many rumoured cities that were within the country, but after time they were destroyed, and now only one city remains within the country, as with most places around the Main Lands.

Afrana had the largest and most complex economy in the world for most of the past two thousand years, during which it has seen cycles of prosperity and decline. The country invented its own gold, called Golden Yeti, in which all the gold crafted was forged within the country itself, instead of coming from the over-seas mining factories. When then governments started to make their own gold, the country quickly became one of the wealthest countries in the world. For a time it even suppassed many of the Dwavern ruled countries, however their economy declined slightly over time, as their trading was haltered due to the formation of the Human Royal Government. It is still one of the richest countries in the world, despite not being as weathly as it once was.

A person from Afrana is called, Afrannian.


The word 'Afrana' comes from the old Elvish languages for desert, spelled (Ahāmòr in the old text), where it was merged with the human writting of land, 'Frana'. It was mainly named Afrana by the humans, while the dark-elves named it Ahāmòr, and it was not until the Undertongue Dynasty did the country be named after their own language. 



Studies of the old text and historical drawings located in the Black Mountains, evidence suggests that early elves inhabited Afrana between 30,000-25,000 years ago. It was not until the elves split themselves into three different groups of their spieces, and formed what is now known as the: Wood-Elves, Dark-Elves and Green-Elves. These drawings showed a life before the first recorded text, first discovered by Shalimal. It is possible that these drawings dated back a further 1,000 years, perhaps more, stating that there were beings before the now known elves. Many people claim that these 'old elves' were tall, fair-haired and beautiful, much like the current wood-elves, but shared the green-elf height, and the dark-elf personal. They were named by the elves as, Eláisè-Juntīng, (White-Elves). 

Early RulingEdit

During the early stages of the Creation Period, Afrana was ruled by the Wood-Elves, as it was located right near
Old elf ruins

Old elf ruins

Greatwood Forest. The elf king, King Andriel used the country as a base for resources, as often sent hundreds of elves each week to harvest much of the country's benefits.

Many farms, small towns and castles were built across the lands, and to make transportation between each civilization, they dug up the ground to set a path, which would eventually lead to the creation of the Titan's Road. However the Dark-Elf ruler, Shalimal sought to increase his power and lands, and he invaded the lands. The beginning of the War of the First started soon after. 

Once the war was over, and Shalimal now the emperor, with the forging of the Dark-Elf Empire, Afrana became one of the many places that were now inhabitied by Dark-Elves. It soon started to expand, and further lands were discovered. Towns and villages were built, and more roads begun to appear, connecting many trade routes.

Imperial AfranaEdit

Many studies from old texts and langauges, period events happening within Afrana to date back to around, 24,500 BPD - 23,000 BPD, after the state of the empire conquered many more lands that were controlled by many other rival elves. Shalimal delcaired himself the very first emperor of the world, (it should be noted that only a small part of Amsnorth had been discovered at this period), and started to create his own dynasty, which would later be called the Limal Dynasty. The Limal Dynasty ruled for thousands of years, and due to its large numbers and powers, started the economy, by using Afrana as a mining country. It was within Afrana were the first gold founded, and started the
Afrana statues

The Flottria Statues, located in the far east of Afrana

very first barters and shops. More new Races begun to appear, and the Dark-Elf Empire used them as slaves to help forge a great and powerful world. However the Limal Dynasty ended within Afrana, after the humans made a name for themselves. As a reward for their support to the empire, Emperor Erandur forced all the human cheifs to compete for three days of combat, to test which one posssessed the greatest talents. The first human king, Markgon Undertongue was elected, thus beginning the Undertongue Dynasty.

The subsequent Undertongue Dynasty ruled Afrana between 20,000 BPD and 9,400 BPD, and created a lasting cultural identity among its populace that has endured to the present day. Human kings expanded on the territory considerably with military campaigns reaching across the Main Lands, where the kings married their children off to houses of great power, one of these eventually became House Ashstone. The kings also helped establish banks, and gradually became the largest economy of the ancient world, at the time.

Long view of titan's road

Distant view of Titan's Road

The Titan's Road was eventually built within Afrana, and some of the best builders were used to combine it with many roads throughout the Western Regions. It became the largest road in the world, and still is to the current day. It took almost 10 years to become fully operational, and many soldiers were posted around the roads to prevent bandit raids. 

