Dead Forest

Dead Forest

The Dead Forest is a large forest located within the Dwavern Kingdom, past the Dark Territory. It was named for its unusal mysterious disappearances that happen within its woods. It is also rumoured to be the home to the god, Athanasia, where there is a statue located within the central area of the forest. There are hundreds of wildlife within its woods, ranging from deer, elk, to werewolves and bats.


Dead Forest stretches across the southwestern part of the Dwavern Kingdom. It is off the limits and is not regarded as being a part of the Kingdom itself, as it sits within the Dark Territory.It is roughly 20 miles west of the Rusty Mountains, and covers around 5 miles of the road that passes into the territory. There is a huge fissure that sits throughout the forest, and forks off into several directions. This has no offical name, but there have been many claims that it hosts dark mythical beasts.


The forest was first discovered by the very first dwarves when they appeared from their underground cities. When the first dwavern scouts moved across the kingdom to find places to settle, the forest was one of the places to have been found. While its appearance is not deeply horrifying as its name repesents, there were hundreds of dead animals found lying on its dirt, which gave the dwarves the idea to name it Dead Forest.

As the people started to settle across the lower half of the kingdom, they begun to notice strange magical things happening within its woods. Young children started to go missing, and unusal winds and storms arised above its woods, untouching the world around it. This caused the dwarves to leave the lower kingdom, and migrate to the upper regions, further naming that region forbidden to enter.

Mythical BeastsEdit

Like many haunted forests, people claim that it is home to some mythical creatures, only seen or told in books and tales. The one believed to origin from the Dead Forest is the Hydra, a huge snake like beast with several heads. Some old dwarvern books have stated that the hydra took children from their beds, and ate them to add further heads to their bodies. Even though a hydra has never been seen before, many large snakes found are believed to be its offspring.

Current StatusEdit

The forest to this day remains a forbidden area, in which no person is allowed to enter. The penalty for wondering the woods is nothing, and one person who managed to obtain wood or any other material from its area, are granted gold as a reward. Even though it is forbidden for entry, its woods can be of great value. 


  • Along with Sharp Wood, it is the two forests in the Dwavern Kingdom to have rumoured mythical beasts
  • Darkwood is said to be the sister of the Dead Forest

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