Alton I Heartan
rough image of Alton

Alton I Heartan

Biographical information

Other names
The Old One, The Great White King
Date of birth
TA 4800
TA 4936 - TA 4938
Date of death
TA 4938 (138 years)

Physical description

5.7 Feet
Hair color
Brown, white (older)
Eye color
Chocolate Brown
Royal House
"One of our greatest kings and leaders. Known for his great heart and incredible skills in diploma, he was a great ruler and made Amsnorth thrive after the tragic events Azugon inflicted upon us. His descendants have much to live up to. "
―About Alton I

Alton I Heartan (TA 4800 - TA 4938) also known as the Old One was the King of Amsnorth over 4,000 years before the events of Dust and Shadow. He is one of the most respected kings in history, and is known for recreating the Human Royal Government, which still stands to this very day. He was highly respected by the people of Amsnorth who regarded him to be one of the greatest kings of all time.

Alton took the throne at the age of 136 years old, thus gaining the name Old One. Due to his old age, Alton had to rush most of his plans, some of which he had planned for decades before he took the throne. He often travelled across the lands to make new allies with lords and nobles who had took up shelter and control over cities and villages after the end of Azugon. However Alton faced many problems during his road to rule, as many people tried to overthrow him before he could ever be king.

Alton participated in a giant battle known as the Battle at Oaklands. A huge battle which pitted the humans and dwarves against each other. The events of this war made many believe the humans and dwarves would face war, but due to the charisma of Alton, such affairs were haltered. 

The Old One had three sons, two of which were as kind hearted as he, but one as evil as some of his ancestors. Due to his old age, his reign did not last long, and he died at the age of 138 years old, with his eldest son Bilious III Heartan taking the mantle. 

Character and AppearanceEdit

Alton I Heartan was a very kind man and honourable. His kindness reached far across the lands, and many people ventured forth to meet with him with hopes of him solving their problems. While he did try his hardest to help others, his efforts were restricted as he did not yet hold the title of king. Despite being kind, he held many of the traits of House Heartan kings and queens, he could be at times leathal. Alton was a skilled battle commander, and very cunning and stubborn. 

As a young man Alton had bright brown hair with dark chocolate eyes, his features were like his father's strong and handsom. He always bore his royal colours so that he could be recognized anywhere. His clothing was alwats perfect and fashioned from silk and luxuary wools and cotton.


Early LifeEdit

Alton was born to Robert I Heartan and Vyellena Heartan. His father was but 15 years of age when he was born, but this was the rule during this period as many kings and queens of House Heartan had children at a young age due to the events Azugon caused. 

Alton was trained to fight since he was able to hold a sword, much like his father. He did not see his father much as he was always with people to try and find a way to stop the Dark Lord. Alton remained with his mother until he came of age, and then he begun his training with his father, who took him from his mother.

Attacking Gran SarathalEdit

When Azugon vanished from the lands with no trace of his location, Robert I Heartan rallied the forces of humans and Wood-Elves led by Melenki and attacked Gran Sarathal. Due to the lack of their leader, the Army of Darkness feel quickly, and Robert took the throne and named himself King of Amsnorth. Alton became the prince, but the war did not end there as Alton was instructed to fight and defeat the darkness wherever it appeared. 

The DefenderEdit

Alton was the main commander in destroying the Army of Darkness. He led many forces and armies across the lands of Amsnorth, summoning the races from the far sides of the lands. His name was carried through legions of lands, and it was to the point he was more known than the king himself.

At the age of 30 years old Alton married a common woman, who would later be known as - Ollena Heartan and had a child named Bilious III Heartan, naming him after the kings before him who also bore the name. This child marked the first rising of House Heartan in thousands of years. Even though he had a child, he did not get much chance to spend time with him as his father always wanted him out there to make sure the darkness was not climbing back up into power. 

Alton praising

Thousands of people arrived to see the return of Alton

Alton spend years away from home, and much of his time was within villages trying to fight off goblins and other threats. While most of his time away he spent fighting, there were many times where his soldiers caught him crying dreaming of home and his child. 

When he was 46 years old he finally managed to come back home after no further news reached the capital of the Army of Darkness, and Alton was praised in front of the entire population of Gran Sarathal and given the sword Dragonheart by his father for his loyalty to the people.


At the age of 47 Alton had another child named George I Heartan, and this time he vowed to spend much time with his family, fearing he would be sent again away from home. Few years later a third son was born Walter I Heartan

Alton raised his two sons, while Bilious III Heartan prefered to be in the company of his friends. Alton tried his hardest to be the pefect father, but had many problems as his own father Robert I Heartan had many demands of him. 

