General Information

Title: World of Amsnorth
Author: Daniel Digman
Release Date: TBA
Genre: Fantasy
Number of Pages: TBA
Description: A small village girl Isabella Mthendale is set on a glorious and dangerous mission to rescue her dragon, Purple-eye, from the notorious Ninatheleon. Along the way her quest becomes something bigger, as the ancient and very powerful Azugon awakes from a prison he has remained in for thousands of years.
Main Characters: Isabella Mthendale, Lymeria, Yarik, Queen Nymeria, Ki-Urik, Moreusico, Azugon, Ezgoth, Lorell I Heartan, Harken II Heartan, Jafier Heartan, Sinteal Ashstone, Mirroth, Purple-eye, Shikoba, Safdraen
Related Book Series: The Lord of The Rings, Game of Thrones, The Dark Tower, Malazan Book of the Fallen, Harry Potter
Related Films: None

Content Ratings

Rating: Young Adult - Adult
Violence: Fantasy and medieval-style fighting scenes. A few instances of maiming and/or torture
Language: Several swear words, and explicit language used throughout. Several minor words used, but not overly used nor very graphic.
Sexual Themes and Nudity: Very moderate, several parts which use sexual themes. Most sex happens off page.
Drugs and Alcohol: Ale, wine, brandy, are featured throughout the series, and most uses are fairly benign. Only a few instances of drunkenness depicted.
Crude Humor or Comic Mischief: Yarik serves as a comic relief character, and there are several crude homor remarks used throughout the whole series, but nothing 'too' much.

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