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Great Purge, attack on Gran Sarathal

Great Purge


TA 475


Gran Sarathal


Death of Nark III Heartan Destruction of House Heartan, and Azugon proclaiming himself King of Amsnorth

House Heartan
Army of Darkness
Army of Darkness

King Nark III Heartan
Ser Mandon Wolfbane
Lord Sarathor Wolfbane

Victor XIII Valash


The city forces around 10,000
Plus 8,000 civilians
Over 20,000 archers
80,000 footsoldiers

Total: 100,000

95,000 goblins
5,000 Ogres
10,000 trolls
40,000 Spawn
500 gargoyles
100 Screechers
10 dark spirits Total:155,610


Around 90,000

65,000 {roughly, mainly goblins)
Only 20 spawn dead

Civilian casualties

7,000 dead

"One of the most brutal and horrific battles in our time. The Battle of Gran Sarathal was the biggest battle fought in the Great Purge, and was the last battle of the human race. With the fall of our greatest city, the rest of Amsnorth soon quickly followed."
―About the battle

The Battle of Gran Sarathal also called (Last Battle of the Humans) was the largest battle fought in the Great Purge, and the greatest battle of all time. The battle begun when Azugon sent in a human he previously captured, the man had been cursed by the Dark Lord, and exploded, killing many people.

This sparked King Nark III Heartan into action, and he sent ravens to the rest of his armies across Amsnorth. The city's defences were all set up, with thousands of archers posted on the walls, and a watch set to overlook all corners of Gran Sarathal

When then Army of Darkness appeared, it was led by Ezgoth. They attacked with force, and after several days they could not penetrate the walls. However when Azugon arrived, they managed to break down the gates. They flooded the streets, killing at will. After Moreusico was unable to subdue the dark lord, he fled the city. Nark III Heartan ws killed fighting off several goblins while his family escaped. The city soon fell after.



Knowing the attack on the city was not far, Moreusico and Nark III both set up barracks and forts around the Western Territories, to spot large amounts of armies passing by. These forts were attacked by Ezgoth and Azugon, and killed everyone inside with the execption of one man.

The fall of these forts were unknown to the people within Gran Sarathal, and Nark and Moreusico were underway of preparing to evacuate the city. They had instructed for large tunnels to be built that would lead them straight towards the edge of the Kings' Mountain. Moreusico also had men place oil across the lands around the city, so the ground would burn if anyone invaded.

Azugon having sent his dark spirits to spy on these affairs, had his armies move around and into areas that would be free of oil. He instructed Ezgoth to cast a large black cloud over the city, to mask the screechers' appearance. With that he cursed the man he held captive, and left him at the borders of the city.


"Take this city! Or fucking burn with it!"
Azugon shouting to his armies

When the cursed man was allowed into the city, he staggered into the market. When people started to notice his strange appearance, they started to back off, but suddenly he exploded, killing eight people. Nark III Heartan then called his soldiers to the defence of the city. With the wisdom of Moreusico the king sent out ravens to the other lords and nobles nearby.

Several hours later a large host of over 100,000 strong began to appear over the distance. They hauled with them large battle towers, catapults and other war equipment. Ser Mandon Wolfbane led the archers on the walls, and was tasked with stopping them from breaching the gates. His father Lord Sarathor Wolfbane moved his soldiers under the tunnels which ran under the battlefield.

Ezgoth sent forth over 10,000 spawn, holding back the rest. He did this because the arrows from the archers would not be able to bring down the dead creatures. The spawn moved across the battlefield, and Mandon's archers could not stop them. 

As the spawn hammered on the gates, Moreusico instructed his magical beings to attack the spawn hosting outside the city. They unleashed magic unpon them, and managed to break some. Nark III Heartan soon noticed that this was a diverson, and that the Army of Darkness had managed to move the battle towrrs from the east.

With the towers against the walls, goblins and ogres poured over the walls, killing many archers. Nark III led his forces against them. Fighting them, the king had large torches thrown onto the towers to try and burn them down. The King slashed his way across the walls, with the legendary sword Dragonheart. The small battle that took place on the walls was quickly won by the King, but screechers then flew out of the clouds.

