Places of note
Date of founding
Founding Age
Around 24,500 BPD

Denguard is an ancient fort loacted within the Dwavern Kingdom. It was one of the original places built by the first dwarves, when they made their appearance in 24,500 BPD. It was their first operations for defence when they begun to migrate further up the kingdom. 

It is arguably the oldest fort in Amsnorth, but it has been a ruin for over 500 years. Dwarves evacuated the fort after the growing population of goblins started to arise within the Dark Territory. No Lord or Noble House has tried to reclaim it due to its remote location, making it nearly impossible to get a large group of builders to it.


First DwarvesEdit

Denguard was first built when the First Dwarves left their destroyed city of Orzinhall. They spread across the lower half of the Kingdom and begun to set up camps. As they migrated and tried to locate new areas to settle, they decided to built an operation where they can make a base. This base served as a training facility for soldiers, and for a camp. 

Appearance and LocationEdit

The fort holds an ancient appearance, like most old Dwavern designs. It was never redesigned, nor touched other than to repair, and thousands of years later it became a known landmark. Few entered the fort, but would rather look on from afar, as it was ver dangerous to reach. 

It was located within a cliffside, entangled in large barks, which serves as a support. No army has ever tried to take control over it, as it was likely to lose more soldiers in the attempt. The dwarves only knew how to move across it through experience.


Around 500 BPD the fort begun to receive rumours of growing goblins within the area. However they ignored these as they believed they would not be able to attack the fort. While they were right, that did not stop the problems from arsing. The goblins started to make camp around the fort, and waited for supplies and goods to arrive at the fort, then they would attack, stealing food and weapons.

This happened for around three years, until soldiers were sent down to deal with them. The goblins scattered, and began to move around the fort, firing arrows onto guards posted around the fort. Weeks later they were ordered to evacuate the fort.

Since then the fort has never been populated, however it is likely the goblins managed to find a way onto the fort, and now use it as a base of thieir own.

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