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"Once a ruling government, known as the Dark-Elf Empire, a great power house, now it is a shadow of its former self. The supremacy has suffered from greedy and corrupted leaders. Now it has shaped into a small civil government, contained, yet a mild resource and one of the greatest trading operations in Amsnorth."
―About the supremacy

The Dark-Elf Supremacy is the ruling government within the lands of Wizardear. It was once known as the Dark-Elf Empire, a huge empire that ruled far across Amsnorth for thousands of years. However after the events of the War of Kings, the government was disbanned by Jafier Heartan, and all titles revoked. 

It fell into a small ruling governemnt, while one of Jafier's friends, Jimmuso taking over rulership. It was forged once again, but under the watchful eye of the Human Royal Government. It was allowed to remain within the lands of Wizardear.

For thousands of years later, the government has tried to reclaim their power, but many times they have failed to progress back to their former status. However after many feeble attempts, they eventually became a great assest to the land, due to their mass trading and incredible fishing. They sold ships, weapons, armours, food and other supplies across the seas, gaining them vast gold. 

The government has faced troubles during its time, with its eventual gold plunging as they became in debt with the dwarves. They have often begged the King of Amsnorth for aid, but they are always brushed down. This has caused much hatred towards the other races. 



The Dark-Elf Supremacy was once a huge empire, reknowed and feared across all Amsnorth, it had the greatest empire, largest armies, and had built most of the lands and cities that now stand. However, they were not greatly loved, and this sparked much chaos around the rulers of the Dark-Elf Empire (as it was known back then). 

Eventually when the War of Kings arrvied, the empire was forced into action, and were the leading armies, and won most of their battles. However Jafier Heartan had formed an alliance with Safdraen and the empire eventually crumbled.

When the War of Kings ended, Jafier handed over what was left of the empire to one of his friends, Jimmuso. The man then took they remenants of the empire back to Wizardear, and begun to create a new government, with friendship with House Heartan


Many times during history, the Supremacy has gained new rulers, each one who have sought vengence against the humans for their defeat. There were many wars that were started by the elves, but they have never been able to defeat their foes, no matter how much they gained allies and forces.

Great PurgeEdit

During the Great Purge, the dark-elves allied with Azugon, knowing the dark lord would be able to win the battle against the races. Even though they did not enter battle for the wizard, they did provide resources when required, so the price that they gain more lands, which they did after the purge was over. 

Become a Trading EmpireEdit

When Azugon was defeated by Robert I Heartan, the dark-elves took immedite action to try and become on good terms with him. They succedded as not many knew of their treacherous activies. They eventually became a global empire in trading, overtaking the dwarves for a brief time.

They mass effective fishing was alluded by most, and their income was greatly relied on it. They were also masters at creating swords, katanas mainly. They became a rich government, and were allowed to rule their own lands without any other intruding on their affairs.


The supremacy has an average army, with most of their forces coming from farmers and miners. However they do possess the R'Kajun, a group of highly skilled warriors. These R'Kajun are some of the greatest in Amsnorth and are their main soldiers in war.

They have little ships, most of which are for trading, but they can be armoured for war.


The government is not highly rich, not like it used to be. It was once a great trading empire, but after a time it eventually fell due to its debt with the dwarves. Due to the greedy rulers, they have been plunged into near bankrupcy because of their foolish affairs.

The government is barely managing to survive, the only income they gather is that from trading, and most of that is paid to the dwarves to try and replay their debts.

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