Bronze shore

The Bronze Shore, located at the far south of the Kingdom

The Bronze Shore is a large coastline that is located within the Dwavern Kingdom. It remains within the Dark Territory, where it serves as the main hub for transport from and to the regions of the kingdom. Very rarely do people use the Shore, with many being only soldiers or travellers.


The Bronze Shore was first origianlly used by the old dwarves as a way to transport gold, silver and metals across the Black Sea, and to Dragon Harbour and even across to the Main Lands. It was until 600 BPD used by most of the Races of Amsnorth as a way to move across the seas, but after a terrible storm that ruined most of the harbours and shipping docks, it was abandoned and never reconstructed since.

In the BooksEdit

Thr Bronze Shore is not seen in the first few novels, but does appear in the later furture. It is known as the harbour in which goblins use to pass the seas, and is a haunted place where only the bravest travellers use to set sail.

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