End of dynastic ruleEdit

See main articles: Jafier Heartan and War of Kings

Undertongue Dynasty ruled with a great force, however after one of their rulers, Edmund Undertongue, begun to make a rather vile reputation of himelf, he plunged Afrana into the dirt. His years saw about the near collapse of the economy, which increased riots, murders, and theft. Bandits and clansmen became more regular around the country, and proved a great problem for the people.

Jafier Heartan soon heard about this, and along with his Brotherhood of Justice, he killed Edmund Undertongue after a small rebellion, and ended the Undertongue Dynasty. However even though he ruled as its king, Jafier after wining the War of Kings, decide to move to Gran Sarathal, within Royalandüs, leaving Afrana to House Wolfbane.


Political GeographyEdit

Afrana is the second-largest country in the West by land area after Royalandüs. It is seventh or eighth largest country in the world by total size. It also has many small islands south of its main lands, all of which are apart of the country. It is surrounded by both the Magic Sea, and the Black Ses, on its western fronts, as the south.===Climate=== Like most areas around the West, Afrana has rather fair weather. It does not see much great deal of sun, and is home to many strong winds and on some rare occasions, earthquakes, however it does not suffer as greatly as the others from blizzards. 

Beautiful night lights

The unusual lights in the sky are considered the most beautiful thing to see in Afrana

The normal day consists of a rather grey morning, to a bright midday, to a cold and black night. Its skies are usually covered in clouds, but sometimes during many days of different months you can see the clear star covered skies. Its unusal weather at times, can cause the formation of lights within the skies, some of which travel across the whole of the country,


Afrana has the largest wilderness in the West, as around 1/3 of its lands is uncharted and untouched. It makes it home to many animals of all kinds, this plays to the advantage of the people, as the increasing number of wildlife, makes finding food rather easy. The wildlife also attracts the giants, to which they have made home in some areas of the country.

The great elks, great deer and stags also live within the wildernesses of Afrana. There are also many dangerous predators within Afrana, the most common being the werewolf. The wolf is known to stalk the moonlit sky, and proves a great problem for many villages and towns. It is often said that the werewolf's origin is from Afrana, as the Black Mountains have seen much magic. 

Government and PoliticsEdit

Main articles: House Wolfbane  and Human Royal Government

See also: Dwavern Domain , Dark-Elf Supremacy and Wood-Elf Monarchy for further details

Afrana's head of state is currently Farik Wolfbane, the lord and ruler of House Wolfbane. The man inherited the title of Lord of Markwall, and Duke of Afrana after the passing of his father. Farik is discribed as being a cold hearted tyrant, and is not in favour of his people, however he is not a terrible ruler, as he is not overly fond of gold, so does not seek it out. 

Like all countries, Afrana's main government is the Human Royal Government, but instead of ruled by a

War council

War council

Senate, a group of aristocrats rules the country, also they must still answer to the royal government. The aristocrats fall under the orders of the Duke of Afrana, but each of them can request a law or change is they so desire. Like most governments, they do hold meetings at a War Council, and deal with justice in septs. But unlike governments, each noble house can enter meetings, instead of just those of royal blood. Each head of a noble house can make changes to their land, through the meetings, which makes Afrana a more rounded country than the others.

Law and Criminal JusticeEdit

Something that has changed many times over the course of the country's history. Law and Justice was first founded around 4,000 BPD, however Afrana was one of the few places that were in full impact of the law and justice system. Like most countries in the West, the same rule applies to each of them.

Laws have to be processed through the sept who all decide on new laws and justice systems. Many have been changed over time, but some ancient ones still linger. Many laws have been made illegal through the interets of common beings, and some have been made legal through the same reasons.

These are as follows:

Current LawsEdit

Murder - the worst crime of all, and considered the one way ticket to the Prisoners' Bay. Prisoners' Bay currently houes more than 300,000 prisoners. Murder was first brought to attention around 20,000 BPD when the first civilizations deemed it shocking that one could simply kill another for sport. While Man-Slaughter is up there as a sidekick to murder, one may only be sent to a cell, and serve out a lesser sentence. The average sentence for a murder is depending on the act and their race:

Theft - a crime that can result in having your hands chopped off, or your fingers. Depending on what you have stolen, and who it is from, the person in which that being stole from, can kill the theif if it is on their land. 

