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"The elements are not for the weakest beings, to perfect them, it takes time, care and most of all, patience."
―About the Elements

Elemental Magic, is a category of Magic that can only be learned by Magical Beings. It is one of the very first stages a being faces, and over time the class becomes more adept and difficult. Only the wizard or witch can fully understand the Elements.

While the minor spells conducted in this class are simple for younger students, the more advance skills can prove to be the most difficult and exhausting. Some can even be life threatening if not used to the best and safest way. 


During a Magical Beings early stages into studying magic, they are first demanded to understand the nature of the Elements, from the Book of Fire, Earth, Wind, Water and FrostAt the age of 6 they must have read every page to the greatest detail, before they can begin to practise it in class. 

Stage OneEdit

Offensive: By the age of 10 years old, Mages must have been taught how to use the Elements in a safe way, without hurting them or anyone around them. They have to gain power over each one, and be able to cast them to an almost perfection. This includes only minor spells.

Defensive: By the age of 15, a Mage will have to know how to block against each element effectively. In order to do so, they are sent into a room, and must conjure different shields to block against different elements. By the time they become a Sorcerer, the being will have to advance their defence, and be able to use it in combat. A being can learn this stage for decades, and through time they can even use the elements to block other hostile attacks.

Aggressive: One of the harder parts of the stages, is learning how to cast the elements to attack. While Mages do learn this, a being will have to understand them throughout their entire learning life. This also moves to more advance spells, being able to conjure lethal and deadly spells.

Progressive: The final and hardest stage out of them all, is being about to progress all that they have learned into something greater. A high ranking Magical Beings will learn this to perfection. They often experiment and expand on what they have learned, being able to form deadly and massive attacks, they can even use the elements to control small portions of the weather.


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