Annalyn Uwnu
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Annalyn Uwnu

Biographical information

Other names
Green Eyed Queen, Queen of Gold, Annalyn the Great, Mother of House Heartan
Date of birth
TA 59
9,540 BPD - 9,490 BPD
Date of death
TA 125 (66 years)
Realms ruled
Main Lands, Dwavern Kingdom, Summer of Priest, Wizardear

Physical description

Royalty, Upper-Class
5.3 Feet
Hair color
Eye color
Bright green
Royal House
House Heartan, House Uwnu
Cacar Uwnu
Annlac Uwnu
"Daughter to a powerful noble, wife to a legend, Annalyn had it all. She lived a life every maiden would dream of, and died a happy woman."
―About Annalyn

Annalyn Uwnu later known as Annalyn Heartan, (TA 59 - TA 125) was the humanQueen of Amsnorth during the reign of Jafier Heartan. Being the daughter of Cacar Uwnu, Annalyn was born into riches and fame, which drew the attention of Jafier. When she reached the age of 16 Cacar arranged a marriage between the two, and after their wedding Annalyn was crowned the new Queen of Amsnorth, making her the first High Queen in history. 

Throughout her reign, she impressed a great deal of people with her kindness, and while her husband spent several months each year being the Grand Wizard, of the Order of Magical Beings, she was left in charge of ruling Amsnorth. With the help of her father, she was able to make the kingdoms a delight to live in, and the lands and countries thrived from wealth, peace and justice. Annalyn also had a hand in the creation of the Human Royal Government, as she managed to form an alliance with over 20 noble houses, by marrying them to each other. The government would eventually go on to be the most powerful ruling operation in history, and last for thousands of years.

She became one of the greatest monarchs in human history, and became the Mother of House Heartan, and she set the first line of which would become the greatest Great House of all time.

Character and AppearanceEdit

Annalyn was a kind, noble, honourable and gentle woman, but also very intelligent and can be vicious at times. She was said to be as cunning as Jafier Heartan himself, and was said to have held her own against his own mind and wisdom. Her reputation of having a fierce personal when angered was a great one, and she was known to tell people off many times, even her own friends. 

Annalyn was a beautiful woman, with bright peach coloured hair, bright green eyes and pale almost pink skin. Bring born into highborn status, she wore the finest of clothings. She favoured silks, leathers and cotton. Even as a member of House Heartan, she wore the orange and purple colours of House Uwnu.


Early LifeEdit

Annalyn was born at Cen'De-Luk, the eldest daughter of Cacar Uwnu, Lord of De-Luk, head of the House of Uwnu, and his wife Annlac Uwnu, herself the daughter of Frantons, Count of Rathorn. Annalyn is the eldest of her 4 other siblings, Debald Lady of the Twin Mountains, Orahbar Lord of Silverstead , Rylac of Greatown , Kaward, Count of Grey Tower.

When Annalyn was six, she was godmother for her younger sister Debald. As she grew, she spent time at her father's War Council, watching him as he ruled over his lands. Annalyn's intelligence was known, as along with her father, she helped build a great deal of land around their Noble House lands, expanding on their power and expansion. Her reputation caught the attention of King Jafier Heartan , and he travelled to Cankana to meet with her and her father. Jafier who was 101 years old at the time, agreed to marry himself off to her when she came of age. 

Queen of AmsnorthEdit

When Annalyn turned 16 years old, it was now time for her to marry the 117 year olf Jafier. Even though Jafier was not as young, nor as beautiful as he was as a young man, he was still very attractive. Annalyn did not care about
Annalyn was a beautiful figure

Annalyn dressed in her queen robes

the age of her future husband, as the legend surrounding him was known throughout all the lands. She admired him, even as a girl. 

Their wedding took place shortly after, and the ceremony was huge. Over 10,000 people arrived to see the two wed, and everyone cheered. The same night, Jafier and Annalyn made the wedding offical by sleeping with each other. Annalyn found herself in haven, she had what she always wanted, to marry the hero and legend that saved the lands from horror and corruption. 

