Bilious III
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Bilious III Heartan

Biographical information

Other names
Bilious the Magnificent
Date of birth
TA 4865
TA 4973 - TA 4980
Date of death
TA 4980 (115 years)

Physical description

6.6 Feet
Hair color
Eye color
Chocolate brown
Royal House

Bilious III Heartan (TA 4865 - TA 4980) was the King of Amsnorth from around TA 4973 - TA 4980, making him one of the shortest ruling kings in history. Despite his short reign he was considered a great king, but many still considered him a weakling compared to his father, Alton I Heartan

His life and reign, which were shorter than any other Heartan monarch before him, were marked by a series of military conflicts involving his kingdoms, much of the rest of Amsnorth. He was a common figure in the Summer of Priest, where his name was often feared. 

Early in his reign, House Heartan obliterated House Vanconu, a Dark-Elf house that was beginning to prove problems for the King of Amsnorth. However, many of his forts and villages were taken from him within the island of Wizardear, by the Dark-Elf Supremacy. Bilious attempted to claim these back, but after a failure in negotations, and his early death, the matter was passed on by his successor and daughter, Ellinor Heartan.

In the later part of his life, Bilious III suffered from serious breathing problems, and required support from some of Amsnorth's greatest healers to prevent his death. However this illness got the better of him at the age of 115 year old, and he died while in his sleep.

Character and AppearanceEdit

Bilious was much like his father in many ways, most common was his kindness for others. Also like his father he spent many of his years outside Gran Sarathal, and ventured forth to try and help the people of Amsnorth. His generous heart attracted much attention, and he was often approched to settle matters of civil affairs. 

Bilious was a handsome man, but not as much as his father or grandfather. He had the traditional brown hair and eyes of House Heartan, but lacked their strong voice. He dressed in fashioned clothing, but most of these were of his own design instead of those of his house and royal blood.


Early LifeEdit

Bilious was born in Gran Sarathal, within the Sept of Amsnorth. He was the grandson of King Robert I Heartan, and the son to Alton I Heartan. Bilious was born when Alton was 30 years old, which was rare for a Heartan, as many of them had children at a young age. He did not see much of his father in his youth, as Alton spent most of his childhood, and most of his teenage years out trying to defeat the remenants of the Army of Darkness.

Despite his father being away Bilious grew up healthy and strong under the watchful eye of his mother and grandfather. He was a shy boy, but whenever placed in a ring with a sword, would become a force to be reckoned with.

At the age of four, his mother moved him to Markwall, where he stayed for two years and befriended several nobles and squires, also he travelled to Garreneari and squired himself for the Dark-Elf royal family.


Bilious III spent most of his yearly years studying

Letters that he sent to his mother and father, show that he could read and write in both Rochillion and Elvish, as well as comment on political events of the time, by the age of eight. He was also the first Heartan King to study the progress of metalworking and advanced technology.

He was also very efficent in: mathematics, history, music, geography, commerce, agriculture and constitutional law, along with sporting and social accomplishments such as dancing, swordplay, and riding. His religious views were that of the Mystic Dragon.

Bilious' grandfather, King Robert I paid much attention to him during his return back to Gran Sarathal, and even tutored him in swordplay for a short time, before passing him onto a skilled swordmaster. However Bilious was not much for swordplay, and contiuned to use his intelligence to seek out new traits, and help people such as blacksmiths, and scientists discover new things. Bilious was also the one who founded use of tar to create more efficent roads for trade and travel.

In TA 4883, as Bilious approached his eighteenth birthday, his father Alton I Heartan returned home. This excited Bilious as he had never seen his father, only wrote to him. During this period, Bilious spent most of his time with his father, as they both trained in both swordplay and education.

Death of a BrotherEdit

When his mother gave birth to two younger brothers, one of them Brandon I Heartan was different from the others. He was vile and crule and often tried to get both Bilious and Areothan in grave trouble. These actions of Brandon were so worrisome, that Alton I imprisoned him within a cell to stop his cruelty from increasing.

Robert I Heartan fearing that Brandon might turn against his brothers, ordered him to be killed to prevent this from happening. While Bilious was out of the capital at this point, he travelled for one week to reach the city to try and reason with his father and grandfather.

Even though Brandon was of a dark heart, Bilious saw that there could be redemption in his younger brother. But before he could reach the city, Brandon had already been beheaded. This enraged Bilious and he disowned his family for a time and left the capital and ventured to the Dwavern Kingdom.

Marrige and ChildrenEdit

At the age of 24 Bilious arrived at the Dwavern Kingdom, there he stayed within the Golden Halls, but did not inform the Lord who he acutally was, and lived a civil life inside the noble quarters. There he met changed his name to Bilious Dunkenstry. Also he met a woman named Millie Abernath, whome he married several months later.

The following year, at the age of 25, Millie gave birth to a girl to which they named Ellinor Dunkenstry. It was not until the girl reached three years old did Bilious inform Millie who he actually was. This shocked Millie and she wanted to go to Gran Sarathal so her child could grow up in riches and wealth.

Bilious was reluctant, but did as his wife wished as he too wished for the same thing. When they arrived within the capital, they were greeted by Robert I Heartan and Alton I Heartan, who welcomed him back without any troubles of the past.

Death of the KingEdit

TA 4973 Robert I Heartan died of old age, and Alton I Heartan finally took the mantle of King of Amsnorth. Due to Alton being an old man, Bilious began to train himself to become king quickly. 33 years later Alton passed on, and that left Bilious at the age of 108, making him the oldest human in history to become king. When he did take the thone, he was already ill with a serious illness that affected his health.

His daughter who was 83 at the time, began to worry about her father, so begun to create a small council who would serve as her personal servants after the death of the king. 

Death and LegacyEdit

Bilious III died at the age of 115, ruling for 7 years, making him one of the shortest ruling kings in history. His legacy has been passed down for thousands of years, some who consider him one of the better kings of House Heartan, he was also named the only good king for 200 years when his decendent William III Heartan took the throne. 

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Bilious was a highly intelligent man, and sometimes considered one of the smartest people alive during his period. He invented many things, from tar to the use of metalworking in building houses. Also he was very skilled in combat, but not so much his father and grandfather.


Bilious was very talented in the arts of a sword, holding his ancestor's sword, Dragonheart. He was trained since he was a small boy by many trainers, including the king. However he was not as skilled as the rest of his family members, and did not participate in any battles or wars.


Bilious was one of the smartest men of his time, and his great mind was put to use many times during his rule as king and before. One of his greatest achievements were the invention of tar and metalworking. He was also great in mathematics and politics, and often taught in schools. 

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