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Gran Sarathal (formerly)
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Azugon (unknown as believed dead)

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Around 8,100 BPD
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"Once the ruling government after the tragic Great Purge, and army of the vilest of races, ruled by a man so evil that hell itself would not dare confined in him. Thank the Gods such an government is not ruling over us anymore."
―A civilian discussing the Army of Darkness

The Army of Darkness is a giant organisation that ruled as main government around 7,790 BPD until 4,779 BPD, when Robert I Heartan rose up to vanquish the Army from Amsnorth after Azugon mysteriously vanished from sight.

The army begun as nothing more than a small band of goblins and ogres that had fallen prey to Azugon's high charisma and his mass power. However as the Dark Lord grew ever more powerful, the organisation expanded to something far greater. Thousands of goblins, trolls, ogres, werewolves, vampires and other dark creatures all fell under the command of Azugon. Eventually the armies of this massive army had grown to that far greater than any other government ruling across Amsnorth. 

The power further increased in the army as Azugon had meddled with dark magic, and managed to create an army of dead soldiers, named Spawn. These nearly unstoppable beings granted almost impossible defeat, and Azugon managed to use this to form his own high power.

Around 8,000 BPD Azugon launched the Great Purge, a war that sought about the end of the Human Royal Government, Dwavern Domain and the Wood-Elf Monarchy. Many of the other governments fell under the power of this new ruling empire, and Azugon spared them.

For hundreds of years the lands were under slavery by the Dark Lord, who at that time named himself King of Amsnorth, and many people died within this period, either from starvation, or the increasing amounts of crime that flooded through many city streets.

The soldiers were replaced with Spawn and goblins, who cared nothing about the people they were instructed to keep a close eye on. So the population decreased at such a level that Azugon had to intervien before there was nothing left.

As the years went on, Azugon vanished. This caused another rebellion to form and the Army of Darkness was forced out from within the cities, and they lost their power. Ever since that day the army has been in hiding, under the command of a necromancer named Ezgoth, who currently inflicts pain upon others while keeping his army hidden.



The Army was first founded when a wizard named Azugon had gone insane with power and sought to take over the lands of Amsnorth. He did this by first approching the goblin clans that were located within the mountains spread across the lands.

Due to his mass amounts of power, Azugon managed to convince the goblins to lend their armies to the Dark Lord, with the prize that they got to do as they wished after he took the world. Next the Dark Lord approched the second people, the ogres, who bowed down to him almost instantly as they wanted to watch the world burn.

As more and more beings arrived to pledge their selves to the new master, Azugon turned to more darker magic to find a way to bring a far greater power to his army. He did this by using spiritual magic to enter the Vale, to which he was able to summon thousands of dark spirits to his command. Also being able to do this, he also learned a spell that could bring the dead back to life.

When Azugon waged the first attack against the Human Royal Government, he used this new spell to bring these dead fallen beings back to life. As he did this he created an army that was almost unbeatable. Within only a short few months, he had invaded countless villages and castles and transformed all the fallen bodies to his command, no matter their age or gender, he cared little for every child slaughtered.

Great PurgeEdit

When Azugon waged the Great Purge, the power was finally shown and many villages fell under the brutal Army of Darkness. The goblins were the main forces that the Dark Lord sent out, and they were known to slaughter innocent people, without shedding a single tear. The ogres were responsible for routing out any hidden places that attempted to hide gold or other resources that the Dark Lord found important.

Attack on the capital

Assault on Gran Sarathal

As the war grew ever more further towards success, Azugon had most of his armies to hold back while he sent in his new army, the Spawn. These beings managed to take control over mostly every thing they attacked, and this ensured that Azugon was ready to attack Gran Sarathal

When the time came for the invasion of Gran Sarathal, Azugon sent in the goblins first, then the other creatures. When the army managed to breach the city, he sent in the spawn to assit them, and while the armies fought, Azugon used the reanimation spell to bring all the dead back to life, further increasing his armies. It was almost impossible to beat the Dark Lord, as he managed to create another full army within seconds of losing the last.

Nark III Heartan fell as the city was taken over, and with that the people surrendered, and as they did all the other governments also bent to the power of their new leader.

Freedom WarsEdit

The second war that was brought upon the now ruling government, was the Freedom Wars, led by Tharik Heartan, and Melenki, with Azugon's old student Moreusico assisting from the shadows. This war was proven to be more of a challenge than the last, as it was unexpected and the rebels managed to take control over almost a third of Amsnorth before they attacked Gran Sarathal.

The rebels seemed to have underestimated the Dark Lord, as once they believed that they were near victory, Azugon entered the battle himself and with his mighty power he crushed them all, and killed Tharik.


When Azugon vanished, the rebels resurfaced led by Tharik Heartan's, decendant, Robert I Heartan. This time without their leader, the army was crushed by the new threat, and driven to flee from all the cities. However as they tried to flee to the mountains, back home, they were assulted by the nimidorians. 

Within 5 years the Army of Darkness was considered extinct, however Ezgoth the loyal servant to Azugon had survived the attacks, and led the army into hiding.

Current StatusEdit

The Army of Darkness is believed to be dead, however it is currently function, and rules as it own government in the shadows, under the command of Ezgoth. The necromancer rules as the leader while he searches for his master, but he also manages to send out his armies to slowly begin to bring the world down.

The army has been creating another organisation, and slowly beginning to gain large amounts of power.


The Army of Darkness holds the largest army in history, at the time of the Great Purge, it held over 250,000 soldiers. These numbers held goblins that served as main footsoldiers, and took up around 100,000 of these numbers. Ogres that served as commanders and were the most feared of all of them, they took up around 40,000. Werewolves and vampires, they took up around 10,000 and were feared as they were deadly during the night. Other dark creatures took up another 20,000 of these numbers, and 80,000 were Spawn.

However these numbers may have increased over time, as Azugon managed to bring back the dead to fight for him.

The current amount of soldiers they have in unknown.


The Army never really concerned itself with gold, but due to ruling as the main government it is likely they were highly rich. These times were known for slavery, and causing much poor and starvation amoung the people, so also it may be possible that Azugon charged very high on taxes, which would have made them further more richer.

Also Azugon had control over the Dwavern Kingdom, and all the gold and other gems that would have cost a great deal amount. So the army could have been the wealthest organisation in history.

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