Aldsnow city
Background Information
Type City
Location Dwavern Kingdom, Kolodyyne
Population 230,000
Rulers Gormar Boulderrock, Endith Gorogduum
Military 5,000 soldiers, 2,000 archers, 100 catapults
Institutions Palace of Amathan
Places of note The Sept of Amathan, The Drunken Dwarf
Date of founding
Other Information
Summary One of the largest cities in the Dwavern Kingdom.
Other names
Inhabitants Dwarves, Humans, Elves, Hauket
Spoken Languages
Lifespan FA 12560 -

"Aside from the Golden Halls, no other city in the Dwavern Kingdom has walls such as the ones seen surrounding the great city of Aldsnow."
―Description of Aldsnow

Aldsnow is a large city located in Kolodyyne, the largest country in the Dwavern Kingdom. Aldsnow is one of the newest cities in the kingdom, and was founded to support the increasing population of Dwarves and Humans. Its massive and strong walls made it a sought out place for many people during the War of a Hundred Years, and served as military base for most of the war.

The city soon became one of the largest cities in Amsnorth at that time, and the Dark-Elf Supremacy attempted to breach its walls, but was unsuccessful. In the battle known as The Battle for Stone and Freedom, the people of Aldsnow, under the leadership of Vinckan Gorogduum, managed to suppress the attempted seige, but lost over two hundred civilians. 

After the war, the Human Sovereignty and the Wood-Elf Monarchy both helped the Dwavern Domain fund the city to rebuild. Since then it has become a welcoming city to both the humans and elves. Aldsnow remains one of the largest, wealthest and strongest cities in Amsnorth.



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Aldsnow begun its construction around FA 12520, when hundreds of ships carrying humans begun to dock near Oasthold. Whithan Grazaxe decided to help create a city that would house these people, and also the increasing dwarf population. More than two thousand builders were assigned to start its construction, along with a further five thousand slaves. 

The building took more than 40 years before it was ready for civilians. Due to the War of a Hundred Years, funding was difficult as many of the gold was sent to war, and the city used most of its funds building a strong wall to prevent the Dark-Elf Supremacy was taking the city. 

Once the city was completed, more than 100,000 people were sent there, each man and able woman was put to work, to construct and build their own houses, by using supplies from Shadow Forest. Over time, the city was exapanded, until there was little room left for more houses, as more and more people ventured into the city. Houses, huts and farms were then built around the city.


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In the year FA 12590, the Dark-Elf Supremacy got word that the great city was home to a great portion of Kolodyyne's population, and sent more than 10,000 soldiers to attempt to take it over. In a battle known as The Battle of Stone and Freedom, the Supremacy launched attack after attack, attempting to breach the walls of the city. However their weapons were not strong enough to penetrate the thick stone.

The people of the city attempted to starve them out, but every supply cart that was sent to the city was ambushed. This caused riots within the city and many of the people begun to turn on each other. This outburst caused the lord, Vinckan Gorogduum to sent his forces out to meet them on the battlefield. 

While the Supremacy's forces still outnumbered their own, Vinckan used the underground tunnels that helped construct the city, to take the forces off guard. After a stunning victory, most of the Dark-Elf forces retreated in failure. After the victory, no other force attempted to take it

Places of NoteEdit

Palace of AmathanEdit

The residing place of House Gorogduum, the Palace of Amathan is a large castle constructed by Amathan the Great, a Green-Elf constructor, who was paid a great deal amount of gold to build it. The castle stands in the north part of the city and overlooks all the buildings below it. 

The Sept of AmathanEdit

Another place Amathan the Great built in the city, The Sept of Amathan was built for the people, those who worshipped all the gods. While this was rare in most cities, as many of them supported only one god, this sept held more than five different temples to honour all the gods.

The Drunken DwarfEdit

One of the most popular places in the city, The Drunken Dwarf is a massive tavern that houses more than 200 people per day. It is said that it serves the best ale in the Dwavern Kingdom, and has even had kings and queens staying there.


Aldsnow is located in Kolodyyne, and is roughly 60 miles south of Shadow Forest, and 180 miles from Lochollow. The city is within the Oaklands, the only city in the Dwavern Kingdom to be there.

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