Dwavern Mountians

Dwavern Mountains

The Dwavern Mountains are small rocky hills north of the dwarf capital Golden Halls. It is the main sourse of mining within all the lands of Amsnorth. Its vast tunnels and peaks hold the most treasured jewels than anywhere else. 


The mountains lie north of Golden Halls and roughly northeast of the village of Steeltown. It lies at the very tip of the Dwavern Kingdom. Its southern peaks and foothills transition into the Dwavern territories. Its highest peaks rise up to 3,000 feet.


The Dwavern Mountains are a cruel and inhospitable wilderness of stone and grass, jagged peaks eternally covered in moss and brush. Pure crystal waterfalls plunge over sheer stone cliffs, mountain meadows are filled with grass and wildflowers, there are ravines so deep and black they seem to go all the way to hell, and bridges of natural stone span distances with only the sky to either side. 

Within the mountains lies many tunnels and caves, which are mining facilities for the dwarves. Each of these places hold trillions of gold, silver, bronze, and platinum. These are the richest places in all the lands, and they bury thousands of miles under ground. The tunnels are flowing with gems of all kinds, the very river that flows through the mountains is teaming with bright stones, known in the dwavern tongue as Sullvenarks.