Dark-Elf Empire


The Sigil of The Empire, consisting of the emperor (middle circle), the lord and lady (the two large citcles on the third ring, and the four commanders (the four small circles
Our Word is Law
Emperor, Empress, Lord, Lady, Commander, Knight, General, Duke
Akk'kun Castle (destroyed)
Wizardear, All Amsnorth

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FA 0
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"An ancient empire that once controlled the entire lands of Amsnorth. Once a powerful government that all bowed down before."
―About the empire

The Dark-Elf Empire was a the ruling goverment of Amsnorth that existed for more than 4,500 years, until the War of Gold and Black, which saw about its destruction. Throughout its existence, the state was commonly known as The Empire. In the Creation Period, it was remembered as the Royal Goverment; it was also rarely known as the Dark Empire.

The Empire was a representative democracy, composed of various villages, towns, cities and small castles which were home to mainy powerful noble houses. Its central government consisted of three branches: legislative, executive and judicial.

The first was the Debate Senate, a body of elected or appointed representatives, in which they selected several memebers of the emperor/empress's guard to become council memebers. Its main duties included mediating disputes over issues ranging from lands to the remote islands off the coast of the main lands, regulating trade routes between the cities, and in theory, represented the interests of Amsnorth citizens.

The Council of the Round Table was the Emperor/Empress's executive counterpart. The Supreme Lord was elected from the ranks of the Senate by its members. As the leader of the Senate and the overall representative of the Empire, the Lord also held the titles of secondary leader. The other council members, which consited of: Master of Coin, Master of Justice, Lord of Education, Lord Trade and Master of Ships.

Throughout most of its history as the dominant, the Empire was often seen as a corrupted empire, that caused the death of over 1 million people throughout its first three hundred years of opertation, which caused much rebellion against them. However due to its mass army, the Empire always rebounded its attacks, but they eventually fell once the Dwavern Domin, Wood-Elf Monarchy and the Green-Elf Goverment all teamed up to bring them down.

After its destruction, the Dark-Elf Empire then formed into a much smaller goverment, which is now named the Dark-Elf Supremacy.


"Dark days did the empire bring, many saw it as being the true government, while most saw it by its true nature, evil."
―Discussion about the empire


The Empire was born when a Dark-Elf lord named Shalimal begun to expand his boders and powers across from his appointed lands. At this time, around FA 0 little was recorded about history, and many races as such as the Hauket, Dwarves, Humans and Orcs were not heard of, so the three Elvish races, the Dark-Elves, Wood-Elves and Green-Elves were the beings that held power and goverment over the other races across Amsnorth

Battle at the Claws

Battle at the Claws was one of the many battles of the War of the First

Shalimal founded the empire in order to gain control over the other goverments, and to do so, he travelled across the seas to a remote islands where he constructed his armies and vllages to expand upon his borders. During this time, he also gained followers within the goverments of others, and used spies to bring him informatiion concerning his rivals.

Shortly after the formation of the Empire, King Andriel saw this as a threat and launced a war against the Empire, and brought about the beginning of the War of the First. During this troubled time, Shalimal had to move quicker than expected to form his whole empire before it crumbled. So to ensure its survival, he begun to form several parts to expand upon things such as gold. Thus begun to formation of the Amsnorth Bank, which later became known as the Golden Bank.

Over the next millennia of its creation, and after the success of the War of the First, the Empire expanded and its rule went across the seas, where they found the small race of Dwarves. Shalimal did not approach them in a hostile way, but instead asked for their support in trade routes across the Black Sea. Due to the newly discovered dwarves, and their mass art in craft, the Emperor wanted their allegance and so made several deals with the dwarves. That he would allow them to hold the entire kingdom that they lived upon, if they would become allies.

Though history often recalls the Empire to be a cruel and corrupted government, this is not wholey true, as several times the empire did see to the best interests of its people, and would often due all it could to help. Althought despite this, it has had many rulers who have plunged the world into darkness, and that was the main reason of its downfall.

Early historyEdit

At first, the government in the Northern Territories was a slow one, but it was not up until Shalimal sent his best scouts to locate lands further across the seas. With this the lord took his best builders and commanders across the sea, to this remote island, where he begun to create his own expanded lands. This saw about the construction of the great castle known as Akk'kun, which thousands of years later became the Academy of Magical Beings

King Andriel soon learned of this action of his, and demanded an answer. Shalimal not wanting to put his
The Empire Increasing

Many battles were fought for lands

people's life in a tight situation, tried to reason with the wood-elf king, but after a failed attempt, he turned to violance, and murdered his ment before sending him home.