At the later times of her 16th birthday, Annalyn was crowned Queen of Amsnorth, being the very first one of all time. The queen was regarded as being the second most powerful figure in the lands, only bellow the King himself.

Queen of GoldEdit

Now the queen, Annalyn could do what she always wanted to do, rule and make the world a better place. With Jafier Heartan away to Wizardear to serve as Grand Wizard to the Order of Magical Beings, Annalyn was left in charge and to rule the lands. The pressure that she faced was not as she expected, as hundreds of people arrived at the captial to plead with her. It was so much that she sent for her father to assist her in ruling the kingdoms. 

Cacar Unwu arrived shortly after, and along with his daughter, he held meetings, gained friendships and travelled across the Main Lands , keeping order and justice. However only a short time after, her father died of an illness, leaving her broken and weak. 

Annalyn as queen

Annalyn as queen

Annalyn did not appear in piblic sight for several days, and Jafier had to return to Royalandüs to take his place as king, while his wife grieved. When she was ready to come back, she was said to have changed greatly. Within a few months, she had changed rules, made laws, and settled peace across a great deal of the lands. She sent hundreds of gold across the kingdoms, helping build farms, and other equipment, as well as made factories to make jobs for the youth. Because of this she was named Queen of Gold, and her reputaiton increased greatly. Jafier Heartan was so impressed with her, that he gave even more power to her, and allowed her to make her own rules.

Annalyn begun by gathering all the noble lords and ladies, where she managed to keep all of them from fighting, and made them marry their eldest children off to another noble family. Even though this was not greatly admired at the time, within a few years, all the nobles had become bound by marriage, and this helped form a huge alliance between all humans, dwarves and elves. With all the noble houses under the one banner, Annalyn along with Jafier agreed to make a government that would become the ruling power house of the kingdoms. Thus the Human Royal Government was formed, which would later thousands of years, and remain the greatest empire in history.


At the age of 46 years, Annalyn informed Jafier Heartan that she was with child. After years and years of trying to become a father, Jafier was said to have been beyond happy. He used magic to protect Annalyn all the time, and making sure she was safe as well as the baby. 

The same year, Annalyn gave birth to a healthy baby boy, who also possessed the magical talents of his father. Hundreds of people camped outside Gran Sarathal and the Great Palace to see the birth of the boy. When the time came to name the child, Annalyn decided to name him Nark I Heartan. The name Nark would become one of the most popular names of House Heartan, and many kings would hold the name, from Nark I all the way down to the dangerous tyrant, Nark IX Heartan.

Annalyn spent all of her time tending to her son, while Jafier handed over his title as Grand Wizard so he could rule the kingdoms. She took him across the Main Lands, to try and get him used to the kingdom he would eventually rule. 

When Nark turned five, Annalyn took him to her own lands, where they spent weeks studying the history of his mother's house. The portion of their stay consisted of reading, fighting and sitting listening to family nobles. Once it was time to return home, Nark managed to cast a small spell, that turned their horse invisable. A stunned Annalyn took Nark straight to Jafier Heartan and explained to him what she had seen. Jafier in response decided to send Nark to Wizardear, to study under more Magical Beings at the Academy of Magical Beings. Annalyn was very resistant, but after Nark begun to cast more and more spells, issues started to arise in the city. Eventually Nark was sent away to learn to control his powers.

Later LifeEdit

Annalyn's life was overturned by the death of several close friends and family members, including her sister Debald, and her brother Kaward. She wrote to Nark many times during his stay at Wizardear, and contiuned to attend meetings held by her husband. However from all the deaths of her close ones, she begun to decay a little, falling into a slight depression. 

At the age of 66 Annalyn went to bed, and remained there for several days, not eating, nor speaking to anyone. Many healers approched her, and informed her that she was dying. An illness had struck her, and that she had been dying from it for several years. 

Only a few days later Annalyn died in her sleep. She was the buried at her home at Ce'De-Luk. 

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