Dwarfik also known as Shétouomon is the language of the dwarves, and once their primary language. Since the events of many wars, and by laws cast and brough by empires and kings, the tongue has since been exiled in many parts. However there are many people who still speak this language. Along with Rochillion Dwarfik was the most popular speech in the kingdoms, and was taught even to elves and humans

Letters appear like real life Hebrew, however actual translated words appear Galician.


The language of the dwarves dates back possibly before the first written times, around 25,000 BPD. Books upon books were written by the old dwarves, with most of them being lost before they even surfaced above their hidden underground cities. 

When they first appeared and were approched by the Dark-Elf Empire, Emperor Shalimal was so invest in their culture that he had many dwarves teach their native tongue to their offspring. By the time 20,000 BPD had come around half of the population in the Main Lands spoke the language. However after the course of history, events caused the language to dwindle and eventually it was a rare speech in the kingdoms. 

Even though Dwarfik is not longer a primary speech among its people, some still speak it. It is considered a code of sorts to nobles, assassins and brotherhoods. 

Some examplesEdit

There are many words in the Dwarfik language, more than any other in Amsnorth, here are several examples of translated words below:

Rochillon Dwarfik
Dwarves   Anossio  
Humans Hamonus
Shadow  Espandos
Swords  Ahceero
Steel   Dea
Gold  Sombrah
Mountain  Monsaña
Cities    Ouroo
War  Xidedes 
Shadows  Sombrez
Greatness Guurek 
However  Granezz
And  Porén
Together  Conunto
Strong  Tearze
Over     Estion
Under  Adeusto
Fire  armadura
Water   vinganza
Earth Sokbre
Wind Nache
Castles Castello
Forts  Borco
Roads  Baxo
Sail  Máias
Sea  Semo
Boat  Augaa
Cry  Forgo
Axe  Xela
Armour   Forte' de
Here   Veno 
There  Berok 
Over  Mar
Too  Aquíus


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