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Dwavern Kingdom
Background Information
Type A realm, within the Human Royal Government
Location Aprox. 500 miles, west of the Western Territories
Countries Kolodyyne, Pēṇṭalia, Gihóir and Pātauna
Geography Rivers, forests, fertile plains, temperate to sub-tropical
Population Roughly 62,000,000
Capital Golden Halls
Founded/Built Unknown
Ruler)s_ Harken II Heartan - as King of Amsnorth, Gormar Boulderrock - as Lord of the Dwavern Kingdom
Other Information
Religion All Gods
Other names The Kingdom. Dwarflands, Ǎuilantǔdì, Shānùmùhé
Inhabitants DwarvesElvesHauketNimidoriansHumansGoblinsTrollsOgresFairies
Spoken Languages Dwarfik, Elvish, Giberion, Mūḷachuan, Rochillion
Culture RoyaltyUpper-ClassMiddle-ClassLower-Class
Military Around 100,000 foot soldiers • 40,000 ships • 5,000 Calvary • 700 catapults
Cities Golden HallsScaly CitySeaborrowDwarfportL'TalioCambretoL'TyrollWinterfayOastholdAldsnowPryfortRavenfortJ'hanhavenOldness
Towns AshfortAxehornOrzikMungomoryHightownLowtownMudtownUndertownBlacktownCollyskinCowdunfleePinefieldCiviltownAleviewBekgateNorthmillLinshireRoseiceEsterfieldLochollowAlmillGreybrookOrvilleOrzikWyvernhamLorbadySouthwaterPinefieldCornviewAkatonaJhandenCowdunfleeMudtownBlacktownUndertownHightownLowtownCollyskinFraymarshDragonhillCiviltownStonecliffGreybridgeStronghollowFreymarshLochpondMaplekeepGrassbrookJhandenDragonhillCornviewSouthwaterAkatonWyvernhamLorbadyOrvilleAldmageBelfieldAlmillLochollowSarmontEsterfieldPearlholdLinshireNorthmillRoseiceBekgateAleview
Villages DwarftownGreyfieldSteeltownWillow-SongBelfieldAldmageStronghollowGreybridgeStonecliffAxehomWestbank
Castles YunkaHem's GateNiberionVardunvielOsenweirHeroes PoseAncient Castle
Places of note True Steel IslandsDwavern MountainsShattered IslandsFisher's CoveRusty MountainsEnd's FallGreat Fissure
"A land full of myth and mystery. The dwarves have laid home upon a place full of creatures of legend and tales"
―About the Kingdom

The Dwavern Kingdom, also known as The Kingdom or Dwarf Lands, is one of the constituent regions of Amsnorth and was a sovereign kingdom before the War of Kings. The region covers all the way until the Dark Territory, where the lands fall under no man. It is the second largest region by size, just under the Northern Territories, located in the Main Lands. It is a broken from the rest of the world, and is sperated by the Golden Sea, Black Sea and Magic Sea

There are four countries in the Kingdom: KolodyynePēṇṭaliaGihóir and Pātauna. The Dark Territory is not a country, but does take up a huge portion of the kingdom, making the lands south of its borders uncharted. However these lands are home to some outcast and mysterious races, such as the Nimidorians, Goblins, Trolls and Ogres.

The Kingdom, has been ruled by House Boulderrock for thousands of years from the giant city known as the Golden Halls. However the Boulderrocks have not always ruled the Kingdom, once House Grazaxe, but the house has since been dismantled. Ever since the War of Kings, the country has been a part of the Human Royal Government, which serves as the major government for all islands and countries. There are four major Great Houses within the kingdom: House Boulderrock, House Asander, House Durgilion and House Rochandur.


The Dwavern Kingdom is vast in size. It is the second largest of Amsnorth's regions, nearly as large as The Northern Territories. The region is sparsely populated, with vast wilderness, forests, pine-covered hills, and home to the largest mountains in the lands by length, the Rusty Mountains.

Its climate is cold and harsh in winter, with deadly storms arriving over the seas. In summer it is rather hot, with cloudless skies. Golden Halls, the ancestral seat of House Boulderrock, is a large city that was built when the dwarves first appeared on land as their ancient home was destoryed.

The vast lands called the Dark Territory is the largest land in Amsnorth not to be populated greatly by the main races, humans, elves or dwarves. Deep within the Dark Terriotry, the oldest castle in all the lands lies to its far west. It has since been abandoned, but it is said that there is dark magic there. House Grhigar rules the Shattered Islands, with their seat ruling for over ten thousand years. 

East of the main island lies the True Steel Islands, which is home to the one of the most strongest steel in all Amsnorth, Ancient Steel. Farther west lies Greyfield, which holds the largest supplies of silver and bronze.
Willo song


Southeast of the the village is Willo-Song, one of the oldest villages in the world. 

Around the lands there are many castles that hold many nobles and lords, such famous ones are home to houses: House Horothgar, House Grumslo, House Vahimun and House Trunsh.

The Shadow Forest is a haunted forest which lies along the Oaklands. It is home to many of Amsnorth's darkest and dangerous creatures. It is also the origins of the werewolves, and mythical monsters such as the Cyclops, and it is rumoured that it holds the harpies.