Troubled BrotherEdit

Brandon I Heartan began to show great evil to his father, the king and mother at a young age, which made Alton suspect that he may have the same curse than his ancestors faced. Brandon was known to be harsh towards maids and squires, and often beat them for pleasure. Alton tried to talk with his brother, but the young prince would not listen.

One day Alton rushed to his brother's bedchambers after he heard screams, and entered to find Brandon severly beaten by Areothan, who claimed Brandon had tried to stab him with a sword. Believing Areothan, Alton cast Brandon out and imprisoned him within the cells. 

Robert I wanted the young prince killed before he could taint the lands with his cruel heart. Alton was hesitent at this, but knew that if Brandon were to grow older he would plot against his brothers to take the throne. So he gave the order for Brandon to be executed.

Becoming KingEdit

At the age of 136 years old Alton was eventually crowned king as his father Robert I Heartan died from old age. Alton was a very old man at this point, and had many grandchildren, and this made him reluctant to take the throne, but after many people begged for him to become king he finally gave in.

Alton was crowned king by the councilors, and that very night he received a letter from an unknown source asking him to meet with the stanger. The old king was very hesitant about the strange letter, but met with the mysterious person, but not without a secret protector guarding over him.

When the mysterious person arrived, Alton was shocked to find a man older than he. The man presented himself to be Moreusico, one of he oldest beings alive, and the last surviving member of the Order of Magical Beings

Moreusico offered Alton his council and asked to be the shadow to his rule, that he would give him guidance whenever he required it, but must remain hidden as Magical Beings are belived to be extinct. Alton accepted this, as he knew his father also possessed these magical skills. 

Battle of OaklandsEdit

Around 4,675 BPD a large trouble began to arise within the Dwavern Kingdom, and this caused Alton to gather his forces to settle the difference with the Lord of the Golden Halls. As he arrived his armies were attacked, and were forced into a retreat. 

The king was forced to hide within a fort, there he was cornered with little forces to help him. Alton had to use his intelligence to find a way to break through the dwarves before they could kill him and his army. When a chance arrived, Alton sent out his best arches to sneak out of the fort and send a letter, but instead to sending it to Gran Sarathal, had it sent to Moreusico.

Days later just before more dwarves arrived to attack the fort, Moreusico appeared and managed to assit the king in breaking through the defences of the dwarves. With the great skills of the wizard and Alton's emense battle skills, he defeated the dwarves and managed to arrive at the Golden Halls.

Alton demanded an answer from the Lord, who claimed to have no idea of such acts. But after Moreusico managed to use magic to gain the truth from the Lord, Alton had him killed to prevent further bloodshed with his people and the dwarves. 

Death and LegacyEdit

Alton died at the age of 138, and passed his mantle to his son, Bilious III Heartan. His death brought much
Statues of Jafier and Alton I

The giant statues of Jafier Heartan and Alton I Heartan at the entrance to the Kings' Mountain

horror among the people of Amsnorth, who all feared that they might never gain a king who would treat them with such respect and kindness. 

However Bilious III Heartan was a great king like his father, but his rule did not last as long. Alton was known to be one of the greatest Heartan kings. His respect matched Jafier Heartan's and not many kings nor queens have had such honour from their people.

Alton has the second largest statue within the Kings' Mountain.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Alton was a highly skilled battle commander and swordmaster. His skills reached beyond that of many normal humans, to the point where many considered him on par with the most skilled orc. Even as his age grew, his skills did not dwinder much, and he at the age of 100 was still considered a very dangerous man with a blade in his hands.


Alton was one of the greatest fighters of all time, and his skills with a sword were even greater than his father Robert I Heartan. He had many years to perfect his training, and since he was a small boy he was taught to show utter power and skill of the art. 

Alton as a soldier

Alton wore strong obsidian armour.

He participated in many battles, and rarely sustained a wound, however if overpowered by many foes, he would lose focus. Alton also possessed Dragonheart a gift given to him by his father before he even claimed the throne. This made him more feared across the lands by his enemies.

Even at an old age Alton I was still one of the greatest fighters, and was seen with the flaming sword, cutting down foes as if he were a young man.


Alton was a skilled commander and led many forces through hundreds of small battles. His skills in intelligence had him win all of his battles, without sustaining great losses. However the Battle of Oaklands, had him test his ablilties to the max, which caused him to think further than ever to save not only himself but the lives of his 2,000 soldiers.

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