Edward II Heartan
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Edward II Heartan

Biographical information

Other names
Date of birth
TA 5191
TA 5247 - TA 5247
Date of death
TA 5247 (56 years)

Physical description

5.8 feet
Hair color
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Royal House

Edward II Heartan (TA 5191 - TA 5247) was the son of Nark VI Heartan, and very briefly the King of Amsnorth. He succeeded his his father as king, after his death at the Battle across Oakfield. Edward did not reign for very long after his father's death, due to Yhafar Boulderrock's affairs. The dwarf king wanted his removed so it would be easier to take Gran Sarathal. Edward was betrayed and murdered by his own people. His corpse was violated and he was hung above the Royal Palace, naked and castrated.

His daughter, Elizabeath II Heartan succeeded him as the ruling monarch, and through her efforts she managed to push back the dwarf forces. The war against the dwarves would not be won however for several hundred years.

Character and AppearanceEdit

Little is known about Edward II, but he was regarded as a kind man, like his father. He was also very strong willed, and loved his wealth above all. He craved gold like a dwarf. Edward was also not very intelligent, considering his class. 

Edward shared much of his mother's appearance, black hair and grey eyes. He was of average height, with shoulder length hair. He wore similar clothings as his father, favouring blues more than anything else.


Early LifeEdit

Born to Nark VI Heartan and Fiona Heartan, Edward was the child of a treaty signed by Nark in order to keep the alliance with the Dwavern Kingdom intact. His grandfather, Bryxton Pinefield was the Lord of Oakfield, and due to this, Edward had inherited all his lands as an heir. However when the War of the Two Kingdoms took place, Edward lost all titles and lands around that area, when Byxton was hanged for treason.

War of the Two KingdomsEdit

When the war broke out, Edward was ordered to remain within Gran Sarathal by his father, this was to protect himself as an heir. However when his father believed that he would no longer be safe among his own people, Edward was sent away into unknown places.

When Nark VI was killed, Edward came back out of hiding and headed back to the capital, where he was crowned king. But into his reign by only a few weeks, he was caught and killed by his own men. He was then raped by these same beings, and then castrated him, before handing him above the Royal Palace.

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