Bison Fisher
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Bison Fisher

Biographical information

Other names
Bison Creeper, The Cook
Soldier (formerly), Cook at the Barred Maid
Date of birth
TA 9573
Date of death
TA 9615 (42 years)

Physical description

6.0 feet
Hair color
Eye color
Dark Blue
"I was a member of the city guard in Gran Sarathal, around sixteen years ago, before Harken rebelled against his brother for the Throne, I was tasked by yo – I mean, by the King to study into Harken’s affairs. I found out that if Harken were to take over the Throne, he would kill everyone who was close to his brother. One of those men was your father. You see, when I used to come here a lot back when you were a child, it was not because your father and I were good friends, it was because I saved his life"
―Bison confessing to Isabella Mthendale

Bison Fisher, also known as The Cook in Seatown, (TA 9573 - TA 9615) was a soldier in Royal Guard in Gran Sarathal under the command and control of Gaston IV Heartan. He was the son to the famed knight, Ser Uhash Fisher so it was required for him to become a knight also, but Bison lacked the willfullness his father possessed, and did not make the rank, which proved to be an issue for his father, and they fell out of contact.

Bison became a loyal soldier under the command of Gaston IV Heartan and was often seen following him as one of his personal bodyguards, implying that Bison was indeed a skilled fighter. He was with the king on many occassions and was often seen standing by his chambers at night. He was also the guard to Sinteal II Heartan, and was tasked with protecting her, but ultimately failed as she was killed during the Harken II Rebellion. After Gaston IV was killed, Bison then fled Gran Sarathal, fearing that his loyalty to the king would endanger his life. Along with Jon Mthendale, and the young Isabella Mthendale, they fled to Üswana and moved to Seatown where he would live the rest of his life. 

He started working as a cook within the tavern the Barred Maid, and begun to grow closer to Isabella Mthendale as she aged. However his obsession eventually led to hid demise, as he entered her house uninvited and found the dragon Purple-eye. He snatched the young hackling and took her to his house, fearing that she may be dangerous. The dragon panicked and set him ablaze with her fire-breath, killing him.

Bison's death sparked the reveal of Purple-eye, and he was the third person in history to have seen a dragon in hundreds of years, and the first recorded kill of a dragon in nearly a thousand years.

Character and AppearanceEdit

Bison Fisher was a very well spoken man, polite, kind and honest, however he was a little weird. He did not have any acknowlagement of someone's space, and would often peer on someone to spy on them. He was also very paranoid and skittish, and would jump at any loud noises.

Bison was a tall man, standing around 6 feet, with broad features and long dark hair. His eyes were a dark blue and he often had an uneven stubble. He was not considered attractive, and many would mock his awkward nose and jaw shape. 


Early LifeEdit

Born to Uhash Fisher and Frenkie Fisher, the eldest of six siblings, Bison was under the watchful eyes of many people, due to the fierce reputation of his father. At a young age, Uhash had Bison trained in swordplay and endured serious brutality. His mother and siblings owned a small farm located within Daleigon, and Bison was the man of the place while his father fought for Robert V Heartan.

Bison left his home to become a soldier, but instead of choosing to fight for his country's noble house, House Gonsoveir, he left to join the newly crowned Gaston IV Heartan. Bison quickly gained the attention of his fellow soldiers when they discovered his name. Uhash Fisher sent for Bison to moved to the personal protection of Gaston, to protect the king at all costs. Bison was quick to accept this and quickly became close friends with him.

Marriage and ChildrenEdit

When he became seventeen years old, Bison was to wed Ereen Pypole the daughter to Lord Gyfer Pypole. They wed only two days after meeting each other, merging their family houses together. This increased Bison's lands and his family inherited a small fortune. Ereen gave birth to their first child, Karkol Fisher when Bison was eighteen and their second only one year later. However Bison did not pay much attention to them, as he spent most of his time defending the king.

Fleeing the cityEdit

When word got to Gaston IV Heartan that Harken II Heartan was planning on overthrowing him, Bison was one of the first people to learn about it. He along with several others were tasked with escorting many people loyal to Gaston to saftey. Once Harken had attacked Gran Sarathal, Bison witnessed several people being murdered, including the king himself. Bison came face to face with his father, Uhash Fisher, who had sided with Harken II Heartan. Uhash commanded his son to side with Harken, but Bison refused and they duelled. Bison eventually managed to defeat his father, but would not kill him, instead taking his sword.

Leaving his father, Bison decided to flee the capital, fearing for his life. He later found Jon Mthendale and his young daughter also trying to escape. Bison lead them through the underground tunnels that led out through the sewers and they stole a horse from a local farm.

Life in SeatownEdit

Becoming chefEdit

Once he had settled into Seatown, Bison used his gold to buy himself a rather comley house within the village. Bison choose not to contact his family, as he believed that Harken II Heartan would take his head for treason. Many people said that Bison had died and his lands went onto his eldest child.

Bison's experience with cooking and gutting animals in a farm enabled him to gain a job at the village tavern. The Barred Maid. He contiuned to remain there for the rest of his life and gained a good reputation for his cooking skills.


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