For years, the Empire ruled after the War of the First and with that several more races begun to appear to them as they travelled across the seas. One race Shalimal was most curious about was the Humans. A race of shortlived beings that possessed immense intelligence. To ensure that they would not rise up against him, Shalimal threatened them, and demanded that they answer to him and his Empire, and in doing so he claimed the islands that they had called home.

Shalimal had several dwavern builders to create a city that would become the hub of the Empire, and the capital of the Amsnorth world. After years of construction, the great ciity known as Gran Sarathal was created.

In 24,500 BPD, the Empire entered into the great war known as The Rising of the Dark-Elf Empire, against the Dwavern Domain and the Wood-Elf Monarchy. The war lasted for around 50 years, and was one of the longest wars in history.  

The war travelled up and down the lands of Amsnorth, and the respective capitals Gran Sarathal and the Golden Halls both suffered greatly during this war. Many dwarves and wood-elves teamed together, and their goverments attempted to destroy the Empire, however they had underestimated them and after a 50 year war they eventually surrendered.

Atlas early EmpireEdit

During the Golden Age (20,000 BPD –17,000 BPD), the Empire expanded eastwards across the lands to try and find land across the endless seas, however these scouts never returned. Eventually, the Empire expanded past the Northern Territories and to the deep south, though most of Amsnorth was still unknown, except for the remote island Summer of Priest that was discovered around 17,500 BPD, and The Great Valour Islands, (17,000 BPD).

The lands east of Gran Sarathal still remained unexplored due to the troubled desert that covered over three hundred miles of land. Another area of unexplored lands was south of the Dwavern Kingdom, where the giant mountains known as the Rusty Mountains lay. The Empire chose not to venture there out of the unknown.

In 15,960 BPD , after a disastrous war of Gold and Black, the Empire was eventually destroyed by the Dwavern Domain and Wood-Elf Monarchy, and its foundations were cut down, and their ancesteral home, Akk'kun was set ablaze and shattered by catipults. 


After its destruction, the Empire's buildings and government was slowly disbannded by the Dwavern Domain, that now held power over the entire Amsnorth. With its fall many Dark-Elves were forced to bend the knee to the dwarves.

However its legacy still lives on, and many people across Amsnorth still call the Empire one of the real governments that actually put its people first before power. Even though no living being was alive during the destruction of the Empire, there have been tales and records placed within great places of study, that lets one seek and learn of its history.

Government and politicsEdit

"I love my people, with the deepest of my heart. You are all like family, and I am your father. I am here for you all."
Shalimal addressing the people

The Empire began as an expantion to one man's lands, but later turned into somehting far greater. The Empire's greatest failing was its lack of formal organization. Much of its operation was based on non-binding constitutional conventions, which were more often ignored and undermined by corrupt and power-hungry politicians than heeded. Only few emperors and empresses have managed to hold much of the power, but there have been many times where their authority has been overthrown by their own people.

Within the government, much of the bureaucracy was handled by masters of the council, in these stages: Intelligence, Commerce, Defense, Education, Finance, License and Permits, Public Information, Security and Intelligence, Internal Security, and Science and Education.


The Empire at the time had the largest army in Amsnorth, consiting of Dark-Elves, Wood-Elves, Green-Elves, Dwarves and Humans. The combined strength saw around 48,000 strong soldiers, and with more than 4,000 of that being heavy horse riders. 

Empire Horse Riders

The Empire's famous horse riders

While it did have a massive army, they were not fully trained. Most of them were young and recieve little training before they are granted access to the army. This was one of the many faults of the army, as they lacked skill. 

The Empire also had over 10,000 ships, most of which were made for the purpose of battles at sea. They had the largest fleet, ahead of only the Dwarves


The Empire was a laregly wealthy government, and brought in over 20,000 gold pieces per year (which was a lot at the time). Each emperor/empress brought something different to the table, and some even increased the amount of tax that one household had to pay to the government. 

At the time, the Empire faced many rebellions due to its harsh greedy nature. It took over 13% of one man's

The Empire has mass amounts of gold

income per week, and that did not include the income of any other male member of the family who was also working. Depending on how many memebers of the family worked, the government would take around 75% of how much they earned.

Although this was outragious to many, the government did use much gold to pay for many childcare services for the poorer beings, and built over 350,000 houses across the West alone, mainly for the poor and those unable to afford rent. They also build hundreds of roads, that were always protected by trained soldiers, to enable safe transportations across the lands of Amsnorth