Ultimate Dragonheart form
The Ultimate version of Dragonheart


Production information

Year Created
SA 3380

Physical description

Ancient Steel (blade), Stardust (hilt), Gold (trim)
"A sword as legendary as its creator, Dragonheart is considered the most powerful blade in the world. Its value is beyond the count of gold."
―Short description of the sword

Dragonheart is a shifting sword constructed by Jafier Heartan and the Elder Dragon Parmonusius. It has passed down through the family of House Heartan from each monarch to the next, all the way down to Harken II Heartan. Although some rulers have not wielded the sword, the blade has remained in the possession of House Heartan and the Human Royal Government

The sword was constructed five years before the War of Kings, when Jafier Heartan travelled to the True Steel Islands to steal an ore of Ancient Steel. He crafted the blade for several days before travelling to the Solar Mountains where he forged the the hilt from Stardust. The golden trim which brings a more elegant design to it, was crafted months after the War of Kings, when Jafier Heartan enchanted it with a magical fire.

The blade is the ancestrial weapon of House Heartan and has remained in the family for thousands of years. It has been lost many times, once being more than 300 years, but it has always found its way back to the reigning monarch. It is unknown how this happens, but many believe it's down to the magical spells that live within it. 

Dragonheart has no value that can match it, so it is regarded as being 'unaffordable'. The sword was sold by King Angus I Heartan, also known as the Poor King, as he attempted to pay off his debts to the Golden Bank of Amsnorth, but the sword found itself in the possession of his son, Bilious VI Heartan as it appeared to him within his bed chambers.

It is considered very unique as the sword shifts to match the abilities of the one who owns it. If someone favours strength, the sword would become heavy and more powerful, if the wielder is fast and agile, the sword will become more slick and light. 



Years before the War of Kings, Jafier Heartan was the leader of the Brotherhood of Justice, and used many daggers and shortswords. However the young human desired a blade that would become as legendary has he hoped he would. After hearing about the True Steel Islands off the coast of the Dwavern Kingdom, Jafier set out on a mission to steal an ore of th powerful steel known as Ancient Steel

It took him more than four months to reach the islands, as passing by the fleet of Dwavern Ships on the way was
Dragonheart sword

Basic form of Dragonheart

difficult. He disguised himself as a slave working in the mines on the islands. He waited until nightfall before sneaking into a nearby cave and stealing an ore that was locked up. He killed the guard who was watching over the ore. Jafier could only take one piece, as the ore weight remarkably heavy.

Once back in the Main Lands, Jafier used an old friend's forge to craft the blade. While he was no expert at craftsmanship, he did a remarkable job. It took him days to finaly gain the shape of the blade, which was very basic in its look. To forge its hilt, Jafier went out onto another quest, but this time to the Solar Mountains, where the legendary Stardust Forge resides. It took him several days to climb up to the tallest peak of the mountains, and ring the bell to summon a piece of star to forge what would become Dragonheart's hilt. The Stardust enabled for a comforted grip, and provided a great deal amount of protection to the wielder.

Role in War of KingsEdit

When Jafier Heartan became King of Markwall, Jafier always kept Dragonheart on his possession, and it was a symbolic instrument. Many admirers tried to dublicate the weapon, but were unsuccessful. Eventually Jafier's actions drew the attention to many rival monarchs, mainly Dargorn Boulderarm. When the War of Kings begun, Jafier Heartan used Dragonheart in almost all of his battles, and cut down many dwarves, humans and elves. It was said that the sword would sparkle to reflect the stars during the night, and gleam to relect the sun during the day.  

Jafier and dragonheart

Jafier Heartan using Dragonheart

Dragonheart became a legendary weapon, something King Saaelas wanted for himself. He had sent out dozens of assassins to try and kill Jafier and steal the blade, but each failed in their attempt, as the usage of Ancient Steel allowed for a devestating cut. It could slice through any armour or blade. To keep the blade under his protection, and to forbid anyone else from using it, he placed a spell on it: one to burn and wound the user unless he possessed the Heartan bloodline.

Fire EnchantmentEdit

Upon hearing about an Elder Dragon, Jafier Heartan set out to find it. He travelled for months, ignoring the war that waged between his kingdom and the kingdoms of Amsnorth. Once he found the great dragon named Parmonusius, he learned more about his magical abilities, one of which allowd Jafier to enchant Dragonheart. Jafier decided to enchant the blade with fire, that as soon as it touches blood, it would ignite with a swirling vortex of fire.

After the WarEdit

The sword has passed down through the generations of House Heartan and through time it has been in the hands of both the good and the corrupted. Many kings have used its power for good, while some has used it for evil. Due to his great power, every king or queen to have used it, have been a feared person in combat.

Elizabeath II weilding flaming Dragonheart

Elizabeath II Heartan using Dragonheart

When the Great Purge arrived, and Azugon launched his war against all Races of Amsnorth, the sword was at risk of
Dragonheart form 2

Dragonheart in the hands of Robert I Heartan

being taken by the Dark Lord. Nark III Heartan had the sword hidden along with his family. This was to ensure the ancient sword did not fall into the Dark Lord's hands, otherwise he would be able to harvest its power to do great deal of pain. 

The blade remained hidden for thousands of years, with only rumours about it appearing. It was not until House Heartan rose back up from hiding, with it in the hands of Robert I Heartan. The human used it to win back the throne, and slice through many of his foes. It now currenly lies in the hands of King Harken II Heartan.



Due to its Ancient Steel, which is now sometimes named, Dragonsteel. Its sharp edges can cut through that of even dragon skin, and can smash through other metals such as: iron, steel, copper and bronze. However the sword may be on equal terms with other Ancient Steel. However the steel is very rare, as the harvesting of it could cost many lives if not handled properly. 

Another sword form

Another form of the blade

The sword can shift itself to fit the strength of the user, for example if a very strong wielder held the blade, it would become much more powerful in terms of swing and weight, allowing for powerful swings. If one were to favour speed, the sword would shift again, but lose some of its power, but not all of it, to enable the wielder faster movements.

One king in paticular, Nark VII Heartan was a very fast fighter, and the sword shifted into a more slender shape, which allowed for swift movements, but kept its strength due to the king's size. This form was called the Ultimate Form, which has only happened twice.


Dragonheart was enchanted by Jafier Heartan, who is said to be the most powerful magical being in history. He used
Old Jafier Heartan with Dragonheart

Old Jafier Heartan using Dragonheart

ancient power to cover the sword in powerful magic, which enabled it to do many types of spells. However the sword's main ability is to swirl itself in flames. When the weapon touches blood, it erupts into a swirl of fire, and can burn anything around, unless the wielder is able to keep it under control. 

The sword also senses those who use it. For example, if someone not of the Heartan blood were to wield the sword, it would trigger its defense mode and the user would be burned. Making the sword only usable by those of House Heartan


Dragonheart is one of the most expensive objects in Amsnorth, as it is considered too expensive. It has been sold on may occassions for ridiculous prices, but it has always found iself back in the possession of the current leader of House Heartan.