Dragon Harbour

Dragon Harbour

 Dragon Harbour is a giant shipping dock that is located in the Dwavern Kingdom. It is Amsnorth's largest harbour and can hold up to 10,000 ships and gallerys. 

It is protected by vast battleships and catipults, and is surrounded by a large wall that covers over one hundred miles of ocean.


The harbour was created during the first appearance of the dwarves. They crafted it so they could sent over trading goods to the main islands. After long it soon expanded and became the largest harbour in the world. Its main use for transport was the gallery, which transported over 1,000 goods per day. Mainly crops, silver, steel, gold and weaponary were sent across the Black Sea.

During the War of Kings, the harbour was used as a shipping area where battleships were built. This halted the trade with the other cities, which then made the Dwavern Kingdom one of the main targets of all the kings and queens.

After the war, the harbour went back to its old function, and was used for trade once more. 


The harbour holds over 4,000 ships of its own, and can hold up to 10,000. Many of these are galleries, but there are few battleships stationed there. Also there are 1,000 fishing boats that are always at dock, and sail out to sea once ever month, and bring back over 30,000 golds worth of fish.

Under the seat where the harbour lies, there are many large rocks that are sealed with chains. These were built by the Lord of the Golden Halls to ensure that the island would be protected if any battleships attempted to invade them. The purpose of these rocks are to smash ships that gain close, sinking them almost instantly. The chains are operated by the nearby towers.


The harbour is very industrial and holds many burning factories, which create ships and melt down silvers and steel. Surrounding the harbour is a giant wall which runs for over one hundred miles. There are many docks located around the central area of the harbour, which are there for the purpose of visitors and fishermen. 


The harbour is located to the west of the Dwavern Kingdom, it is around three thousand miles from the capital city, Golden Halls. It is located right next to the village of Willow-Song, which makes it the only place in the kingdom to hold such large transportation. 

It is located in the Black Sea, and is used to have direct transport to the main islands of Amsnorth.