In the hands of
the King of Amsnorth
"The ancestral sword of House Heartan. It has been in the hands of some of the greatest and worst kings and queens. Forged by the great king Jafier, it is the most powerful sword to have been created"
―About the sword

'Dragonheart 'is the ancestral sword of House Heartan. It has been through many wars and battles, and has been in the hands of many monarchs of Amsnorth. Despite its age of over 9,000 years old, it is still in perfect condition and is regarded as being the most powerful sword in Amsnorth. 

Over the years hundreds of thousands of people have tried to steal the sword, but it is almost impossible to take it due to it always being in the presense of either the king or queen. Also the sword only answers to the one with the blood of a Heartan, therefore if someone else were to wield the blade, it would simply set itself ablaze, burning the user.



Jafier Heartan found the blade's original body within a cave, deep in the Great Valour Islands. The sword, despite being hundreds of years at the time was still in almost perfect condition. Jafier took the blade with him to one of the best blacksmiths and had him forge the steel into a fine blade.

It was not long aftert did Jafier notice that the sword was not like any other steel used by the common person, but instead something more powerful and remarkable. 

When Jafier discovered his magical talents, he used his magic to enchant the blade, further granting more power to the sword. Due to himself being the first ever Magical Being, he was able to use his great power to give the sword traits that would match even that of a Tööajd. 

Role in War of KingsEdit

Jafier used the blade both in the War of Kings and its aftermath. Many songs and stories have been sung about the sword, but none have been more efficant when Jafier enchanted the sword himself, with old and ancient magic. 

Jafier and dragonheart

Jafier Heartan using Dragonheart

Jafier used the sword throughout the course of the war, and its legend power travelled across Amsnorth, and due to this, many of his rival kings, such as King Saaelas sought to capture the blade and take it for himself. 

The Heartan king kept the sword at his close side almost all the time. Several times many assassins tried to take the sword from him, and kill him in the process. To keep the blade under his protection, and to forbid anyone else from using it, he placed another spell on it: one to burn and wound the user unless he possessed the Heartan bloodline.

Jafier showed further power of the sword when during the last moments of the war, he summond waves of storms and blizzards to slaughter his foes. 

After the WarEdit

The sword has passed down through the generations of House Heartan and through time it has been in the hands of both the good and the corrupted. Many kings have used its power for good, while some has used it for evil. Due to his great power, every king or queen to have used it, have been a feared person in combat.

When the Great Purge arrived, when Azugon launched his war against all Races of Amsnorth, the sword was at risk of being taken by the Dark Lord. Nark III Heartan had the sword hidden along with his family. This was to ensure the ancient sword did not fall into the Dark Lord's hands, otherwise he would be able to harvest its power to do great deal of pain. 

When House Heartan rose back up from hiding, the sword presented itself once more, and served many times throughout history. It now currenly lies in the hands of King Harken II Heartan.


Due to its ancient steel, which is now named, Dragonsteel, the blade has the most powerful body of all weapons. Its sharp edges can cut through that of even dragon skin, and can smash through other metals such as: iron, steel, copper and bronze. However the sword may be on equal terms with Ancient Steel.


Dragonheart was enchanted by Jafier Heartan, who is said to be the most powerful magical being in history. He used ancient power to cover the sword in powerful magic, which enabled it to do many types of spells. However the sword's main ability is to swirl itself in flames.

The sword also senses those who use it. For example, if someone not of the Heartan blood were to wield the sword, it would trigger its defense mode and the user would be burned. Making the sword only usable by those of House Heartan


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