Anne III Heartan
Anne in armour

Anne III Elendra (née Heartan)

Biographical information

Other names
Queen of Steel, Queen in Iron, Anne the Conquer, Anne the Bringer of Heads
Date of birth
TA 4994
TA 5017 - TA 5060
Date of death
TA 5060 (66 years)

Physical description

5.4 Feet
Hair color
Eye color
"A real queen of power and strength, Anne was the ultimate power in both, political affairs and warfare. Her presence and intimidation kept most people at bay, but those that it did not, suffered her wrath."
―About Anne III

Anne III Heartan (TA 4994 - TA 5060), also known as Anne Royce and Anne Elendra, was the Queen of Amsnorth for almost 43 years, making her the longest reigning main monarch in decades. Her reign as queen was lauded by many, who saw her as a great and just ruler, some however believed her to be a traitor, as she gained her title through murdering Walter III Heartan.

Throughout most of her life, before she became queen, Anne spent time travelling, exploring the world to understand both the nature of other cultures, and the way others outside royalty think. Anne had the ambition of becoming the queen since she was around 6 years old, but since her family were the ruling monarchs, Anne often sat in council meetings with her relative ordering commands.

Like many ladies, Anne played her part as a maiden, and often tended to knitting, washing, cleaning and making herself look good a court. However under all her silks and cottons, Anne was a tomboy. She admired battle, and loved to fight with older boys, the bigger the better. She believed that challenging the largest foe increased her bravery. While she did get knocked down many times, Anne eventually grew into a very formidable warrior. 

At the age of 13, Anne left her family in pursuit of an adventure, and set off into the wild, much to her family's disapproval. Anne was accompanied by two men, who served as her bodyguards, Umfar Lockwood and J'hkal Greenwood. By the time she was 18, Anne had explored the entire of the Main Lands, and had grown into a very beautfiul and strong woman.

When the Rebellion of Family broke out across the Main Lands, Anne decided to retreat to Summer of Priest, where she remained for the entire of the civil war. There she studied ancient kings and queens, and learned old texts from past monarchs on their time as rulers. While her family battled their way to power, Anne sat in the shadows and observed.

By the time the war had ended, William II Heartan had become the new King of Amsnorth. However William was weak, as Anne knew, so planted the idea that he should be removed into many nobles and lords' minds. Eventually this came to Walter III Heartan, who took it upon himself to remove William. He killed William, and proclaimed himself the new monarch.

Now with everything coming into plan, Anne decided to act. With her charisma, and beauty, she convinced almost every highborn that she would be the perfect ruler, to goven and bring Amsnorth back to its full glory. When the time had come, she killed Walter III Heartan, took his crown and sat on the Throne. With no other Heartan with enough power to overthrow her claim, and the highborns to engrossed in her, she took the title of Queen of Amsnorth with no rivarly, execpt one: the Dark-Elf Supremacy.

The events of the Dāukerfu Revolution, Anne and House Heartan were plunged into another civil war. This time, with the Human Royal Government backing her, the Dark-Elf Supremacy declaired themselves independent, and would no longer take part in the monarchy, proclaiming Dāukerfu the Wise as their new King. The civil war lasted four and a half years, and the outcome came back in Anne's favour, demoloshing their claim as monarchs, and returning the people back into her reign. This victory granted Anne the title of one of House Heartan's best monarchs in a very long time.

Character and AppearanceEdit

Anne III Heartan was a smart, wise, cunning, just, brave, king, caring yet intimidating woman. Her intelligence was known when she reached the age of 3, when she was able to read complicated words with ease. She also gained the love for writing, often taking down diaries of her adventures. She was also very brave, as demonstrated many times during her reign as queen, and before. Unlike many women, who prefer to attent to woman duties, Anne did not. She
Young Anne

A young Anne dressed in fine silks

loved to fight, but she did not let this cloud her judgement, as she was also very paitent, and smart when it came to potting snakes and spies.

Anne was also slightly paranoid, and suffered from anxiety in her later years. Because of the amount of traitorous events in her royal house's history, Anne did not have any more than one child, as she wanted to make sure he was not challenged by siblings, and her child's siblins, cousins or other relatives.

Anne was described as jaw-dropping beautiful. She had very long curly brown hair, which ended at the bottom of her waist, but it would almost always be either, tied in a very tight and large bun, or hidden under a helmet of sorts. She also had dazzling brown eyes, that loved to sparkel in bright lights, and her skin was soft and almost frail looking. While Anne did look like a small woman of 5.4 feet, she was not to be trifled with. Anne was often seen in armour or steel, but when required she would don on her queen robes, and would let her hair fall down.


