God (proclaimed by some)
Near Extinction
Notably Mountains
However will travel across all lands
Shard Mountains
Great Valour Islands
Glowing Mountains
Across all Amsnorth (formerly)
The offspring of the Mystic Dragon
Believed to be the first race
"The dragons were once loved and respected by all races to the far reaches of the world; they wor-shipped them as gods, as they would their creator. The dragons helped the races build and create the world as it is known to them now. They were so praised in the eyes of many and the dragons ruled over Amsnorth, not through fear, but from respect. Although despite their high influence over the mortal beings across the lands, they were not admired by all."
―The Prologue from Dust and Shadow

The dragons also known as Children are a race of very powerful reptilian creatures, which are considered the greatest of all races. They are worshipped as gods by several beings, including the mysterious Hauket. Dragons were huge in numbers, reaching around 12,000 before the events of the Great Purge

For a long time, the dragons have watched over the Races of Amsnorth, guiding them to new civilizations, settling affairs, and building empires. Dragons were respected very highly, and temples were built to honour the different kinds of dragons found. The Fire-Breathing Dragon, The Ice-Breathing Dragon, Wind Dragon and Spirtil Dragon. 

Dragons are known as immortal, and can live for as long as they desire, able to take their own life if they believe they serve no further purpose. They are regarded as being the most powerful beings of all time, with their strong connection to magic serving them greatly. 

However the dragons were not loved by all, there were many who saw them as a threat, and these beings have attempted to overthrow them, but none have been successful until Azugon. The Dark Lord was so powerful that he managed to tamper with dark magic to transform himself into a dragon. The dragons grew to fear him as his power surpassed their own, and they eventually went into hiding.

After hundreds of years, they were made into an extinct race. It was not until 0 BPD when Isabella Mthendale encountered a baby dragon egg outside Seatown, that the dragons came back into public sight.


Golden dragon by daeigira blood-d3i6t2k

Only one ever dragon has been golden, Jafier Heartan

The appearance of a dragon may vary depending on its type, and if that certian type of dragon has mated with another outside its class. Most dragons are large serpentine beasts that can grow up to the length of 90 feet. They have long necks, rough bumpy scales, wings that are twice the size of their bodies and several kinds of tails. 

Their scales normally give off a brown/cream colour, ranging from blue to purple, however the most rare of all colours is black, with as few as five ever been spotted. Around 9,000 BPD a human king named Jafier Heartan showed himself as a dragon, with his appearance being a bright golden shade. This sparked the conclusion that he was the Mystic Dragon, sent down to settle affairs and form peace in an chaos world. There have never been another dragon this colour.

As they are similar to a reptile, they have several horns that run down their spine and rough yet slimly looking skin. Their wings are like parchment, but as as strong as steel, their claws are cury, but the Wind Dragon has a more thicker and broad claw than the others. 

Normally a dragon will reach the maximum length of 90 feet (27 meters), however the dragons known as Parmonusius was over 145 feet (44 meters), and Azugon 120 feet (37 meters), and Jafier Heartan 109 feet (33 meters) were much larger than the others. It is rumoured the Mystic Dragon, due to the images and ancient statues of him, reached the length of 238 feet (73 meters). 



The myth surrounding dragons was that they were created by the Mystic Dragon, to become the first beings
Dragonbone Mountains

First ever seen statues of the dragons

to walk the newly created Amsnorth. This myth has been changed many times through history, with no exact proof to show the truth. The Mystic Dragon held the same appearance as all the dragons, which has given them the name as Children.

They first started out as giant beasts that were tasked with building the world into what is is known now. This was named the Formation Period, taking place around 50,000 BPD, and took roughly 15,000 years to complete. By the time the first ever recorded races has begun their first writtings, did they descover statues and ancient drawings marked by 'claws', have they been worshipped as gods and the creators of Amsnorth.

Building AmsnorthEdit

The dragons, with the assistance of the leavons (another newly created race), helped build Amsnorth and many of the cities, mountains, villages and landmarks surrounding it. Due to the dragons high intelligence, they were able to help craft weapons and forges, armours and other things involving metal. 

Due to their aid, the dragons were held in high regard, and were named the Guardians of Mortal Folk. This title has been upheld many times, whenever a tyrant or wicked being has been killed by fire, ice, or unatural weathers. This has been rumoured to be the dragons piecing back a balanced nature.

There have been other myths surrounding the dragons and their types, for instance, the Fire-Breathing Dragon is believed to be the one that created summer, and the volcanoes, while the Ice-Breathing Dragon created winter, and the giant icy mountians. The Wind Dragon the weather, and the Spirit Dragon the soul of beings and magic of the lands.


Balanced WorldEdit

When the dragons begun to settle affairs that were leading to chaos, the dragons started to enjoy the spotlight. They often flew over cities and villages, so that many people were able to glimpse upon their sight. Even though they were high in numbers, they did not show theirselves to the public sight, and whenever one saw them it was made a big deal.

Courts were held to attempt to gather the dragons into a meeting, but they did not ever respond to these. Dragons did not enter negotations with mortal beings, as they were classed as being under them. 

Hundreds of times through time, the dragons have delt with rising problems that have soared across Amsnorth. They have burnt cities, destroyed farms and villiages just to settle a rising evil from appearing. Many dwarves believed the dragons were responsible for the destruction of their underground city Orzinhall, due to their cruel and vile king causing havok among the people.

War against AzugonEdit

The dragons were hunted down by a powerful dark wizard named Azugon who saw them as threats. While many dragons were at first unaware of his intentions, when they soon did they attempted to kill him. They thought that they
640x331 2169 War of Dragons 2d fantasy dragons battle mountains picture image digital art

Azugon vs a dragon

would be able to finish him with great ease, but this proved difficult for them as the wizard was able to turn himself into a dragon, something that has never been done by a magical being before.

