Bilious IV Heartan
Elderly Bilious IV

Bilious IV Heartan

Biographical information

Other names
Greymane, Bilious the Grand, Bilious the Stern
Date of birth
TA 5348
TA 5429 - TA 5459
Date of death
TA 5459 (111 years)

Physical description

5.8 feet
Hair color
Brown, White (older)
Eye color
Royal House
"Bilious IV Heartan was a man of honour and respect. He was admired by his lords and people. While he lacked in combat, he excelled in warfare."
―About Bilious IV

Bilious IV Heartan, also known as Bilious the Grand (TA 5348 - TA 5459) was King of Amsnorth for around thirty years after the death of his father, Robert III Heartan. Bilious was a widely respected king, something that he thrived to obtain after the failure of a rule by his father. Bilious was raised mainly by his maids and his mother, Mivera Heartan, as his father paid him little attention. Bilious spent most of his time with lords and politicians. By the time he came of age, he was considered to be one of the most charasmatic and brilliant minds in Amsnorth.

Despite holding the rank of Prince of Amsnorth, Bilious decided to move up the power ladder, and lust to obtain command over the Northern Territories, as he belived House Lukie were not up to the task. He convinced the Human Royal Government to hand him over documents, which he would present to his father, granting him command over the North. Robert III refused him the position, as he held a close friendship with Lord Krith Lukie, which angered Bilious greatly. Bilious decided to confront the Human Royal Government, and pleaded with them to overthrow his father's rule, and grant him the powers and authority over the North. After one year, the governments handed over all powers of the North to Bilious, and named him Duke of the North. This was not well received by the people of the North, as their reigning royal house had lost power, and Bilious was met with negative reactions by the people. Bilious sought to change this, and did so by greatly lowering tax, rent and supplied more soliders to patrol the streets and roads, to reduce the bandit raids. However, as the tax was reduced, the gold supply begun to way, and many politicians that were serving under his government, brought the matter to the King of Amsnorth. Robert III Heartan warned his son, that if he did not increase the income of the North, he would be removed. Bilious instantly hired hundreds of miners to scout around the uncharted mountains of the Northern Territories, to find gems and riches. One of these caves, known as, Cave Lux, was found. Cave Lux became the largest every silver mine in Amsnorth, and was more than ten miles in length. 

Riches flooded into the Northern Territories, as Bilious used the silver along with other gems, such as: rubies, emeralds, and sapphires, to trade. His main port for trading came with the Dwarves, in the Dwavern Kingdom. Soon Bilious became a loved figure in the North as he brought in a great deal of gold from trade, and helped reduce poverty across his lands.

At the age of the age of 35 he wed for the first time to Susenia Whembross, daughter to a small landowner. This was not met well with the Human Royal Government, as well as many religions, as Susenia did not come from a well known family. However, Bilious loved her greatly, and went through with the marrige. They had a son, Nark VII Heartan who was born on Bilious' 37th birthday.

Bilious lived a normal life, untill his father, Robert III Heartan issused for the invasion of the Burnt Islands. During the invasion, Susenia's family, were killed in a raid, set by Robert III. A greiving Susenia and Bilious confronted Robert about this, and Robert had Susenia killed in the Royal Enterance. A stunned and shocked Bilious, snatched a sword from a near by soldier, before lunging at his father, plunging his sword into his gut, killing him. 

Bilious was crowned King of Amsnorth by himself, and placed his father's crown on his head, without a coronation. He then pulled the soldiers out of the Burnt Islands. Bilious ruled as King for some time, not taking another wife, and giving much love to his son and grandchildren. After five calm years, Bilious was beginning to lose much wealth as his mines ran dry across Amsnorth. Understanding that his father's invasion of the Burnt Islands was to bring more wealth and lands, he launched another unexpected attack. He won command over the islands within only a short few weeks.

Bilious was one of the most loved kings of his generation, and upon his death, he was buried in the Kings' Mountain next to Harken I Heartan. He is often read upon and used as an inspiration for many highborns and nobles across Amsnorth.

