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Creation Period (also the Founding Era, Building Age or Time of the Elves) is a broad term for a long period of cultural history centered on the kingdoms of Amsnorth, comprising the interlocking civilizations of ancient Royalandüs and ancient Afrana, collectively known as the time of the Dark-Elf Empire world. It is the period in which the Elves and early Human society flourished and wielded great influence throughout Main Lands, Dwavern Kingdom and the Great Valour Islands

Conventionally, it is taken to begin with the earliest-recorded written texts, (FA 0), and continues through the emergence of dwarves and the decline of the Dark-Elf Empire (FA 4500). It ends with the dissolution of classical culture at the rising of human powers and monarchy (FA 6000 - current). Such a wide sampling of history and territory covers many disparate cultures and periods. "Creation Period" may refer also to an idealised vision among later people of what was, known then as the Time of the Elves, as these beings flourished and built most of the lands and civilizations that would later forge the lands that are known Amsnorth.

The culture of the ancient Dwarves, together with some influences from the ancient Hauket and Nimidorians, prevailed throughout creation period as the basis of art, philosophy, society, and educational ideals. These ideals were preserved, imitated and spread over Wizardear, Villanna Islands and Summer of Priest, by the Green-Elves. This cultural foundation has been immensely influential on the language, politics, educational systems, philosophy, art, and architecture of the current world: From the surviving fragments of creation and founding, several factions of this era passed down to the beginning of the Golden Age, which took place 12000 years after the beginning of the Creation Period. 

The Creation Period is the longest era in Amsnorth, lasting 12,000 years. 

Beginning of Text (FA 0 - FA 15)Edit

There was a time before the Creation Period, known as the Time of the Ancients, which is believed to have taken place before FA 0. It is unknown how old this time was, however since the beginning of written text, as well as forging of drawing and languages, the Creation Period saw about the starting of recorded time. This lasted around 15 years, as during this time text and language was built into education, and this spread across the lands of Amsnorth for 15 years.

Burnt IslandsEdit

Where the Dark-Elves first settled into their native lands, they managed to built small boats which took them across the seas, and into the Main Lands. There they settled across the lands, and started to built borders and small villages and camps, naming the first countries along the way. Thousands of elves travelled across the lands, mapping and using their newly founded skills to help assist the elves in getting a rough idea of their new lands.

Forging of the Dark-Elf EmpireEdit

See main articles: Dark-Elf Empire, War of the First

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