Black Sea

Black Sea

Structural Information

Northern Amsnorth
Max. Length
108,000 miles
Surface Area
Max. Depth
54,670 ft (roughly)
"The oceans of the Black Sea hold more secrets than any of place in Amsnorth. Creatures hide within its powerful and uncontrolled waves."
―About the Black Sea

The Black Sea is substantial ocean that circles around the entire map of Amsnorth. It separates the Dwavern Kingdom from the Main Lands, and is the largest ocean in the world. It reaches more than 108,000 miles from one end to the other, and many have claimed that it goes deeper than the Solar Mountain. More than 100,000 ships cross the sea each week, carrying supplies, and transporting travellers. 

The Sea is one of the most dangerous regions in the world, it often suffers from serious thunderstorms and massive waves than can reach more than one hundred feet high. Many have claimed that the Leviathans swim within its water, titanic beasts than can reach the length of 500 feet.

Historically, the Black Sea has been home to may military affairs, particularly within Royalandüs. The sea was the site of the downfall of the Dark-Elf Empire, when the kingdoms of the Dwavern Kingdom, rose against them, smashing the elf fleet in the Battle of Thunder and Waves. Humans, Elves, Dwarves and Goblins have all sought to dominate the Black Sea, for its rich resources, which will allow them access to great markets and serious gold income.

The Black Sea currently is the central hub of trading, with tens of thousands of ships crossing its waters each day, carrying food, livestock, weapons, gold, clothes and other trading goods. These ships are ofte attacked by pirates or bandits.


The Black Sea is located in Northern Amsnorth, as it reaches from the lower regions of Pēṇṭalia to the edge of Castesene. It is the central ocean for nearly every country in the world, and covers nearly the entire upper regions of the Main Lands. It connects to other oceans like, the Golden Sea, Magic Sea and the Frozen Ocean.

The sea is more than 108,000 miles long (279718.7km²) and covers more than half of Amsnorth's total size. Around the edges of the sea, are dozens of small islands, which include the Great Valour Islands and the Kraken Islands, as well as the Summer of Priest. The water is also the basin for nearly every waste in the world, with tons of waste being dumped into its waters each day, some regions of its sea are completly blackened from horrific acids, which give it its name.

Coastal ManagementEdit

Due to having power over the entire world, the King of Amsnorth owns the Black Sea, and has operations throughout
Trading ships

Thousands of ships set sail every day

its waters. While throughout history, many have attempted to claim the seas, every country has at least a small portion which they use for their own harvests and transportation. There are many trading companies that use the Black Sea as their main hub for transporting, such as the Royal Trading Company, and the Golden Trading Company, Dwavern Trading Company, Lukie Trading Company and the Eastwatch Trading Company

While each of these major trading companies use their own routes, these shipments are often attacked and hyjacked by bandits and pirates, who hope to steal and sell the supplies through a black market. While each shipment is protected by several soldiers, each noble house, rarely ever pays much attention to shipment attacks, as they have thousands sailing per week.

Within the central regions of the sea, there are large oil operations, which harvest oil from the seabeds. These oils are traded and transported through the Royal Trading Company and are sold to every major country in Amsnorth. Due to the Human Royal Government wanting full control over the oil supplies, this causes much uproar among many governments.

Natural HistoryEdit

Fish and shellfishEdit

Fish and other small lifeforms are plentiful in the Black Sea. These tiny organisms are crucial elements of the food

Mythical Basilisk

chain supporting many species of fish. Thousands of fish are housed in the sea, which makes it perfect for fishing. Cod, haddock, whiting, saithe, plaice, sole, mackerel, herring, pouting, sprat, and sandeel are all very common and are fished commercially. The Fizarks are also resident within the waters, large sharks that dwell in deep waters and eat nearly every kind of fish.


Like many oceans and seas, birds are often seen flying around the coastal regions of the Black Sea, hoping to find washed up fish and dead animals. These are mainly crows, eagles and seagulls. 

Marine AnimalsEdit

The Black Sea is home to countless marine animals, such as: seals, whales and dolphins. The rarest animal is the Black Whale, the largest non-carnivorous beast in Amsnorth.

Mythical BeastsEdit

The Black Sea has become a place of tale and legend among many storytellers throughout history. One of the most popular tale is that the legendary mythical beasts, the Leviathans and the Basilisk swim within its waters. While many have claimed to have seen these giant creatures, none has been captured, nor found dead.

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