Character and AppearanceEdit

Bilious was a calm, wise and extremely intelligent man. Considered by many to have been the smarted man in Amsnorth during his time. Bilious was fluent in every language, and often spoke in different tongues when speaking
Young Bilious VI

Young Bilious IV

with those of a different race. Bilious also held a great deal of love for his mother, wife, son and grandchildren. He however despised his father, and sought to differ from him as much as possible. 

Bilious was also very tatical, being the front commander during his invasion of the Burnt Islands, despite never engaging in combat himself. He was however, always present in every battle. Overseeing the battle, and issuing out commands admist the slaughter. Bilious' main traits came from his political mind. He held a strong presense inside many governments, which made him such a successful king.

Bilious was a rather average looking man, he held the typical brown hair and brown eyes of House Heartan in his youth, and adopted white hair as he aged. He enjoyed his luxury clothings, favouring gold silks above all else. Even in the middle of battle, he never bore any weapons or armour, only his crown and cloths. 


Early LifeEdit

Born to Robert III Heartan and Mivera Heartan in TA 5348, he was brought into Amsnorth during a meeting held in the Royal Throne Room. Her waters broke and Biluous instantly decided to come out, which gave the doctors little time to assist. Robert III Heatan ordered for the throne room to be cleared, and summond all maids and midwives to come to his wife's aid. Bilious was born only several moments after Mivera going into labour. 

As a young boy, Bilious spent much time with his mother, as his father averted his attention elsewhere. Bilious grew rather fond of being around lords and other people of power. He took a great intrest in watching them issue
Bilious IV in his travels

Bilious in his travels

commands over their people and lands. Soon he sought to become a politician.

At the age of sixteen, Bilious became a famed person in court, and often managed to convince many highborns into swearing more powers to The Crown. This did not gain the attention of his father, as he contiuned to keep his attention at other matters. Bilious was also very adept within the law, and served as a lawyer for many people, helping free many innocent beings from death. 

Bilious was educted at the age of eighteen within The Green University. He soared through his exams, graduating only two years later. He became highly adept in healing, potion making, education, math, science and history. He spent a further year within Missundi, serving as a healer, crafting many potions for the sick. He then ventured off to Wizardear, there he further pushed his education and study, leaning more of his ancestors.

Bilious became so smart that he was often called by many highborns and lords to help advise them. He gained a stunning reputation, and was always seen favouring to assist the poor and weak. 

Duke of the NorthEdit

At the age of thirty-three years, Bilious began to take notice of the vast poor population around the Northern Territories, and demanded a council with Lord Krith Lukie. He met with the rather hated lord, and proposed the idea of changing and assisting the poor around the countries. Lord Kirth did not agree to this, and dismissed the prince without warning. Bilious then agreed with himself to remove the powers of House Lukie.

Bilious travelled back to Royalandüs, where he had not been in more than ten years. He met with the Human Royal Government  
Duke Bilious IV

Duke Bilious

within the Grand Halls of Ruthorn. There he stood before the highest lords in Amsnorth, and presented his ideas to remove House Lukie and reduce the poor population. Sixty out of eight-three lords agreed to this, and handed Bilious over documents to allow him power, which had to be signed by the King of Amsnorth to be made legal.

Bilious rode for Gran Sarathal to meet with his father, Robert III Heartan. Robert met with his son within the War Room, and listened to his ideas, but refused. He informed his son, that his relationship with House Lukie was strong, and he would not break it. Furious, Bilious left the capital, and contiuned to pursue many lords into helping him gain control over the Northern Territories. It was some time before these were heard, and the Human Royal Government were forced into overthrowing their king's wishes, and handed over powers to Bilious.

