Brotherhood of Justice

Brotherhood of Justice

General Information

Jafier Heartan, Mathaniel Pinefold, Drumnur Boulderrock
Brothback Cove

Historical Information

Formed from
Date founded
SA 3370
Date dissolved
Still active
"The Brotherhood of Justice is not a band of vigilantes - not any more. We are protectors, and the innocent are our families. We must do out duty to our family. Give them justice!""
Jafier Heartan

The Brotherhood of Justice is an organization of vigilanties that rose to power in the last decades of the Second Age. Founded by former Wizard - turned King of Amsnorth, Jafier Heartan, the Brotherhood took the place of the fragmented vigilanties that formed in the Slums of Gran Sarathal - also founded by Jafier. Forming a force of warriors and soldiers meant to rain fire upon those who murder, rape, and commit other deadly and horrifying crimes, the Brotherhood existed under the leadership of the Justice Three, constantly warring with crimlords across Amsnorth.



"We must push forward, cleaning the city is not going to cleanse the world of monsters, we must make our operation known. It is about time we recruited."
Jafier Heartan

The Brotherhood of Justice was formed by several young men and woman who lived within the Slums of Gran Sarathal. These beings took matters into their owns hands, when several babies, and woman were raped and murdered throughout the city. Jafier Heartan decided to gather all his friends and allies, and band together a small operation that would ruin havok upon the crimlords who were the ruling power at that period. 

With raids, theft, and killings of criminals, the band was eventually known to the rest of the city, who praised theor goals. It took them several years before they brought down the crimlords, and printed banners across the city, informing people that they will take justice into their own hands. Eventually they started to claim gold for their services, and with their increasing treasury increasing, Jafier purchased a small cove off the coast of the capital, and formed that into what would eventually become Brothback Cove.


The band's name started to spread further that expected, with people comings hundreds of miles in order to purchase their services, at a time they became assassins and bounty hunters. However unlike most assassins, they would never take a contract unless it met their laws - they must be criminals.

As they operation expanded, Jafier Heartan, Mathaniel Pinefold and Drumnur Boulderrock decided it was time to increade their numbers to help assist them in their expanding contracts. They held secret meetings for men and woman who sought to make the world a better place, and carefully selected their members, through backchecks and tasks. Their numbers grew from 10 to well over 350 in several months.


The Brotherhood of Justice has a very good legacy, and is often remarked as being the only operation still active tat actually cares for the people. While many of their laws and changed over time, mainly with the reduction of three leaders, down to one, their main goals will remain the same.

Organization and structure Edit


The Brotherhood has a versitile price, varying between what and who their contracts apply to. While assassination is the most expensive, it is also one that is sought out most by wealthy beings. A common assassination costs between 1,000 - 100,000 gold pieces, with bounty hunting costing between 200 - 5,000 gold. The Brotherhood also operates in stealing from tyrant, and unkindy beings, selling their goods to the public. 

Government usageEdit

The governments across Amsnorth also use their services, with lords and dukes paying massive amounts of gold for them, in both warfare and training purposes. In warfare, many highly skilled archers, scouts, and soldiers are sent into war, and lead attacks on small forts, castles and in rare occasions, into a battlefield. This is perhaps the greatest price of all, with the highest recorded amount taking place over 4,000 years ago, with a price around 2,000,000 gold pieces.


  • Dancing with Magic
  • Blood of the Dragon (first appearance)
  • World of Darkness
  • After the Dawn
  • War of Kings

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