Background Information
Type City
Location Dwavern Kingdom, Gihóir
Population 350,000
Rulers Norvak Durgilion
Religion All Gods
Military 8,000, footsoldiers,
Institutions Gurasu Palace
Places of note Water Gardens, Sapphire Museum, Long Road of Usukusi
Date of founding Golden Age
Age SA 150
Other Information
Summary Capital city of Gihóir
Other names Dowāsook, Pōtoski
Inhabitants Dwarves, Elves, Humans
Spoken Languages Rochillion
Lifespan SA 150 -
"One of the most beautiful cities in Amsnorth, Dwarfport is an outstanding place where rich wealth, history and education thrive. Built to be a school, this great city evolved into one of the greatest in the Dwavern Kingdom"
―About the city

Dwarfport also known as Dowāsook, Pōtoski in Elvish, is the capital city of Gihóir and one of the largest cities in the Dwavern Kingdom. It was founded during the Golden Age and has stood ever since its creation, however during the foundations of the city, it was originally supposed to be a school, to help increase the educational carrers of the dwarves and humans within the Kingdom. The school which was named Pōtoski at the time, thrived and was hailed as being one of the best schools in Amsnorth. But its size started to expand, and more and more lands were taken up due to its extentions, and within the space of 50 years many started to believe it to be a large town. 

King Gwimerin Grazaxe sent over 200 workers, 100 soldiers and 10,000 slaves down to Dwarfport, and had them build houses, taverns, shops and new roads in and out of the city. Gwimerin wanted the school forged into a city as its popularity was growing, and he wanted to attract more people into the Kingdom. It only took a further 10 years before it became known as Dwarfport, the new capital city of Gihóir



An unknown dwarf settler found a large plain land, inhabited by nothing but animals, decided to set up camp within its grassy hills. However during his night sleeping, he came up with an idea to create a new school to help assist the minds and intelligence of the dwarves. The settler managed to gather a great deal of gold, and used it to pay many workers to build what was named Pōtoski at the time. It took 3 years to build a small portion of the school, and the settler begged the King of the Dwavern Kingdom to help advertise the new school to the people across Amsnorth

With the school growing, word spread and eventually a great deal of people arrived to see the new place of education. It recieved great reviews and over the course of a few years, many people took place at Pōtoski. It took another few years before many headmasters decided to pay gold to expand on the school, to increase it in size. 

When its size increased, news about it begun to reach across the seas, and even royalty decided to educate themselves within its halls. Princes and princess spent years of their life studying in its systems, and eventually it became the largest school in Amsnorth. However its size was beginning to worry many, as it started to consume gold like water. King Gwimerin Grazaxe decided to help flow the gold income, by building houses, shops and other things around the school, to enable people to live nearby, so their gold could fund the school's resources. Within years more than 2,000 houses had been built, and it was renamed to Dowāsook

It took another few years before many started calling it a town, instead of just a school, and with its size increasing it eventually became a city. The school still remains and is currently the fourth largest educational facility in the world. Dwarfport eventually became its new name, as its city size had increased greater than most around it, and due to its huge income of gold and massive populatiry, it became the capital city of Gihóir.


Dwarfport is located within the country Gihóir, the southern country within the Dwavern Kingdom. It sits inside the Plain Lands and is covered entirely with huge wilderness and great forests. Several towns were built around it due to its increasing population, so its massive size can be seen from quite a distance away. 

Current StatusEdit

The city remains the largest witin the country, and has the one of the greatest educational systems in Amsnorth. It is not seen in the books, but is mentioned throughout. Several members have studied there, ranging from Gaston IV Heartan to Nymeria.

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