Reign over the NorthEdit

Now with the title of Duke of the North, Bilious begun to increase his power and his wishes to reduce the poor population. He did so by changing many laws, one of which was the lowering of taxes. This was a difficult thing to push past many noble houses across the Northern Territories, as taxes were the main hub for gold income. He eventually managed to convince the lords, and the tax was lowered greatly, to the point that even the poorest worker could afford. In order to combat the homeless issue, Bilious used the funds from the treasury to build more houses
Cave Lux

Cave Lux

and small villages around the North. However this was costly, and due to the lower income, Bilious faced a rather economical crisis. While his people loved him, the lords and highborns faced serious loss of gold. They were unable to provide for many services to their people, and the food supply across the north. This was brought before the King of Amsnorth, he was forced to react to Bilious' failure. Robert III Heartan confronted his son, and forced him to sort out his problem, or he will have his title revoked. 

Bilious understood the problem he was facing, so used his contacts across Amsnorth, to help find places of wealth within the North. It took them several weeks before the first mine was found, along with several clusters of rare bark from very ancient trees. Bilious had them all harvest, and issued the first mining to be done to dug out an ocean of gems. One of these caves held the largest mine of silver found in Amsnorth, and Bilious saw this as his chance, as silver was very rare back in those times. Cave Lux was also one of the largest mines in the world, and it took roughly three thousand miners to dig deep into its underground tunnels. Bilious had each of his newly found resources exported across Amsnorth, in hopes that the wealthy lords would take intrest. The main trader was the Dwavern Trading Company, which took to the streams of silver. 

It was not before long when the richest started to flood into the North, and soon the treasury begun to increase, however, this forced Bilious to slightly increase the taxes, but this did nothing to dampen his reputation among the people, as many that were once poor and homeless had found themslves houses and jobs. 

Marriage and FamilyEdit

"I have found myself a wife, a woman whom I have come to love. I will say this before you, and before the people of Amsnorth. As your future king, you are entitled to wed anyone that you fall in love with, no matter their status. No one in this room will tell me who I will take in marriage, not even mine own father and king."
―Recorded speech by Bilious

Due to being Prince of Amsnorth, and the heir to the Throne, Bilious was required by law and tradition to be wed. Due to being rather old, and not yet have children of his own, the Human Royal Government brought the issue to the High Court. Bilious was summond back to Gran Sarathal to choose a wife from a selected gathering of highborn ladies that were presented to him. None of these women appealed to him however, but there was one women that he had met years before. A young maiden named, Susenia Whembross had taken his intrest, and he had already begun an affair with her. 

He however kept his idea of proposing to this woman to himself, and promised the court he will find a wed soon
Bilious and his family

Bilious with his wife and son

enough. He brought this before Susenia, and then asked her hand in marriage. She was delighted upon hearing this, and Bilious presented his new betrothed before the court and Robert III Heartan. Robert was furious that he had not brought a woman was wealth to him, nor a woman from a high noble family, but rather a small vassel. The court also rejected the arrangement, demanding that Bilious find a more sutable wife. Bilious was enraged by this, and said to the court, that as the future King of Amsnorth, he will wed whom ever he sees fit. 

He marched his future wife out of the court, and retreated back to the Northern Territories, where he would wed her within Qhylen, without inviting his father or the membesr of the court. This was met with huge critisism among the lords, and some even threatened to refuse Susenia Heartan from taken the mantle of Queen of Amsnorth. Bilious again ignored these threats, and lived his life with his wife as Duke of the North.

Susenia gave birth to their first and only child some time later, and thousands came to see the birth of the future King of Amsnorth. Robert III Heartan was present, and named the young boy, Nark VII Heartan. Young Nark was then given to the Church of Religions to be baptised, and taken care of for several days before given back to Bilious. Bilious spent most of his time with his family, as he did not want to make the same mistakes his own father made. He ruled as Duke of the North for a further forty years, living in peace and love by his people. 

