Bilious I Heartan
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Bilious I Heartan

Biographical information

Other names
The Giver King, First Tyrant, The Grey King
Date of birth
TA 175
TA 196 - TA 252
Date of death
TA 252 (77 years)

Physical description

5.7 Feet
Hair color
Brown, white (later years)
Eye color
Chocolate Brown
Royal House

Bilious I Heartan (TA 175 - TA 252) was a King of Amsnorth up until his death at the Battle of Rime Tower. Bilious is known for murdering his predessor and father, King Nark I Heartan. Bilious was said to be the first tyrant king, and did so by murdering many of his people, and almost plunging Amsnorth into the dirt. He had one son named Bilious II Heartan, however there are many debates that he had many more.

He was named the Grey King, this was mainly because of his rather mixed personallity, as he would become a gentle and kindly man, to a brutal and sadistic murder. Throughout his reign as king, he mainly assisted in his own benefits, stealing gold from allies, and rivals alike. Such an act caused several highborn nobles to rise up against him, which would eventually lead to his death, at the Battle of Rime Tower

He was the grandson of Jafier Heartan, and some considered him a disapointment when compared to his past to predecessors. Despite his terrible rule, Bilious ruled as king for nearly 56 years, dying at the age of 77.

Character and AppearanceEdit

Bilious was a stubborn and vicious child. He enjoyed to bully and torture many people through his lifetime. He was also cunning and ambitious, and very strong-willed, making him nearly impossible to fool. He had a strong tempter, and sometimes never thought of his actions. However despite his flaws, he was kind and caring at times, and would use his great deal of gold to pay for things he enjoyed, education and entertainment. He hosted many tournies in his reign as King of Amsnorth, which brought many people together. He also disbanned the rules of only highborn folk being able to enter, and instead allowed every commoner, and upper-class citizen to enter. Bilious I was much like his father in appearance, being tall, handsom with dark brown hair and eyes. His features were comly and broad, being said to be a maiden's dream. As he grew older, his features became more saggy and worn, with his hair turning grey and white.

Most of his life he kept a clean shaven face, but as he reached his elder age, to hide his saggy neck, he grew a thick bush to cover it.


Early LifeEdit

Bilious I Heartan was born to King Nark I Heartan and an unknown mother. Bilious grew up as a spoiled and indulgent child with a cruel streak within him. His father, King Nark I, was deeply disappointed with his son and feels little affection for Bilious. Biliious used to bully many of the maid within Gran Sarathal, and one time his father spotted this and beat the boy so hard that he fainted. 

Plotting to Become KingEdit

At the age of 20, Bilious was known as a very skilled warrior, and praised by many across Amsnorth. His father Nark I Heartan continued to sit on the throne, and Bilious thought him to be too old to rule. So he began to plot against his father. Throughout his travells, Bilious gained dozens of followers and allies, and fought in many battles across the lands. 

Bilious entered Gran Sarathal and confronted his father within the Throne Room. He called his father weak and thought he was now unfit to rule. Nark I Heartan at first thought that this was some jest, and waved it away, trying to forget about it. The prince then began to try and find away to kill his father without be condemed to treason. With many assassins and bounty hunters trying to claim his father's life, Bilious saw this as an opertunity.

Bilious approched the leader of the assasins, and gave them certian information in how to enter the castle undetected. When the assasins left to kill the king, Bilious arrived just before they did and killed Nark I Heartan while he slept. He then alerted the castle, claiming they have been invaded, sending dozens of soldiers to kill the assasins and their leader.


Bilious ruled for over 56 years and was known as the Giver King, as he gave and tried to gain the assistance of many lords around Amsnorth. Bilious handed over many precious jewels and other ancient objects in order for people to like him. Bilious also participated in many tournaments in his years, winning all of them. It should be noted that he may have won these due to him being king, and having a reputation of killing thoes who annoyed him. He also fought in many battles himself, leading them, something only few kings have done.

However Bilious was a thief, stealing gold and valuable things from his allies, which turned a great deal of people against him. Unknowing to him, a group of his trusted allies plotted against him, to remove him from the throne. They ended up forming an alliance with several clansmen, paying them a great deal of gold, to draw Bilious out of Royalandüs and into battle. This succeeded, as Bilious recieved news from one of his traitor nobles, and he answered.


Bilious, despite being 77 years old, left Gran Sarathal and rode to Castesene. The journy took him over three weeks, as he sailed across the seas, taking with him over 200 soldiers. He landed near at the Frozen Shore, as he wanted to take the clansmen off guard. He was right, as no one knew of this intention, and he charged at Rime Tower, and caused such chaos the clansmen nearly surrendered. However after an arrow took Bilious in the eye, the clansmen attacked the remaining soldiers, killing over 40 of them, before they were eventually betrayed by the same nobles that formed an alliance with them. The nobles entered the battle with a further 100 men, killing all clansmen. 

Bilious was buried in the Kings' Mountain, and sealed in one of the first king tombs ever in the mountains. 

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Bilious I was one of the best warrior kings to have lived. He was a master with a sword and was trained to perfect all. Unlike his father and grandfather, Bilious did not possess magical talents. 


Bilious was a master swordsman, he bore Dragonheart and managed to kill more people that Jafier did during the War of Kings. It is said that he was both strong and fast with the blade, and even as a 77 year old man he was more skilled than every knight and soldier within his forces.


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