Durgak Asander
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Durgak Asander

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The Great Speaker
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TA 9352
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Still Alive

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"One of the most beloved people in Amsnorth, Durgak is a brilliantly intelligent man, who is loved by his people for his kind and caring heart."
―About Durgak

Durgak Asander is a dwarf lord and the Lord of Pātauna as well as a Chief Judge of the Senate. He is the head of House Asander and one of the Great Lords of Amsnorth. Durgak is one of the most beloved people in Amsnorth, mainly for his caring heart. His voice is one of the most respected voices in the Senate and his approval is held in high regard. Unlike most dwarves, Durgak is not battlebred, and is not familiar with combat. His skills come from his political career, from which he has held since adulthood.

Born in the year TA 9352, Durgak is the longest serving Chief Judge, and has held the title for more than 140 years. Durgak has played a major role in developing a global wide legal system. He also supports the right to allow exiled races, such as: Orcs, Goblins, Trolls and Giants, into civilized settlments. While some have criticised his opinions, many still heed his voice.

Character and AppearanceEdit

Durgak is described as being a kind, gentle and caring man, who respects all beings, despite their more barbaric behavious. He believes that many races, like Orcs, Goblins, Trolls and Giants deserve the same education as Humans, Dwarves, Elves, Hauket and Nimidorians. Durgak is also known to be very generous, often sending out food to struggling settlments, as helping build more houses to accomondate the increase global population. He also sends supplies to goblin cities, such as wheat, produce and water. 

Middle aged Durgak

Durgak in his middle years

Despite his caring personal, Durgak can be very intimidating in the Senate, even more so if he suspects anyone of abushing the legal system. Durgak has sentanced many people to death, and dismissed and aruged against even the King of Amsnorth

Durgak shares similar features to most dwarves, he is small, stocky and very hairy. As a young man, he had long yellow/auburn hair, which balded as he aged, and brown eyes. Durgak grew out his beard during his later years as a dwarf, employing a stubble in his youth. He often wears large earings in his ears, with the golden sigil of his house. He is often seen in fine silks and cottons, designed with ancient tribal marks and images.


Early YearsEdit

Durgak was born to Hithark Asander and Umeer Asander, in the year TA 9352. His birth happened in the Great Valour Islands, where his parents were discussing politics. He was ceremoned by the Duke of the Valour Islands, and a great feast was organised to celebrate his birth. Durgak spent three years of his childhood within the islands, and was raised by mainly maids and teachers. He rarely saw his parents, as they left the island to pursue their goals in politics.

At the age of 14, he was wed to Lithin Asander and their wedding was small. Lithin gave birth to their son, [[Furnak Asander|Furnak
Durgak's wife

Durgak's wife

Asander]], one year later. Durgak took on a life of politics like his parents, but remained within the Great Valour Islands until he turned 20 years of age. He set sail from the islands to Qhylen, where he served as Master of Education. Galomer Lukie, the Lord of Qhylen befriended Durgak, and his voice became a much respected opinion in his War Council. His reputation in politics became well known, and he would often be sent letters from lords across Amsnorth, requesting his guidance. At the age of 39, he reunited with his parents, who for the first time in many years, stood with their son.

Races RightsEdit

When Durgak reached the age of 51 years old, he decided to tour Amsnorth, to get to know different cultures of the Races of Amsnorth. He spent several months in Greenwood Forest, learning about Elven culture, and even stuided their language. He moved on into the Northern Territories, where he moved from place to place, until he encountered an Orc tribe while camping. He understood and respected the orcs, so offered them food, gold and mead for several days of travelling with them.

Noble Durgak

Noble Durgak

  Durgak also encountered a giant tribe, and helped them herd and keep their mammoths. While living with these different races, Durgak understood that they lacked education, and were more holtile than other races. It was then he begun to plot to take his thoughts to court. While staying at an inn, Durgak came across for the first time, goblins and trolls. He noticed how others treated them, so offered them his aid. They accepted, and Durgak spent more than 10 years understanding their culture and way of life. 

When Durgak returned to the Great Valour Islands, he brought the attention to the War Council, who dismissed it instantly, as they all believed each race to be savage and would cause too much trouble. Durgak did not let this change his mind, and pushed it further, by gaining supporters. He gained more than 200 people, who all shared his thoughts, and it was brought to the attention of the Senate. The Senate contacted Dugak, and said that they respected his political mind, and offered him a seat. He accepted, believing that he would have more of a voice speaking to the most respected lords in Amsnorth. He climbed up the ranks quickly, and his voice was held in high regard, however every time he brought up the idea of giving the more barbaric races a chance, he lost the overall vote.

Lord of PātaunaEdit

To PātaunaEdit

At the age of 96, Durgak recieved notice that his father, Hithark Asander had died. Durgak, sailed to the Dwavern Kingdom for the first time in his life, with his wife and children. They spent more than two months at sea, and during
Durgak's ships attacked by pirates

Durgak's ships attacked by pirates

this time, he got his first taste of battle, when their ship was attacked by pirates. Durgak, who has never held a weapon, was forced to watch as he witnessed death. While they survived the attack, more than half of their ship's crew were killed. Durgak swore on that day, that he would put an end to piracy in the Black Sea.

As they landed in the Dwavern Kingdom, Durgak took in his home for the first time, and visisted several towns and villages on his way to Pātauna. He befriended more lords and highborns during his travels, and helped keep governments under control. When they finally reached Pātauna, Durgak was named Lord of Pātauna.

Beloved LordEdit

Durgak's reputation across Amsnorth, helped his wisdom when ruling over Pātauna. He often used gold from his own personal wealth, to help the poor and build houses across his country. While Pātauna is known not to be a wealthy country, under Durgak's reign, its economy increased slightly. As his reign past, Durgak became even more loved by his people, so much so that the Senate purposed the Great Judge of thr Senate to him. Durgak at first refused this honour, as he believed it would take him away from his people, but Durgak's son, Furnak Asander, said that he would rule Pātauna in his absence.

Durgak ruled as Great Judge for many years, often coming back and forth between his country, and Gran Sarathal.
Drunk Durgak

Druken Durgak

Every time he entered Seaborro, he was greeted by a massive host of his people, all cheering his name. Durgak had such a good reputation, many highborns across Amsnorth sought his wisdom and council. 

In the year TA 9595, Durgak was approched by the great wizard, Moreusico, who spoke to him privately, while no one knew what happened within their meeting, many of Durgak's maids said the dwarf lord was white in the face. After the death of Gaston VI Heartan, his brother, Harken II Heartan took over the crown, and Durgak, along with every other memeber of the Senate, had to discuss the matter. Everyone knew that Harken had killed his brother for the throne, and such an affair had to be brought up, before Harken had his coronation. 

Durgak was one of the few who did not want Harken crowned, but as the majority of the Senate stood by Harken and his claim, the vote passed, and Harken was crowned King of Amsnorth. Durgak was one of the few who always spoke against Harken, often calling upon him to answer for his tyrant rule.

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Lord of Pātauna
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