Early LifeEdit

Born to Anne II Heartan and Patrick Royce, Anne originally named, Anne Royce was a very outgoing child. Rather than help her mother with cleaning and knitting, she would rather help with duties that involed heavy duties. She hated to be considered a weak and small woman, and would often try and assult the one who would attempt it, which
Anne III studying

A young Anne studying

was often her father. Patrick, while a great man, loved to dismiss his child, but showed her compassion. He many times, sat her down and attempted to convince her that she was just not right for battle and tough matters.

Anne never listened, and would keep doing it anyway, which prompted her father to teach her how, much to Anne's dissaproval. Patrick taught her how to fight, study, read and write, and by the time she reached 6 she was a very smart child, more than most.

Begining to TravelEdit

When Anne reached 10 years old she started to save her gold, storing them into sacks under her bed. Anne was keen on travelling Amsnorth, in order to explore different
Anne III in armour

Teen Anne dressed in armour, and ready to explore

cultures and races. Often she would take on extra duties around her village in order to make more money. Despite belonging to one of the richest families in the world, House Heartan, her mother through marriage, did not inherit it all, which angered Anne on many accounts, but also inspired her to work harder.

By the time she turned 13 years old, Anne had saved enough money to, buy armour, weapons, a boat and hire two local mercenaries. When she informed her parents that she was leaving, they instantly dismissed her, but she took that as an advantage and left in the dust of night, fleeing to the nearby harbour, where she ship, armour, weapons and bodyguards were waiting.


At sea Anne couldn't have felt more alive, seeing the vast world that awaited her, she was exicited beyond understanding. She had her two bodyguards, Umfar Lockwood and J'hkal Greenwood teach her further about swordplay and archery, and during their six months at sea, she had become an even greater fighter, prefering the dirty tactics over more elegant.

Anne moved across the Main Lands, wondering into the great cities, towns and moving across the mountains. When she reached the Eastern Territories, she became obsessed with the orc race. Knowing their fearsome reputation, only increased her curiousity, and through her actions, her bodyguards abandoned her, as they did not want to risk their lives for the little gold they earned. Angered, Anne preceded to find them, however after weeks, could not find any trace of their kind.

Meeting SalanthakEdit

Some time later, Anne happened upon the Black Mountains, there she made camp in one of the damp, deep caves that resided in one of their high peaks, killing a few trolls to get it. There she happened upon something she had not expected a large nest. Curious, Anne begun to explore it, finding the bones of huge animals, and even some heaps of treasures. Eager to increase the little wealth she had, Anne took as much of it as she could, until she saw it watching her. 

Anne III meets a dragon

Anne and Salanthak

Lying against the mountain side was a huge dragon. Anne, the first time fearing any sort of fear, froze on the spot, her eyes bulging. However the dragon did not move, it only watched her. Putting down the treasure, she turned to run when something caught her eye. Sticking out of the dragon's back was a long sparkling spear. The dragon twitching, its expression was hiding what Anne believed was pain. Anne decided to approch the dragon, with her hands rasied. She called to the beast, having no idea if it even understood what she was saying, she begged to help it. The dragon watching her every move, answered her, with a slight nod of its head. 

Anne tugged at the spear, pulling it down with much difficulty. The dragon roared to life and ended up knocking Anne across its nest. Anne though that she was dead, until it turned and licked her from foot to scalp. Anne did not know what the beast was, but there as something that told her that she should trust it, and she did. 

While the beast healed, Anne hunted animals and brought them back, and used herbs, plants and oils to help heal the dragon's deep wound. The dragon, which was named Salanthak grew attached to her, and the two spent a further few months together, before Anne heared from explorers that the Rebellion of Family had started. Forgetting where she was, Anne decided it was time to leave. Salanthak, gave Anne more than half of his treasure, and offered to take her anywhere she desired. Wanting to increase her studying, she asked her friend to take her to Summer of Priest. There the two departed, and would not see each other again for many years.

Plotting to become QueenEdit

Studying the ancientsEdit

Moving across the glorious Summer of Priest, Anne ventured into ancient tombs, vallys and even the towns and villages that had been home to many wars. Anne III was so interested in the great monarchs of all races, and spent
Anne III gold

Anne III when she begun to plot

months in Missundi learning everything she could from their great universities.

Anne became a huge fan of, Orinuraver the Great, the decendent of Emperor Shalimal, the first great monarch Amnsorth had ever seen. Orinuraver, perhaps one of the greatest rulers the world has ever seen, became a hero of her's. His kindness, wisom and fierce reputation was something she wanted to make House Heartan great again. Anne ventured across the country, finding everything she could about him, but she knew that she would not gain much about the Dark-Elf Emperor in the home of the Green-Elves, so decided she should take her study to Wizardear. However before she could make the arrangments, she found out that William II Heartan had took the Throne through winning the Rebellion of Family. Anne had known William very briefly, and knew that she was a boy no one would want as their king, he was weak, foolish and had no understanding of anything other than his pretty face.