Catapults were fired to smash the towers that approched the city, archers shot dead goblins, trolls, and gargoyles as they ran to the city. The screechers dashed in and out of the city, smashing the catapults. Moreusico upon seeing these large bats, conjured large spirits of his own to battle them.

The battle was brutal, with many people on both fronts dying. Ezgoth then pulled his forces back after nearly 12 hours of siege.

The second day Ezgoth attacked with more power and aggression. The new battle took place on all forts, with legions of dark creatures smashing at the walls, with iron and steel. Moreusico knew that they were trying to smash down the walls, so moved archers to attack them.

Nark III led men of 2,000 around the city, to attack the force from the south. He managed to attack the goblins that had climbed their way up the walls using rope. A new battle arrived, with more and more goblins appearing. 

Ezgoth then used dark illusion, he cast a huge cloud of black smoke around the city. This smoke caused the men within the city to go mad with rage. They turned on each other, killing their own friends and allies. Moreusico who was immune to such an attack, attempted to destory the spell, but was distracted by dark spirits.

Nark was then attacked by his own men, not wanting to kill his own kin, he pushed them back, and began to move towards the palace. However he was stabbed and mortally wounded. Moreusico managed to destory the spell, and the soldiers soon saw reason. They took their king back into the palace to treat his wounds.

Lord Sarathor Wolfbane led 40,000 men from the underground tunnels and onto the battlefield. The army flanked Ezgoth and a huge battle arised. They armies smashed against each other, filling the air with screams and steel. Sarathor moved in and out of the forces with ease, and his soldiers slashing through behind. This attack threw Ezgoth off course, and the archers and catapults were then able to turn back to the towers that were approching again.

Hours later, Azugon appeared. He was with 50,000 more goblins. He entered the battle himself, charging and leading the army. They broke the defences, and Sarathor was killed. While his soldiers fought to defend the gates, they could not stop the massive strength.

A portion of the wall then exploded with impact and the army flooded into the streets, killing all in their path. Azugon destroyed the gates, making another entrance for his armies. It was not long before the city was completely overrun.

Upon knowing the city would fall, Nark III Heartan gathered his family and ordered them to use the tunnels to flee. He hanged over Dragonheart to ensure it would never leave House Heartan. He then stood at the main hall and waited for the doors to be smashed down. He fought bravely despite being greatly weakened and wounded. However he was soon overpowered and killed.

Moreusico met with Azugon on the battlefield, and the two masters battled. Moreusico not having the power the dark lord possessed with quickly defeated. He used a spell to escape, abandoning his people and the humans. 

The city fell quickly after, with many innocents being killed.


"Here ends your royal bloodline! Now mine has begun! Look at your weak king, and hear me now. You place your faith in me!"
Azugon addressing the defeated people of Gran Sarathal

With the city defeated, Azugon sat himself on the Golden Throne and named himself the new King of Amsnorth. With the people surrendering, Azugon cut off Nark's head, and held it for people to see. He addressed them, and made them serve under him.

Even though the war was far from over, the fall of Gran Sarathal was the end game for the humans. They were seperated and weak, without their leaders they turned to choas and each other for power. The capital was not under the control of the Army of Darkness, and they began to take over the role of the human soldiers before them.

Honours and RewardsEdit

  • Ezgoth, made the Chancellor of Amsnorth, and made the General of the Army
  • Mashio, made the Master of Coin on the Royal Council, for granting passage through the West undetected.
  • Taka, made Master of Education on the Royal Council, for murdering several nobles.
  • Grakhun-Vash, made Lord of the North, and Master of the Ogres
  • Sukoln, made Lord of the East, and Master of the Trolls
  • Victor XIII Valash, made the Master of War Affairs, Lord of the Summer of Priest and granted knighthood.


In the BooksEdit

The battle is not shown in any of the main books, but is mentioned several times. However a spin-off, featuring around this time will be released. This book will hold Azugon as the main character, and his quest for power, and downfall.

The battle is then shown, in great detail and will take up around 10 chapters, making it one of the largest battles featured in a World of Amsnorth.


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