East of the Oaklands is the Vardunviel, a major castle of the Kingdom which has its source of coal. Castle Osenweir, the seat of House Osenweir, is located south of Vardunviel

Yunka, the seat of House Yunka, is located south of the village SteeltownNiberion the castle of House Niberion is located south of End's Fall. The Last Stone is located south of that, and is the largest fort in Amsnorth. Rivernfell is located just south of Brokden Road, which is a castle created inside of fort. It is the place of House Ribercon. Denguard is located west of that and is an holds many dwavern soldiers that keep watch of the Golden Sea, it also holds the largest lighthouse in the land.

North of the Golden Halls and the Dwarftown is the Dwavern Mountains, which is the largest supply of gold mining and and the forging of jewels. There are many other castles and forts around the area, and a large amount of inns and taverns all sitting along roads and hilltops. Most of the lands are plain and blank, but are teaming with wildlife.


The dwarves believe that they are all descended from the god known as Athanasia. They are known as a straight-forward, hardy, greedy, stubborn and grimly folk. There are a few houses who instead follow the

Dwavern People

Mystic Dragon, but most instead worship the great god's son, Athanasia.

The dwarves are very patriotic making them crave their lands and independence more than any other race, however they still fall under the command of the High King or Queen, despite them being more than five hundred miles away.

They are greedy, but do offer their gold to people if they can come up with a good reason for them to lend their most precious things. They have the largest bank in Amsnorth, The Golden Bank of Amsnorth, and unlike most banks around the world, they do not increase their intrest until a certain period of time that they do not gain back their gold.


The dwarves were not once surface dwellers, they stayed under ground in a city known as Orzinhall. The city was vast and highly populated, with every dwarf being residents within its walls. However the city was destroyed by an unknown cause, which caused hundreds of thousands of dwarves to rush out from under the ground, spilling into the lands that are now known as the Dwavern Kingdom.



The dwarves all used their great building skills to craft and create the villages and castles that now surround the lands. It was not until several hundred years later did the dwarves decide to build their city of capital, and crown their very first king.

When the city Golden Halls was completed, the dwarves made their name known across the world. Many races such as the elves and nimidorians travelled to visit the kingdom, to pay their respects to the new dwarf king. The dwarves formed an alliance with the elves and they begun to trade their supplies. 

When the humans appeared in the world, the dwarves were the first ones to feel a little suspious about them. However after they proved to be an intelligent race, the dwarves decided to allie theirselves with them.

The Rising of the Dark-Elf EmpireEdit

Around FA 500 to FA 550 the Dark-Elf Empire launched a full scale war against the Dwavern Domain and the Wood-Elf Monarchy. The dwarves, while not fully operational were not expecting this sudden outburst, and were unprepared.

However due to their great building skills, and master with the arts of weapons, they were able to hold off the empire for nearly 15 years. The Dwavern Kingdom was their lands, and with all the years of exploring, they knew every small detail, corner and road that trailed through its massive lands. This played to their advantage, however after a time they could no longer cope with the gigantic force of the Dark-Elves, and they eventually gave in and surrendered to the empire.

The Sacred WarEdit

The Dark-Elf have not entirely treated the dwarves with hate and vile cause, and have actually over time respected each other. They began a trade operation between the Golden Halls and Gran Sarathal. which still stands to this day. 

The elves and their kindness was not without price, as from FA 2400 - FA 2430 the empire requested the dwarves assisted them in defeating the Wood-Elf Monarchy as well as Hauket Tribes that were beginning to inhabit the vast wilderness of Amsnorth. This was a great problem for the dwarves and they were quick to agree, as the hauket were native and hunters, and they hunted close to the dwavern lands and this put a stop to a lot of dwavern hunting.

The dwarves requested that the hauket be kicked from the lands, so that the people may have a chance to feed and hunt of the wild within the Kingdom. After the war, they were eventually evicted from the lands, and were never again allowed to enter, not until thousands of years later.


The kingdom has been a place for many wars, some good and bad, some been for the best and others not. Each war has left its mark, and with each passing day and all the dead who have died within the Kingdom are respected. The dwarves erected huge statues, and stones to honour the fallen people.

The Kingdom has shaped and formed into a beautfiul and just land, with flourishing beauty and glory, with huge amounts of knowelage hidden under caves and rocks. The wars that have taken place there, have all each given great education, and those who seek to become legendary writters have all stepped into the lands to dwell into its history.

War of KingsEdit

No other war has left its mark as much as the War of Kings. This war was reknowed and is still known to this day as the 'War that changed the world'. The war thay pitted all the greay governments against each other, Dark-Elves, Humans, Wood-Elves and Dwarves. The war began within the Dwavern Kingdom, when King Jortharm Grazaxe attacked Jafier Heartan.

Even though the war was started by the dwarves, this sparked much more of the kings and queens to join, as it brought up a chance to win lands and power. This caused many of the battles to take place within the kingdom as most of Amsnorth's gold and gems come from the Kingdom. Also there are huge amounts of lands that were at the time still not inhabited, and were still avaliable for new areas and buildings, villages and more to be built. 

However Jortharm was a foolish man, and his war did not last long, and he was soon betrayed by Drumnur Boulderrock. Drumnur who was a good friend to Jafier, also betrayed him and climbed upon the throne within the Golden Halls, delcairing himself the new king.

Current StatusEdit

Even though they lost the War of Kings, and their titles were taken from them, the Kingdom has still been known as the main hub for education and trade within the world. Its vast wealth and beauty have attracted people from all backgrounds. The culture welcomes everyone within its lands, and each race, with the expection of goblins and ogres, are all welcome there. However orcs and hauket are treated with extra caution.


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