Gaining FavoursEdit

Anne started to form rumours about William, claiming that he was involved in sodomy with fellow men. This enraged many highborns, who started to rise against his positon as king. Anne travelled to meet with many lords and nobles, and would often engage in sex with them in order to gain their favour. Anne started more rumours about William II Heartan, paying many peasants to pass along the messages across the Main Lands.

In a couple of weaks, there were posters posted in walls, printed with the face of the king, with many insults written all over them. Because of this, William was rarely seen, and his reputation died even more. This eventually caught the attention of Walter III Heartan, something Anne was not expecting. She wanted the crown for herself. so tried to
Anne seducing

Anne seduced countless men with her beauty

act first, however Walter had already disposed of William and called himself the new King of Amsnorth.

In order to get what she wanted, Anne moved to persue many highborn men. She gained a sexual friendship with dozens of highborns, and used herself to gain their support when she took the throne from her cousin. While none of these men meant anything to get, one of them eventually did. Edwyne Elendra , a young handsome man who managed to outsmart her seduction became a task for her. Because of the wealth House Elendra has, and its position as the Dukes of Castesene, Anne wanted their support. Edwyne played very hard to get, and this often frustrated her, as many of the men before her, married or not, jumped at the first chance they got. She thought the best way was just to seduce his father, Edmund Elendra , but there was something about this boy that she was so captivated by. After months of chasing him, she eventually gave up, untill he approched her, and seduced her. Not knowing how much she actually wanted this man, she, in some way had grown a crush on him. 

Now with his support, Anne thought it time to take the throne. Now with most memebers of her house dead, and no one to challenge her claim, she slipped into Walter III Heartan's chambers and killed him. She had her spies and friends set off the warning bell, took Walter's crown, and crept up to the Palace where the people were beginning to fload into the Noble Quarter. They all looked up at Anne, who called down that she was now their new monarch, that Walter was dead, and that she would take his place. None of the people seemed that impressed, so she started to make promises that started to peak their intrests.

Queen of AmsnorthEdit

Marriage and ChildrenEdit

Now Queen of Amsnorth, Anne started to make demands left, right and centre. Her parents, Anne II Heartan and Patrick Royce had sent their shock and disappointment to Anne III about her actions, to which she dismissed. As their new ruler, Anne had many eyes on her, who often watched with curiousity. They were all intrested to see if this
Anne III as queen

Queen Anne III

sudden queen would live up to her promises. She did.

Anne created an expansion of Gran Sarathal, and built more than 10,000 more houses for the poor and middle-class beings of the city. She then built farms, windmills, lakes, mines and roads across the Main Lands, ensuring trading routes, between cities, and other civilizations. Having the treasure she had obtained from the dragon , Salathank, Anne had more than enough gold to furfill her promises. 

However it came the time when demands of a different kind were made, mainly by the Senate and the Human Royal Government, she was to wed and bare children. This task was difficult, as she only had an eye for one man, but was worried in case she would offend the highborns she had seduced to get on the throne. In order to make as little enemies as possible, Anne identifed all the lords who did not pose the highest treat, then she found all the ones who did, and had them all assassinated.

Then she knew that no one would rise again her when she latched herself onto Edwyne Elendra, who was more than eager to accept her marriage request. The two married the next year, when Anne had just turned 25 years old, in the year TA 5019. Anne decided to adopt the House Heartan name, but had the name of House Elendra as her middle name, along with House Royce. She also ensured that if she were to have any children, they too would also be Heartan, to make sure the house does not die from royalty. Edwyne had no issues with that.

Two years later, Anne gave birth to her first child, Nark IV Heartan.

Dāukerfu RevolutionEdit

Six years into her reign as Queen of Amsnorth, Anne had made such an impact that she was both feared and loved. Her reputation as the Queen of Steel reached from one side of Amsnorth to the other. Many governments across the world swore instant allegiance to her without a moment of doubt. However the Dark-Elf Supremacy, under the rulership of Dāukerfu the Wise, the revolted against the Human Royal Government and House Heartan, declairing themselves an independent country.

Dāukerfu Revoloution

Dāukerfu Revolution

Fearing that many other countires would try to also declair themselves independent, Anne was quick to act. She called the act treason, and that Dāukerfu was to head to Gran Sarathal to answer for his crimes against the crown. This had little effect, and the Dark-Elf Supremacy elected Dāukerfu as the King of Wizardear, making him the first king of the country in thousands of years, the previous being Saaelas

In order to keep Wizardear in the Human Royal Government, Anne declaired war against the Dark-Elf people, and summoned highborn lords from the dwarves, wood-elvesgreen-elves and other humans. The dwarves supplied gold, the wood-elves archers, and the green-elves healers, however Anne suspected that the Green-Elves were involved, so had ordered spies to infiltrate the Green-Elf Government.

