Bilious II Heartan
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Bilious II Heartan

Biographical information

Other names
The Coward King, Giant's Shrimp
King of Amsnorth, Prince of Amsnorth
Date of birth
TA 235
TA 252 - TA 290
Date of death
TA 290 (55 years)
Realms ruled
Main Lands, Dwavern Kingdom, Summer of Priest, Wizardear

Physical description

6.7 Feet
Hair color
Eye color
Chocolate Brown
Royal House
"A cowardly king. One who could not let go of his mother's teat, even after she died."
―About Bilious II Heartan

Bilious II Heartan (TA 235 - TA 290) was a King of Amsnorth until his death at the hand of his son, Zakcumfry Heartan. He was also known as the Cowardly King this was due to nature. He was a weakling, but highly intimidating, mainly because of his almost giant structure. Bilious became king after his father's death at the Battle of Rime Tower, and because of his father's horrible reign people were not overly exicted about his coronation.

He had two sons, Nark II Heartan, and Zakcumfry Heartan. His father was Bilious I Heartan, and the grandson to Nark I Heartan and the great-grandson to the legendary Jafier Heartan.

Character and AppearanceEdit

Bilious II is described as being not as attractive as the previous Heartans, but he stood around 6.7 and was said to be as strong as a giant. He had dark brown hair and soft glistering brown eyes. He was not very intelligent and very cowardly, however he was strong-willed and extremely talented in combat. Even though he never fought in many battles, whenever he did many could not stand against his might.


Early LifeEdit

Bilious II was born to the dangerous Bilious I Heartan. Through his early life he trained with an axe instead of a sword. He was often called the Giant's Shrimp due to his giant size and unintelligent manner. His father used to beat him, often remarking him as being a peasant's son, and also claiming him not his own. 

Bilious II was very corwardly in his teens, he never questioned his father and often squimered if someone shouted at him. Bilious showed his strength and great battle skills when his father sent him to kill a group of goblins and vampires spotted around the North. Bilious slaughtered them all and never gained a scartch.

Being KingEdit

When Bilious I Heartan died in the Battle of Rime Tower, Bilious I was crowned king not long after. Many shouted and bood him when the crown was placed upon his head. Bilious did not attend many of his meetings and often sent his council members to solve any issues. 

Bilious married at the age of 19 and Iona Heartan gave birth to Nark II Heartan only 1 year later. Three years after that Zakcumfry Heartan was born. Through his reign he travelled around Amsnorth often settling in Markwall and the Golden Halls

Death of Nark II HeartanEdit

One night a soldier informed him that his eldest son, Nark II had died of unknown causes. Bilious was heartbroken and was wounded by grief. His wife went into deep depression and was often seen screaming in the middle of the city. Bilious had to drag her several times back into the castle and lock her up. 

His only child Zakcumfry was also often getting into trouble, something that Bilious hated and many times beat and screamed at him. One night he told his son that he would never sit on the throne, something that he regretted later that night.


During the night Zakcumfry Heartan entered his chambers with a sword in hand. Bilious asked what he was doing but his son slashed him across the jaw, slicing half his face off. Bilious unable to scream, reached for his axe, but the sword soon removed his hand. He was then killed as Zakcumfry shoved the blade into his heart.

When several guards noticed his body, Zakcumfry released his mother and covered her in blood from a maif he had just killed. He then placed the blame on her for Bilious's murder, and she was sentenced to death the day after.


Bilious II was the second of his name, with his father Bilious I Heartan being the first. He is the tallest of all Heartans and considere the strongest of them all. It is unknown how he was such a size, but people used this against him which caused him to be very cowardly.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Bilious II was very strong and talented in combat. Even though he was cowardly of nature, he has never been beaten in combat. He held an axe instead of Dragonheart - the traditional kings' sword.

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