Violance - a crime that is not greatly seen as a major crime, depending on the act and cause. If a commoner assults anyone of noble blood they will be sent to Prisoners' Bay without trial. This has met complains by many people across Royalandüs, as nobles can do as they please, but if there are any witnesses there can be a trial held.

Vandalism - a crime that depends on where it is done. The price can be sent to a cell for the total of one week to one year.

Rape - a crime that is appalled across all countries. Rape can result in castration after a trail has been held, death can also become the outcome of this crime. Criminals can also be sent to Prisoners' Bay, and like murder depends on what race.

Bullying - a crime that can result in getting thrown into the cells for around 3 days.


With around 20,000 active troops, Afrana's army is the fourth largest standing military force in the Main Lands, commanded by House Wolfbane. Due to the large numbers in soldiers, the economy spends around 1,000,000 gold pieces each year to its troops, making it one of the highest budget forces in Amsnorth

Afrana soldier

An Afrana soldier, dressed in light armour, are some of the greatest fighters in Amsnorth

Afrana is considered both a major regional military power and a potential military superpower, mainly because of its highly skilled soldiers and warriors. Due to it being within the Human Royal Government, it combines its forces with the other human countries, to form a huge alliance. Its numbers are some of the largest contributed to the government, which makes it one of the most powerful countires in the world.

Afrana's soldiers are known to wear light armour, and wield strong sharp blades, forged by some of the strongest steel. Most of he budget goes to the creation of the weapons, as strong weapons are believed to make them more dangerous in combat against tough steel armour.

Afrana has made significant progress in horseback combat, generating around 4,000 fully trained knights. This amount of power, grants them the largest number of horseback rider warriors in Amsnorth. There are also around 500 generals and commanders, most of which are highly skilled and trained. 

Due to its location near the sea, Afrana also possesses a huge fleet, ranging from around 300-600 ships. 


Afrana and other major developing economies by their monthly income throughout taxes and rents. Although strong mining, factories, blacksmiths and others contribute to the welfare of the country. Markwall is sixth wealthest country in the world, and the average monthly income is around 250,000 gold per month

Afrana has the world's fourth-largest economy in terms of nominal gold intake, totalling approximately 30,000,000 gold pieces each year, depending on its growth in that current year. 


Afrana has its own gold, different from any other country. The Golden Yeti is the golden pieces used by the people of the country, and they do not accept gold from other places around the world. However they will accept melted down golden molts, as that can be used to transform into more Golden Yeti pieces.

Economic history and growthEdit

Afrana was one of the largest and most successful countries of all time, during the Creation Period. Due to its rich lands, and deep caves and mountains, its harvesting was a great deal of wealth. Its vast lands gave birth to thousands of miles of gold, and it was through this, the very first economy was forged. Its gold intake was around 1,000,000 each year, (around 50,000,0000 in current terms), making it a hugly wealthy country. While each amount of the gold was split between lords and nobles, most of its went to the Dark-Elf Empire.

Since the Human Royal Government took command over the human countries, Afrana's economy went downhill, mainly because all of the human countries were forged together to form one economy, when needed. House Heartan became the leader of the royal government, and took around 30% of the income. But the country has not been completely without gold, and has been among the world's fastest-growing economies, relying largely on investment- and export-led growth. 


Afrana does not have a greatly large education system, and its mostly consisted of farmers. However it does have schools and other places of educaiton throughout its lands. It has less cources than other countires, with the most popular being the teaching course. While many females go on to become mothers, they are allowed to becomr teachers, making Afrana the only country in Amsnorth to allow women to work.


Like many places around the world, Afrana has a strong religious system, in which nearly everyone residing within its lands worship some kind of god. Around 70-75% of the people believe in a god, and most of them venture to nearby shrines to pray each day. It has the third highest count of religious beliefs in the known world.


See: HumansDwarvesElvesGiantsGoblins for more detail

Due to being sperated by so many races, there are different cultures for each race. The most common aspect of the culture is signing and musical instruments. There have been many bards that have hailed from Royalandüs, and it is also where most misical instruments are made.

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