With the Dāukerfu Revolution now in order, Anne obtained a far greater army, but she had little known that many of her most trusted followers were also against her. Many accused Anne III of betryal, and that through her actions the royal family had become traitors to the people. Countless lords, nobles, dukes and duchesses across Amsnorth were assassinated. Fearing that she may be next on the crossfire, Anne hired the Brotherhood of Justice to protect her and her family. While no attemept was made on her life, her husband, Edwyne Elendra was a target. As the King of Amsnorth travelled across the Main Lands, many attempts of assassination was made on his life. Edwyne did manage to survive his travels, but he was grounded by Anne, not to leave Gran Sarathal until the war had been settled. This did not go down with Edwyne, who wanted to lead the war against the Dark-Elf Supremacy.

First BattlesEdit

Seven months into the new war, Anne marched her soldiers against Dāukerfu the Wise. While the Human Royal Government
Humans enslaved by eleves

Enslaved humans during the war

had many very skilled fighters, Anne had not anticipated the soldiers of the Dark-Elf Supremacy. In the Battle of Lungo Forest, Anne's forces were almost obliterated, with out of 12,000 soldiers, only 43 had survied.

Dāukerfu the Wise was starting moving against Anne, and had landed many of his forces on the shores of the Eastern Territories, and started to invade nearby countries. Thousands of humans were enslaved by Dāukerfu the Wise, and forced to serve him and his army in building war equipment, forging and even using them as front line fighters. Children were killed, and women were raped by the Dark-Elves in there envasion of the East. The Wood-Elf Monarchy, who were the rulers of Sçotinis, rose up against Dāukerfu, and ambushed many of his camps, and armies on the rose. As they travelled through their country, the Wood-Elves set up traps all around the wide plain lands, and crippled most of the Dark-Elf armies. King Melenki of the Wood-Elves, moved his army against Dāukerfu the Wise, forming an alliance with Anne III Heartan.

With the full help of the elves, Anne believed that she now had a strong fighting chance. Both the royal monarchs moved against the dark-elves, and won many further battles against them, shoving Dāukerfu's forces back to Wizardear.

Political IssuesEdit

With the war on the battlefield on a balanced scale, Anne believed that she had to chance her tactics. Knowing that the Dark-Elves were the most skilled in battle, Anne had to break them from the inside. Hiring many intelligent
Human poltics during the war

Human politics during the war

people to her aid, Anne started to turn the dark-elves against each other. By killing many people across Wizardear, and planting false rumours about Dāukerfu the Wise, Anne was starting to get results.

One of the most common rumour that Anne planted was the recruitment of the dark-elf soldiers. Anne had ordered thousands of Dark-Elf children, teenagers and young adults to be slaughtered in their towns and villages, and placing the blame on their so-called king, saying that if they don't join his cause, he will kill them. This had the largest impact, as many dark-elves started to immigrate out of Wizardear. With his people starting to turn against him, Anne was starting to gain the upper-hand, eventually after four years, Dāukerfu the Wise was ambushed and killed by his own people.


Final battle of the war

Final battle

With their king dead, Anne and Melenki launched an final assult against the Dark-Elf Supremacy In the Battle for Wizardear, Anne with the combined forces of Melenki, making up almost 30,000 soldiers, defeated the remains of the Supremacy.

Anne, leading the battle herself moved to the city of Garreneari, and captured the memebers of the Dark-Elf Supremacy. Angered by their betryal, Anne had four of them executed for their crimes, despite their begging for mercy. Anne then took back the country of Wizardear, and placed them on a new law. The Dark-Elves were not considered hostile by many of the other races, and due to this the economy of Wizardear fell greatly, to the point of collapse. Because of their betryal, Anne did not do anything to help. Eventually after they begged for help, after a further three more years, Anne decided to help them, sending them gold and decreasing their tax.

Final Reign and yearsEdit

Anne became a beloved Queen, but also feared. She is widely considered the greatest monarch since Alton I Heartan. Through her time as queen, she had expanded on the lands of her kingdom, cut down forests to make home to more villages and farms. Over one hundred thousands farms were set up across the entire of Amsnorth.
Old Anne III

Old Anne III

This decreased the hunger problem by 100%, not one person starved during her reign, which gained her a loved reputation.

However, despite her kindness of her people, Anne was also very intimidating. Many criminals were given no trail if their crimes were serious, and they often ended with hanging. However due to this, many innocent people were killed in her reign, which did gain her a small amount of haters.

At the age of 66, Anne begun to suffer from many bone problems, which have her limited movements. She often spent most of her time in bed, and loved to be surrounded by her grandchildren, who she was very fond of. Anne III Heartan eventually died in her sleep. She died with a smile on her face.

See AlsoEdit

Queen of Amsnorth
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Lillathei Heartan
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