Name Dwarves
Dominions Kolodyyne, Pēṇṭalia, Gihóir, Pātauna, Üswana
Languages Dwarfik, Rochillion
Height 3.6-4.8 feet
Skin Color Rosey, pale, tanned and light brown
Hair Color Black, grey, red, orange, blonde, brown, white
Lifespan 250-300 years
Distinctions Short, stocky with thick features. Very small in height, with the men often seen with long hair and beards.
Members Gormar Boulderrock, Durgak Asander, Samruid Rochandur
"Dwarves are both stubborn and greedy, but they are one of the best for their mastery over forging and building. Even the simplest of dwarves can make a house or small building within several days."
―About the dwarves

Dwarves are a race of small people that mainly live within large and crowded areas. They are the third most populated race in Amsnorth and are the seat of power in the Dwavern Kingdom, and the city Phylon. They can live up to the age of 300.


Being one of the oldest races, the dwarves are better than any other at building and crafting. The dwarves were also
First dwarves travelling

First dwarves travelling through the Dwavern Kingdom

the seat of power within the entire lands of Amsnorth, for a time, and were seated in Gran Sarathal. This however ended as they were overthrown by Jafier Heartan

Throughout the years the dwarves have held greater gold than any other race, and still in the present contain a large amount, which makes them one of the most powerful races of all. At the beginning of time, they mainly resided within mountains and underground cities. It was not until the destruction of Orzinhall, that the dwarves rose up from the ground and begun to build on the surface. 

The construction of the Golden Halls marked their first appearance on Amsnorth, and were greeted by the humans and elves. Although the dwarves were rather hostile towards the humans and elves, although they praised the dragons with high regard and worshipped them.


Dwarf slaves

Dwarf slaves

Like most Races of Amsnorth, the dwarves suffered through the rule of the Dark-Elf Empire, and were forced into slavery. The dwarves were more sought out than any other race, as their ability to craft was well known. Because of their high lifespan, dwarves were often sold as children to wealthy slavers, and used them until death to build and craft.

More than half of the entire dwarf race was enslaved, and forced to work for their entire life, without earning any gold. They were forced to have children, and would suffer through trauma when their offspring would be taken away from them to be sold. There were many small civil wars, but they never lasted long, as they did not have the numbers to take on the empire.

War of Gold and BlackEdit

Eventually House Grazaxe, the ruling Great House in the Dwavern Kingdom, had enough of the Dark-Elf Empire's mistreatment of the dwarf people, so begun to revolt against them. They begun by plotting, and gaining allies, not only in the Dwavern Kingdom, but throughout Amsnorth as a whole. The humans were the first to join their cause, as they too had faced such harsh slavery. Together, along with other races, they launched a civil war.

The dwarves won, in what was at the time, the most brutal and savage war in history. Thousands died, and eventually the dwarves had abolished slavery within the Dwavern Kingdom. With the Dark-Elf Empire destroyed, House Grazaxe took their seat in Gran Sarathal, claiming to be the new King. 

War of KingsEdit

It was not until during the age of Jafier Heartan did the dwarves meet their match. The dwarf king challenged Jafier and begun the War of Kings. The wood-elves and dark-elves eventually joined in the war after they saw a chance to claim more lands. They other human kings and lords also joined which formed several brotherhoods around Amsnorth

After most of the brutal wars, the dwarves were one of the last ones standing, for which they called for the humans to meet them on the battlefield to settle the affair. When Jafier arrived, he learned that the dwarves had formed an allience with the dark-elves. However they did not know that Jafier had also made a truce with the wood-elves

They dwarves were killed on the battlefield as Jafier Heartan revealed himself to be a very powerful magical being, which shocked all as they did not exist at that time. The dwarves lost their control at that time and were released as monarchs of Amsnorth.

Current StatusEdit

The dwarves play a major part in the novels. The tavern owner in Seatown is known as Yimli who is also the very first non human character to be seen.

Appearance and PersonallityEdit

Dwarves are roughly three to four feet in height, with stocky arms and legs, which long busy beards and thick brows. The men are known for their jotting scruffy hair, while the women their overly large noses. They have plump features and are often similar to that of the humans

Dwarves are often very stubborn, greedy, fierce and loyal.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Dwarves are known to wield axes and giant swords, with very rarely bow and arrows. They are very balanced in combat, using their small bodies to move in and out of their foes with great ease, while using their stocky powers to their advantage in strenght. While not the best in swordplay, they are rather tough and intimidating in melee combat.


The dwarves are very skilled in combat with an axe or greataxe. While they do not prefer to fight, they can be very brutal and tough at times. Due to their small size, they can move very quickly, and confuse their opponents. They often craft their weapons to their right weight, but they can reach further than that of any human weapon. 


Dwarves are quite skilled with a bow and arrow, but they do not use it much. Most of the guards that protect their cities are bowmen, are it is rare they even fire them.

In the BooksEdit

Dwarves are the first race other than the humans to been seen in the novels. They are first described as greedy and rude. Throughout the novels, the dwarves play minor roles, with very little of them being seen or mentioned. 


  • They were inspired by Southern Americans. 
  • They are the first race to been seen other than humans
  • They are the second race to be seen very rarely