Areothan II Heartan
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Areothan II Heartan

Biographical information

Other names
The Useless King
Date of birth
TA 4,913
TA 4,984 - TA 4,988
Date of death
TA 4,988 (75 years)

Physical description

6.4 Feet
Hair color
Eye color
Chocolate Brown
Royal House

Areothan II Heartan (TA 4,913 - TA  4,988) was the King of Amsnorth for just four years, making him among the shortest ruling kings of all time. Areothan was the son to one of the most ruthless and worst monarchs in House Heartan history, Ellinor Heartan

Due to being the son to an evil queen, Areothan did not hold much respect, even though he was not as cruel as his mother. Areothan was still a troubled man, and was not a talented leader. He was a skilled swordfighter, but when he became king at the age of 61 years old, he failed terribly, with his rule ending after he fell from atop the hightest tower of the Royal Palace. There are many debtes that he commited suicide. 

Character and AppearanceEdit

Areothan was a clumsy and weakling, however like his mother he had a keen eye for combat. Despite all of his flaws, he was known for attending all of the Council Mettings, but did not pay attention during much of the time. His slacking behaviour often brought attention to him, by many lords and other nobles from across Amsnorth. There was even talk of overthrowing him at a time, because of his greatly weak reign. 

Areothan stood around 6.4 feet tall, and was built like a bull. He enjoyed a long bear and untidy hairstyle, making him a scruffy looking man. He did not employ fashionalble clothing, wearing common wrags. He did, when it was demanded of him, don on his King Robes, and Golden Crown.


Early LifeEdit

Born to Ellinor Heartan and brutal monarch, Areothan was not respected in the slightest, with many naming him a coward and traitor to the people. Unlike his mother, who would murder anyone who angered her, Areothan would avoid bloodshed. 

When his mother became queen at the age of 83, Areothan was 50 years old. He had done next to nothing in his 50 years, and did not hold a name for himself other than the one that people gave him. 

Becoming KingEdit

Areothan became king at the age of 61, when his mother died of a heart attack. Areothan was not expecting this, as he had not prepared himself for the troubles that lay ahead of him. He tried to help the growing problems that arrised outside his door, and did this by reducing he tax that his mother placed upon the people, but this did not help that much. 

Areothan also tried to increase the jobs around the lands, by building new farms and windmills, to make more bread and wheat. This did make the people happy for a time, but after a while they grew more hungry from the starvation. Areothan had not been around his council much to give them orders in how he wanted his ruling done, and trade had reduced greatly. The Lord of the Golden Halls abandoned the king, and chased off the people that had taken control over the mines. The lord new that Areothan was not a skilled ruler, and would not prove to be a threat.

As the pressure of being a king weighed him down, Areothan turned to his council and asked them to rule in his place while he tried to fix the problem at the Golden Halls


Areothan became depressed with the pressure that he faced as king, and locked himself away within his chambers most of the day. His children were not like him as they were raised by maidens and servants, under Areothan's command. 

At the age of 65 Areothan fell from atop the high tower in Gran Sarathal and crashed into the ground bellow. His death signalled a riot around the city as the people tried to take control over the throne before his children could take it. Areothan's first born Gaston I Heartan managed to defeat the riots with the help of his uncle, George I Heartan


Areothan was a skilled commander and skilled with the sword, however he was very weak and did not participate in anything. He did however defeat a group of bandits that had proven to be a trouble across the Titan Road.

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King of Amsnorth
Preceded by
Mathrekus Writingham
Areothan II Heartan Succeeded by
Gaston I Heartan

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