Ancient Castle
Ancient Castle
Great Gate of Gods
Places of note
Silver Halls
Great Ball Room
The Sapphire Gardens
Date of founding
Age of Founding
24,500 BPD
"The Ancient Castle is one of the oldest castles in Amsnorth. It was once a beautiful place, full of legend and myth. However over the years it has lost everything, and now lies as a crumbling ruin."
―About the Castle

Ancient Castle formerly known as Winterhelm, was a massive castle located within the Dwavern Kingdom. It is the first major civilization built by the dwarves and was their capital after they left the underground. It is the largest castle in Amsnorth being over 100 meters high, and travels around 2 miles in length. 

Winterhelm, as it was known back then was one of the greatest structures of its time, and because of its great appearance, when the Dark-Elf Empire appeared in the Kingdom, Emperor Shalimal demanded the dwarves build them something similar. For hundreds of years it remained the capital of the Dwavern Kingdom, until the dwarves built the Golden Halls, which until now remains the capital.

The castle has been abandoned for over 1,360 years, which has caused most of its appearance to look like a ruin. Half of its walls have been destroyed, and now it looks more like a destroyed fort than a castle. During the War of the Golden Throne, the dwarveshumans, wood-elvesdark-elves, green-elves and hauket all battled for the throne. It is then the castle was destroyed by the Wood-Elf Monarchy and has since been abandoned and no lord has wanted to spent great deals of gold to repair it. Also due to its location, it makes it difficult for one to view it, as many dark creatures, and mythical beasts are said to guard and stalk it.


As WinterhelmEdit

The castle was a beautiful sight to behold, with vast silver walls, glorious designs, and wonderious locations. It had high towers, which held a large bell, which would signal approching people. It had beautiful gardens, and its halls were considered outstanding in its time.

It was the first building to use glass as a source to protect against harsh winds and storms. It made the first use of bedrooms and kitchens, and also marble for flooring. 

As Ancient CastleEdit

After its destruction, it became a ruin, a shadow of what it once looked like. It walls are now broken and and nothing is as it once was. The inside is like a rotton swamp, with vines, weeds and brush growing everywhere. 



Around 24,500 BPD when the Great Fissure cracked its way across the Plain Lands, the first dwarves appeared on Amsnorth. They made camps around the area, tyring to find a way to survive on the new mysterious land they found themselves now living. 

A group of dwarves decided to migrate their way up the Kingdom, to try and find any other species for aid, and to built a new civilization. On their way, along with Denguard, they started to built a small structure to serve as a new home for the surviving dwarves.

The first parts of Winterhelm was created, and over the years, more and more area were built, to house the dwarves. Scouts and builders climbed their way up the Dwavern Kingdom, where they started to make towns and villages, along with forts and more castles. With the dwarves started to move up the Kingdom, moving into these new places. Within a few hundred years, Winterhelm had become a secondary area for the dwarves, as they started to build the Golden Halls

Arrival of the Dark-Elf EmpireEdit

The dwarves thought they were the only ones in the world, however when a mysterious wooden object appeared over the seas, the dwarves moved to protect themselves. Little as they were in numbers, they were approched by a spieces calling themselves Dark-Elves. Because they could not understand the language of these myterious beings, they had to communicate through drawings. The Dark-Elf Empire under the command of Shalimal attacked the dwarves.

Outnumbered, they were forced to surrender, and then Shalimal wondered the island himself. He arrived at Winterhelm and was shocked by its appearance. He demanded builders to be sent with him back to his kingdom, where they would build his own castle, which would later transform into Gran Sarathal.

Places of NoteEdit

Great God's GateEdit

A huge gate that welcomes wonderers into its castle. It is around 150 feet high, and can be seen from around 10 miles away. It is silver in appearance, with a huge bell swining from its frame.

Silver HallsEdit

The Main Hall room for the castle, where the king used to sit. It is roughly the size of the whole palace in Gran Sarathal and holds over 200 rooms.

Great Ball Room

The Ball Room is massive in size, and is roughly around 400 meters long. It holds many platforms, and features a huge marble floor, where nobles, lords and knights used to dance for a maiden.

Sapphire Gardens

The main attraction for anything in the castle, the Sapphire Gardens had bright blue pools, and was a sight to behold. Statues covered most of its sight, and were forged from gold, silver and bronze. They are no longer there, as they were taken to the Golden Halls.


Ancient Castle is around 1,500 miles south of the Golden Halls and 20 miles east of the Great Fissure. It is also very close to the Dark Territory, and around 100 miles northeast of the Rusty Mountains.


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