The dragons soon noticed that this was a serious threat, and went into hiding, fearing that they many never stand a chance against such power. Many dragons died to the wizard's dreadful powers, and others fled and went into hiding. While Azugon found and killed most of them, still few of them survived and begun to build their numbers again. But over time their source of food grew scarce and eventually the grew extinct. It has shocked so many how such a powerful race, so strong in magic was defeated by a mere magical man.

The Last EggEdit

Thousands of years after the war, dragons were thought to be extinct, and their race was forgotten completely in some parts of Amsnorth. It was rumoured that there was one more egg left, and many hunters and collectors sought it out. 

The dragons did all that they could to protect the egg, and moved it from place to place, until eventually while a dragon was flying around the West, it was struck and it dropped the egg down into a nearby lake.

Known MembersEdit

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Dragons are very powerful and considered the strongest of all races. With a very powerful and fully grown dragon able to destroy armies with their deadly powers. Dragons are magical, with each type being able to control a certian element. 

They do not rely completely on their magical talents, but rather their physitcal power. A dragon is massive, and will use its mass to crush, stamp or swipe with its giant tail. A dragon will use its claws, and teeth to distract its enemy, and use its wings to confuse, startle or cause brushes of wind. Their scales are the toughest of all kinds of armour, it can endure almost every pain and weapon thrown at them, however there are few steels that are able to pierce a dragon's hide.

Dragons are extremly fast, and can fly up to the speed of 460 MPH (Spirit Dragon), they are agile, quick and can move in and out of trees, and other things with great ease. The horns and spikes that run down their backs, cause a great balance for them, and they use them to help steer as they fly, and also serve as a defensive whenever something tries to bite, or attack them from above.

Type of DragonEdit

Fire-Breathing DragonEdit


Fire-Breathing Dragon

This dragon is the most common out of the four, being able to fire flames so powerful they could melt anything before it, with the exception of another fire-breather. In appearance they are the largest of them all by length, reaching up to 90 feet. Their wing mass second to the Wind Dragon, and they completely covered in horns, which serve as extra armour for them.

Fire is their main source of power, and if they are ever near fire, or anything that burns, they become slightly more powerful, using the heat as a bonus to their abilities.

Azugon begun hunting these dragons first, as they were the most common out of them all, and because they were able to burn large amounts of land within moments. These dragons are also very septicle towards magic.

Ice-Breathing DragonEdit

This dragon can create blizzards and large mountains of ice. Their scakes are a brilliant sapphire glow, and if anyone were to touch them, they would likely freeze their entire bodies. These dragons are slightly 

Ice dragon winter call by winterkeep-d5xbpic

Ice-Breathing Dragon

smaller than the Fire-Breather, but they are far more agile and faster. Their appearance is more slender, and pointy, with their fangs being more sharp. Their wings are smallest out of them all, but they are made from pure ice, and can slice through that even of a Fire-Breather. 

Their teeth are their main attacking point, as they are so cold they can freeze upon impact. They also have the largest teeth out of them all, reaching two feet in length. 

Hence their name, they are able to breath ice and frost. They inhale the air, which trasnforms within their cold bodies, and they generate it into large gusts of forst and ice. This can freeze anything, including oceans and mountains. 

Wind DragonEdit

This dragon is the most stocky out of the four, with its thick hide being almost impossible to pierce. These are perhaps the rarest out of them all, and are sometimes called the most powerful out of the lot, this is mainly due to their massive control over magic. They are covered in horns, and these are so large they ca
Wind Dragon

Wind Dragon

n be seen from miles away. 

Because of their size, they are the slowest out of them all, and much less agile. They do however have the largest wing span, reaching 100 feet from one to the other. This serves as their main power, as hence their name Wind Dragon, they can create large gusts of wind with a beat of their wings.

The Wind Dragon has the most control over magic, and can create weathers that are deadly, summon thunder, strong rain and winds, and even shake the very ground. Azugon targeted these ones last, as magic is at their strongest when near magic. 

Spirit DragonEdit

This dragon is slightly larger than the Wind Dragon, but is the fastest out of them all. It is so fast its hard to see, which makes it the hardest to kill out of the four. The appearance of this dragon is said to be looking
Spirit Dragon

Spirit Dragon

upon beauty itself, with their skin ranging from the brighest of blues to greens, with a mixture of purple and pink. They are slender, yet long and tall, and more agile than the four. 

Their speed is their primary skill, and with one burst they can fire up to 460 MPH, which makes it very difficult to catch. Azugon had to use traps and summon large amounts of magic just to capture and kill these creatures, 

The Spirit Dragon is also the dragon worshipped by Hauket, mainly because of its connection with the spirits and souls of mortal beings. Their breathing ability is spiritual energy, fired in small bolts. These upon impact cause explosions and can even suck people into its vortext. If hit directly, one can be completely sucked of their souls. 

In the BooksEdit

Hence the name, dragons are a major part of the novels. At the very beginning of the first novel, Dust and Shadow, we learn that dragons were all but wiped out by Azugon, thousands of years prior. When a dragon egg lands near a small village of Seatown, it is picked up by a human named Isabella Mthendale.  The dragon is eventually called Purple-eye, and becomes the first dragon to been seen by public in over a millennium.

In later adaptions of the books, the dragons play even larger roles and become the main aspect of the plot point. While they do no appear much in the first book, they are often in every chapter in the following one.


  • Dragons are magical
  • They cannot be killed with iron, or any other kind of metal.
  • The only thing that can kill a dragon is magic of ancient steel.
  • Their scales are tougher than a mountain side.
  • Their claws can cut through almost anything.
  • The dragons cannot speak, despite being the smartest of all races.