Dwarf River

End of the Dwarf River

The Dwarf River is a giant river that flows through the northern area of the Dwavern Kingdom. It runs for nearly 1,500 miles, and has only three areas in which one is able to cross. 


The river has been there since the beginning of time, but before the dwarves rose from under ground it had no name. It was given its name when the first dwarves claimed the river to be their own.

It has proven to be trouble for many armies in the past who have attempted to invade the island, as its narrow bridges make it nearly impossable to carry large equipment across, and make for open attacks from dwarf bowmen.

During the War of Kings, King Jortharm Grazaxe used this river to obliterate many of King Jafier Heartan's soldiers. Due to the army's large numbers, the dwarf king sent out hundreds of bowmen to kill them while they attempted to cross, and even destroyed one of the bridges, drowining counltess human soldiers. Many tried to attack by the sea after this, but the dwarf king had a large fleet of battleships at his disposal.


The river is located south of Golden Halls for around twenty miles. It runs across the entire northern area of the island, and blocks off any kind of travel, unless they pass over the bridges.