Dark Territory
Dark Territory
Vakun'du'so (darkness)
Geographic area
Tall mountains punctuated by fertile river-valleys, temperate. Vast grasslands, hills and rocky roads and paths. Swamps and dark forests.
Caligicus Von Pilian
Regional capital
Scaly City
Scaly City
Places of note
The Trench • Dangul • Rusty Mountains • Dead Forest • Bronze Shore
Date of founding
"One of the most dangerous parts of Amsnorth, the Dark Territory is a feared place, even more great adventurers and wonders. Even the strongest of people fear to enter its lands. Filled with dangerous creatures, beasts and barbaric beings. Only the Nimidorians can pass through those lands without fear of getting lost in some horrifying place."
―About the Territory

Dark Territory is generic term employed by the people of Amsnorth to refer to the large area of wasteland that lies south of the Dwavern Kingdom. It is the only part of the continent that is not part of the realm, and has no ruler, other than the leader of the Nimidorian culture.

It is inhabited by tribes that refer to themselves as the "Ñimións", known by the people of Amsnorth as Nimidorians. The beings themselves are not politically unified but consist of numerous and diverse groups. They are not a part of the Human Royal Government, therefore owe their allegance to anyone other than their own kin.

The Nimidorians are not the only ones that inhabit the Dark Territory, as clans of goblins, trolls and ogres also rside there. They mainly live within the forests, mountains and the harsh wastelands that take up a large portion of the area. The culture of this area is classed as being barbaric, mainly because of the high population of the barbaric races.


Dark Territory

A wasteland area of the Territory

The lands in the Dark Territory are mostly uncharted. The region includes the Dead Forest, a vast taiga-forest which covers most of the area, extending to the border of the Plain Lands. Hundreds maybe even thousands of trolls and goblins make up camp within those woodlands. It is also the only woodland realm that is not inhabited by the Wood-Elf Monarchy.

The forest extends from the eastern coast to a large mountains known as the Rusty Mountains, the largest mountains in Amsnorth. Most of the Territory is nameless, however the residents of the area may have given it names, but it has not been recorded, therefore will not be on the map. 

Southwest of the Rusty Mountains is the Bronze Shore, one of the main docking areas for ships carrying goods. However it has since been disbannded, since goblins and other barbaric people raid the ships, stealing and murdering. Nimidorians are said to use it also, as they make their way across the seas, to harvets their own supplies.


The Ñimións  living there have their own money, being different from the Gold Unicorn of the common folk. The other races use the Unicorn however, but they main obtain it through theft. Ñimións wil only barter with each other, but will trade with the outside world if they have too. 

The barbaric clans do engage in at least some long-distance trade: the heavy furs of local animals adapted to the harsh wilderness  are fairly valuable, and they often trade them to passing smuggler ships in exchange for iron weapons, which they cannot forge on their own. Goblins and ogres formed a small alliance with each other, in which they each create something only they can make, and trade with the other, for either protection, food or gold.



Goblins are the most populated out of all living beings in the territory

The Dark Territory holds numerious people, mainly the Nimidorians, however trolls, goblins and ogres also reside there. The Nimidorians worship the Mystic Dragon, and have their own shrines of worship, located within the capital city of Scaly City. They have other cities spread out across Amsnorth, mainly located within the mountain areas.

Goblins are possibly the highest populated out of all of the beings living there, as they take up around 2/5 of the beings there. Goblins have their own leadership, with their ruler being known as Re'iez (a King for common people). A Re'iez serves as the leader of the goblins, and is always a Goblin Leader - (see goblins for more information on Goblin Leaders) ruling the lot of them. A Re'iez is picked through a similar way a Ki is elected in an orc clan. The strongest all fight each other, with the victor ruling over them all. Ogres follow the similar way, but they have a cheif. Trolls don't have leadership, but instead live in families.

The Nimidorians elect their own leader, and they call them as the others do, a Lord or Lady. They are far more civilized than the barbaric clans, and live in houses, located within caves and under water towns. 


The origin of the Dark Territory is unknown, but the Nimidorians were there long before the first dwarves arose from their underground cities. The territory was first discovered by the dwarves, and they sent off scouts to locate areas around there, and to report back to their king. Once they discovered that the Territory was a wasteland, and full of dangerous creatures and beasts, they created a border around a 200 mile radius, and placed sign informing anyone that it was forbidden land.

Later did the dwarves learn that it was the home to many other races, and the dwarves decided to withdraw it from their kingdom, and allow it to belong to the Nimidorians. 


During the future wars against the dwarves, the Dark Territory was used as a trapping ground many times, as it was treacherous and only few people knew of its surroundings. Armies were ambushed there, with thousands of people dying throughout many wars and battles.

Current StatusEdit

Dark Territory remains a seperate civilization than the rest of Amsnorth, and is home to goblins, trolls, ogres and Nimidorians. It has stayed the same for thousands of years, forbidden and a wasteland, even though it is home to many, travellers still wonder its lands. The Rusty Mountains are the largest and greatest mountains in Amsnorth, and attracts a lot of people to its peaks. 

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