Capital City - Gran Sarathal

Cities are the main residents that are spread across Amsnorth. They were first created as a home for large amounts of civilans and to ensure power and contorl over villages and towns. 

There are nine major cities within Amsnorth, all each have a ruler which holds authority above all their cityfolk. But however each of these rulers all report and are under the command of the High King, who sits on the Golden Throne of Kings and Queens in the capital city Gran Sarathal.

Major CitiesEdit

There are thirty-one major cities that spread across Amsnorth, these cities are the centeral hub of governments across the world, and are each very large. Some may not be highly populated, but each of them is known for either, military, education or science. 

The largest city and the capital is Gran Sarathal, this city is also the home to the High King or Queen . This city has been the capital since the beginning of mortals on Amsnorth. These cities are populated by nearly all kinds of races, with the execption of the outcasted and outlawed races such as: goblins, trolls, ogres, Fairies  and orcsHumans are the highest populated of all the other races, and they live within nearly every city in Amsnorth, aside from Garreneari. Each of the cities has their own lord, and major race that governs the city. 

  1. Gran Sarathal - humans
  2. Qhylen - humans
  3. Phylon - dwarves
  4. Windhark - humans
  5. Markwall - humans
  6. Golden Halls - dwarves
  7. Missundi - green-elves
  8. Garreneari - dark-elves
  9. Greatwood City - wood-elves
  10. Scaly City - Nimidorians
  11. Bambuda - humans
  12. Santi Thumwan - dark-elves
  13. Allona - humans
  14. Kingsport - humans
  15. Oakwood City - wood-elves
  16. Pinewood City - wood-elves
  17. Elftown - wood-elves
  18. Rocky Vale - humans
  19. Highgrand - humans
  20. Seaborrow - dwarves
  21. Dwarfport - dwarves 
  22. L'Talio - dwarves
  23. Cambreto - dwarves
  24. L'Tyroll - green-elves
  25. Winterfay - humans
  26. Osthold - humans
  27. Aldsnow - dwarves
  28. Pryfort - dwarves
  29. Ravenfort - dwarves
  30. J'hanhaven - dark-elves
  31. Oldness - dwarves

Throughout Amsnorth each city has its own borders, which apart from the Dwavern Kingdom, shares it with another border from another city. However each of these borders are all owned by the High King or Queen, but before the time of a High Monarch, these borders were owned independently. Each house owns their own borders and city, with their family legacy going back thousands to the time when they were at war with each other, the event called War of Kings

House Heartan is the largest and one of the richest house in Amsnorth with many of its people spreading across the lands. Even though many may not posses the name of Heartan, there are still many with the same blood within their bodies. 

Minor CitiesEdit

The smaller hidden cities that are within the land's forests are mainly all wood-elves. Each of these all, like the cities, fall under the higher captial of their nation, like Greatwood City is the capital city for the elves, as well as Gran Sarathal.

  • Oakwood City
  • Pinewood City
  • Greenwood City

Each of these cities are hidden within forests, and masked by magical barriers to hide their presense from anything or anyone seeking to inflict harm upon the elf people.

In the BooksEdit

The cities play a major part in all books, however there are some that are not mentioned, and some that are. There will be many that are never visited in any of the books.