Dangul enterance
Background Information
Type Cave
Location Dwavern Kingdom, Dark Territory, Rusty Mountains
Population Unknown
Rulers Ezgoth
Institutions Halls of Uthor
Places of note Gold Pond, Goblin Falls, Ancient Dwarf City, Broken Bridge of Zakar
Date of founding
Other Information
Summary Largest gold mine in Amsnorth, once a base of operations for the Dark Lord, Azugon
Other names
Inhabitants Goblins, Ogres, Demons, Spawn, Dark Spirits
Spoken Languages Giberion
Lifespan Unknown -

 Dangul is a massive cave located in the Rusty Mountains, it is one of the largest gold caves in Amsnorth, being over 10 miles deep and over 100 miles long. It was home to an unknown dwarf city, and housed thousands of dwarves around 20,000 BPD. It was abandoned during the dwarves evacuation, and was left unhabited for over 11,000 years, until Azugon transformed it into one of his strongholds. 

Dangul's location

Dangul's location seen as a red dot

The cave was used as a base of operations, while Azugon spread terror across the Dwavern Kingdom. During his time as invader, goblins from across the world travelled to inhabit the cave, bringing with them tens of thousands of people, where they begun to build their own civilizations. After Azugon's vanishment, the dwarves lead a small army to invade and destory the goblins that controlled it. It took around four months before the assult was successful, and the goblins were driven out of the cave and into the mountains.  It has since been believed to be empty and dead, however the goblins moved back into the cave recently.


Dangul is one of the largest caves in the known world, being over 100 mines in total length, while its total square milage is much larger. One would spend days, maybe even weeks to partrol its entire structure. It goes off into many

Layout of Dangul

directions, with dozens of small tunnels, paths and ditches. It is also very dark, with large portions of it uncharted and undiscovered. There are parts in which spriral into circles, and also broken areas which were once a part of the cave, and now lie at the bottom of the Rusty Mountains

At some part of the cave, there is a large area that holds many huge broken statues, that have never been named nor any idea or traces of whom, or when they were built. However many believe they were built by the ancient dwarves, as their city was not too far from it.

The cave is very rocky, with millions of small boulders, and larger ones every meter or so. There is a path that goes throughout the cave, but it is broken and chipped with long ditches that fall hundreds of feet into the ground. There are also small ponds and pools in the cave, which are said to be very rich and fresh.


Ancient TimesEdit

Little is known about Dangul before the date of 24,000 BPD, but what people think they know, is that due to the ruins of an ancient dwarf city, that Dangul may have been a dwarf kingdom. The ancient dwarf city, showed that it may
Ancient dwarf city

Ancient dwarf city

have been around 600 years old at that time, however the city showed no sign of destruction, so it became a mystery to of why the dwarves decided to leave their underground city. 

Many people believe that they were driven out because of their fellow kins' success on the ground, so decided to leave to pursue a better life. But this claim is yet to be confirmed. There was also no dead bodies, remains nor any incline to any kind of life within the city, but they could have turned to dust due to the time period in which the city was found. 

The dwarf city is one of the four cities of the ancient dwarves to have been found in the Dwavern Kingdom, but this one is the only one which has not been named. 

Azugon's QuestEdit

Around 9,145 BPD the Magical Being Grand Wizard, Azugon, begun to wonder around Dangul. He started to build small buildings and camps around the cave. Several months later, a dwarf scout spotted around 100,000 goblins moving across the Dark Territory. Once the Golden Halls knew of this, they sent hundreds of soldiers down to find and destroy them, however none of these soldiers ever returned. 

Shortly after the Great Purge begun, and Dangul was used as a base of operation during the war. Azugon housed thousands of his forces within the huge size of the cave, and trained several soldiers himself. People also believe that the hundreds of soldiers that never returned, were brought back as the emotionless spawn. The Dwavern Kingdom was host to many raids, invasions and slaughters. The goblins spread across the lower half of the kingdom, taking over the countries Gihóir and Pātauna. 

It was with the loss of these countries, Azugon pressed to Kolodyyne and towards Golden Halls. With the city fallen, the rest of the kingdom instantly fell. Azugon then reaminated thousands of dead and risen them into his ranks. It was said that once the kingdom fell, Azugon had enough soldiers to take over Royalandüs

Vanishment and Routing OutEdit

After the War of Flowers, Robert I Heartan ordered the destruction of Dangul, sending over 30,000 men to assist the dwarves in routing out the Army of Darkness, which operated the cave. It took months to clear the entire cave, and around 4,000 men were killed in the process. However once the cave was cleared, the raids and invasions in the kingdom were reduced.

Places of NoteEdit

Gold PondEdit

One of the richest places in Amsnorth, the Gold Pond is said to have millions of gold witin its seabed. Thousands of
Gold pond

Gold Pond

people have attempted to reach the bottom of the pond, to harvest the gold at the bottom, however every person who have went into its water have never come back out. Many believe that the water is toxic, others believe that there is a great beast protecting the gold horde. 

Broken Bridge of ZakarEdit

Once believed to be one of the most beautiful bridges ever built at its time, the Bridge of Zakar was once the main place of travelleing between the cave during
Broken Bridge of Zakar

Broken Bridge of Zakar

the ancient times, making the bridge around 30,000 years old. It is unknown how the bridge was destroyed, but the marks of black around its base show fire was involved.

Many say that the bridge was used to transport thousands of dwarves out of the cave, and into the Kingdom.

Halls of UthorEdit

Being over 20 miles long, the Halls of Uthor are one of the largest halls in
Halls of Uthor

Halls of Uthor

Amsnorth. It leads off into hundreds of small rooms, areas and tiny ditches. Its arches make people say that it was hand built, possibly by the dwarves while they lived underground. 

Goblin FallsEdit

Named by goblins around 9,000 years ago, the Goblin Falls is a beautiful place of rich and pure water. It comes from the Magic Sea, and Goblins believed it to give them special powers.

Current StatusEdit

Dangul is said to be abandoned, however many goblins have been seen wondering around its area.


  • Fire and Steel

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