Book Series(s)
Songs of Amsnorth
First Book
Fire and Steel
Last Book
Appeared in
Goddess of Death
Also known as
The Queen of Death
The Master of Shadows
Mistress of Theft and Horrors
Place of Birth
Current Status
Trapped within the Vale
Mystic Dragon - father
Chanduka - brother
Athanasia - brother
Dragons - distant relatives
All Living things - distant relatives
"The Goddess of death and shadow, she woman who inflicts horror within our dreams. Perhaps the mightiest of all her kin, yet the most vile and cruel. "
―About the Goddess

Deyanira also known as The Goddess of Death, is a goddess and the offspring of the Mystic Dragon. She is one of the four main gods of worship. Being the master of death, she is feared across Amsnorth and some even take measures to ban worshipping in her name.

Before the Heartans took control of Gran Sarathal and proclaimed theirselves the high kings, Deyanira was respected across the lands, and was held in such high regard that she had more temples and shrines than the Mystic Dragon. However after the destruction of the dwavern leaders, her temples were destroyed under the order of Jafier Heartan, who at the time was said to be the Mystic Dragon himself, only in human form.

Deyanira was said to be the one behind many uprisings throughout time, one being the formation of the Templars of Shadows. A band of dark magical beings that brought horror in Amsnorth around 15,000 BPD. Another example is when a mysterious cloud of darkness arrived over The East and destroyed over three villages and killed almost 8,000 people, Deyanira was also the blaim.

Around 14,000 BPD whorshippers of the Mystic Dragon all gathered in his main temple, located within the Pool of Pure, and used the magical esscense of the pool to beg the Great God to end Deyanira's horror. It is said that this preyer was answered, as after that day no other event had took place.

Due to being a god, Deyanira cannot truely be destroyed, unless vanquished by the Mystic Dragon, therefore she will forever haunt the dreams and lives of others. However no person has attempted to wish the goddess dead, as she being the Goddess of Death is the reason people eventually die. So if she were to die, there would be no one to accept the dead, and they would all remain on Amsnorth.


Like all gods, it is unclear what Deyanira actually looks like, however there have been many who have said she takes the appearance of an elderly human woman. Many paintings have been created by ancient worshippers, and most of them show her to be always surrounded by darkness and shadows.


Those who worship the goddess are usally dressed in either black or red robes. This is the sigil of death and fire. Those who practise her ways and called, R'huln meaning 'Demons' in ancient Elvish. 

The R'huln believe that if they prey to the goddess, they will be granted immortality and forever be in her favour. However if this theory is correct has yet to be proven, as all her followers have died eventually. However many of her followers still hold this belief as they their selves believe that the goddess dems them unfit for her ways.


R'huln performing a sacrificial ritual

Another practise of her worship is rituals. These vary depending on the act they wish to perform. The most common is the sacrifical ritual, which demands the life of over 8 bodies of either royal or noble blood. While performing this type of ritual, each of the nobles are burned, bled, hanged and severed, before they are eaten by those who commited the ritual.

The outcome of this ritual is to grant vampirism, where if one perform this they will forever be children of darkness. Vampires are not very common in Amsnorth as they are recongised with ease, with their red eyes and long fangs, however they do lurk within dark places.

Temples and ShrinesEdit

The goddess has few temples as most of them had been destroyed over time, but there are still lingering around the lands, most of which are within caves and underground strongholds.

  • Temple in Grey Haven
  • Temple in Great Valour Islands
  • Shine within the Ash Mountains


Deyanira has not made any appearance in thousands of years althought many have said she was responsible for most of the ourbreaks around Amsnorth. Many people believe that she was responsible for the corruption of Azugon, whoe eventually managed to take control over Amsnorth and the races.

This has not yet been proven by the people, as Azugon kept his main goals private from all his followers.