King of AmsnorthEdit

Becoming KingEdit

"I am now your King! Pull the forces out, and I want ever soldier who put an innocent to the blade, hanged!"
―Bilious' first order as King of Amsnorth

At the age of 81 years old, Bilious heard news that his father, Robert III Heartan was planning on invading the Burnt Islands, where his wife's family were resident. However, Bilious was ignroed by his father, and the invasion went forwards. Thousands marched into the islands, in attempt to reclaim over lost lands that House Heartan had abandoned to the Dark-Elf Supremacy. In an invasion, Susenia Heartan's family were slaughtered and their village put to the torch. The news soon reached Bilious, and his heartbroken wife. They marched upon the capital, and confronted the King personally. Robert III Heartan, anrgy about his son's demands, had his soldiers kill Susenia on the spot. 

Shocked and stunned at the sudden death of his wife, Bilious lost control. He charged at the nearest soldier, pulled his sword free, and cut the soldier down before lunging towards his elderly father. Despite the age of 81, Bilious
Bilious after killing his father

Bilious after killing his father

moved with grace and speed, and plunged the sword deep into his father's gut, killing him instantly. The soldiers did not have time to react, before Bilious pulled the crown from atop his father's head, and placed it atop his own. Bilious proclaimed himself King of Amsnorth, and forced his soldiers to bow down. With no choice but to obey their king, the soldiers did so. Bilious first order as king, was for the invasion to be halted and all soldiers to be pulled back. 

Once ever soldier had returned, Bilious had every soldier that were on the raid of the village that killed his wife's family, imprisoned. They were hanged the next day for treason. King Zandryn, King of the Dark-Elves met with Bilious to discuss the invasion of the Burnt Islands, and demanded an answer and gold for the killing of his people. Bilious agreed to the terms by Zandryn, and handed over trade and gold to the Dark-Elf Supremacy

Invasion of the Burnt IslandsEdit

Bilious ruled as King of Amsnorth for some time before he begun to notice the treasury was beginning to fall short. With most of the income coming into the Crown, lowering over the years, he noticed that the lack of lands and riches were making House Heartan weaker and less wealthy than some minor houses. The Human Royal Government brought up the topic in court, and suggested to the king, that he invade the Burnt Islands. However Bilious did not
Bilious leading his forces

Bilious standing among his soldiers

want to follow in his father's footsteps, and refused, but later agreed, once he discovered that doing so would increase his wealth.

In TA 5439 he launched a small civil war known as, The Bilious Takeover. This small several weeks war, soared across the Burnt Islands, and Bilious served as the major battle commander, showing for the first time how great of commander he was. His immense intelligence and skills helped win a great victory, with as little as two hundred of his own forces dead, out of six thousand sent. He managed to take hold over the entire islands quickly, and sent a letter to every lord in Amsnorth, that they should prepare for war against the Dark-Elf Supremacy. However the Dark-Elves never responded to their sudden invasion, so Bilious, suspicious started to rally a massive army to prepare for a suprise attack.

Later years and DeathEdit

Two more decades had passed, and yet still no response from the [[Dark-Elves|Dark-Elves
King Bilious IV

Old King Bilious with a young goblin

]] about their loss of the Burnt Islands, and Bilious begun to lose intrest in them, however warned his son, Nark VII Heartan to keep their forces ready and trained. During his reign as King of Amsnorth, Bilious had increased his infantry by five thousand, and gathered all the human lords to his power, granting the crown a great deal of wealth and size.

With Nark taking command over his forces, Bilious had time to live his last days with his family. He adored his grandchildren, often seen sitting and reading to them in their youth. He taught and educated them all, as well as the children of the servants and maids within the Royal Palace. Bilious was a love elderly man, and could walk among his people without any soldiers or protection, without the fear of being ambushed or hurt by his kin. Bilious was so loved, that he even respected the lesser races, such as Goblins, and would rarely ever issue attacks of their tribes, unless forced to. He even attempted to educate them, however this did not work, as the people reacted badly towards this.

Bilious died in his sleep at the age of 111, and thousands upon thousands gathering to mourn their king. He was laid to rest next to his ancestor, Harken I Heartan. His legacy was legend, and he is considered to be one of the greatest king in history, and one of the most loved figures of all time.


King of Amsnorth
Preceded by
Robert III Heartan
Bilious IV Heartan Succeeded by
Nark VII Heartan

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