Elizabeath II
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Elizabeath II Wolfbane (née Heartan)

Biographical information

Other names
Elizabeath the Strong, Fraya Vymoster, The Smasher of Dwarves
Date of birth
TA 5211
TA 5247 - 5298
Date of death
TA 5298 (87 years)

Physical description

5.4 feet
Hair color
Eye color
"When House Heartan all seemed but broken and done, Elizabeath II Heartan rose up from the ashes of her father, and rallied a mass of allies to her cause, and threw the dwarves out of the Main Lands."
―About Elizabeath

Elizabeath II Heartan also known as Elizabeath Wolfbane (TA 5211 - TA 5298) was the Queen of Amsnorth for around 51 years. She is widely known as the queen who threw the dwarves back into the Dwavern Kingdom. After the short reign of her father, Edward II Heartan, Elizabeath was crowned in the island of Wizardear, where she had been a maid for Sadryn the Valiant. Sadryn was forced to hand Elizabeath over the Yhafar Boulderrock, however Sadryn refused, and made had several spies sneak into Gran Sarathal and steal the crown. Elizabeath was crowned in Wizardear, and for his assistance, Elizabeath crowned Sadryn as King of Wizardear

In order to restore her house in power, Elizabeath lead many campains against the Dwavern Domain, thus beginning the Second Kingdoms War. The years of war were in balanced sides, until Elizabeath managed to push them back by breaking and testing the loyalties of many highborns nobles. She also rallied thousands of human farmers, squires and peasants to her side, bribing them into riches and wealth. With the Dwavers out of the Western Territories, Elizabeath begun to take back the Northern Territories and eventually the Eastern Territories. Despite claiming back these lands, she was still only queen to several of the countries, as they had been seized completely by the Domain. 

Elizabeath spent a further few years trying to recover the defeat her father and grandfather had suffered before her, she started first by executing every lord, duke, knight, and noble who took up sword against her house. Within four months, she had killed over 1,000 traitors. While she had managed to keep Yhafar Boulderrock from taking any more lands from her, the war was still thriving. Elizabeath ruled over her lands for the rest of her life, until her son, Gaston III Heartan took over. While she was very successful in reclaiming her family's lands, the Dwavern Kingdom was still an independent kingdom. This would remain so for another two hundred years.

Character and AppearanceEdit

Elizabeath was a smart, cunning, and a very smart woman. She possessed fantastic stretegy, and is considered one of the best House Heartan battle comanders of all time. Due to spending most of her life in war, Elizabeath was also very tough, strong-willed and rather brutal at times. She took pride in killing people who were against her, and would always be seen at executions, if she was the one who commended it. 

She was not however, completely rough, she was also a mother in her later years. She deeply loved her husband, Fraizer Wolfbane, and when he died, she fell into a depression for some years. Elizabeath also cared much for her son, and many of her close family relatives.

Elizabeath II was an 'Out of this world' beauty. She had golden blonde hair which she kept curled and hanging low. Her face was pale and as smooth as marble. Her eyes were large and sparkled in a bright colour of green, much like her mother before her. 

Early LifeEdit

Life as a maidEdit

Born to Edward II Heartan and Fiona Heartan, Elizabeath was their only child. Because of the possible threat of warfare, Edward sent his daughter to serve as the personal maid of Sadryn the Valiant, Due to the strong friendship Sadryn and Edward held, the dark-elf lord was more than happy to take her in.

In her early years there, she was trained by some of the greatest fighters in Amsnorth the ways of swordplay, and excelled at it with ease. Her life there was not full of combat training, as she was also forced to study, to find an understanding of what it was to rule. Even though she left her family at a young age, she still knew what her family was. Elizabeath only saw her parents several times during her early childhood years, and would glow with joy if she saw them appearing across the seas.

Her father presented her with gifts often, most of which were dolls and dresses. Elizabeath, even though she resisted, would always be required to look the part as Princess of Amsnorth, even more so whenever a meeting was held and she was the main attraction. 

When she was 15 years old, her father sent a raven demanding that Sadryn host a ball in order to find her a suitor for marriage. Elizabeath was more than happy to attend the ball, as she had dreamed of continuing her family's legacy. She sent away for the best fashion dresser in Amsnorth, and had the best possible dress crafted for her. Elizabeath struck all with her appearance at the ball, and hundreds of highborn men all presented themselves to her, but she only found one of them interesting. Fraizer Wolfbane, a young man around her age, with looks of a god, appeared to her greatly. His cheeky nature, and charming personality drew her in, she even found herself following him around the entire night. Eventually after seeing their relationship, Edward II Heartan agreed to marry the pair. Fraizer's father, Morelan Wolfbane was more than happy to agree to the marriage. The two were wed only eight months later, just before Elizabeath turned 16.

Marriage lifeEdit

Elizabeath left Wizardear shortly after her marriage to Fraizer Wolfbane, and headed to Markwall to live as a wife to Fraizer. This was the first time she had ever been out of the island since her birth, and she was eager to see the lands she would eventually inherit. However as they sailed across the Magic Sea, their ship was attacked by dwarf scouts. In the attack, she and Fraizer lead the defences of the attack, until Fraizer was wounded when an arrow found its way into his back. Elizabeath fought to defend him, until she finally managed to repel the attacks along with the help of her protectors. 

Fraizer spent the next three weeks in bed as he found it very hard to move. The arrow had pierced through his spine, making it almost impossible to walk. However this mattered little to Elizabeath, and she sat by his side until they made their way into Markwall. Even with the best healers in Amsnorth, there was little they could do to bring back his spine, but he could walk, with the help of a cane. Fraizer, now a cripple begun to question Elizabeath, but no matter what he said, she still stood by his side. Morelan Wolfbane, disgusted with his son, proposed to have Elizabeath married off to his youngest son, Raith Wolfbane. Edward II Heartan was willing to go through with the marriged, until Elizabeath furiously declined.

Despite being crippled, Elizabeath and Fraizer enjoyed married life in Markwall, and eventually they managed to have a child, Gaston III Heartan. Gaston, while he did hold the Wolfbane name, was given Elizabeath's family name out of spite for Fraizer's father. Only three days after Gaston's birth, they sailed away back to Wizardear. Sadryn the Valiant was more than welcome to take the princess and new prince into his home. 

Elizabeath watched over her son throughout his childhood, watching as he was trained how she was by the same swordmasters. Fraizer along with Sadryn dealt with the political affairs of their status, while the princess took care of her child.

War for the Two KingdomsEdit

In TA 5244, the Dwavern Domain had declaired themsleves independent, and had begun to move against the Human Royal Government, with House Heartan as their main target. Elizabeath was eager to help her family in the war, however her father, Edward II Heartan forced her to remain in Wizardear, under the protection of Sadryn the Valiant, as no one knew of her presense there.

With little to do to help her family, Elizabeath started to go a little insane. She paced her chambers occasionally, waiting for news on the war. Finally when a raven came to her, informing her that her grandfather, Nark VI Heartan had been slain in comabt. Knowing that her father would sail for Gran Sarathal to be crowned, Elizabeath proceeded to sneak to his assistance, but her husband, Fraizer Wolfbane managed to convince her to remain there, that her place was there. Gaston III Heartan was eager to help his father also, but due to the threat now on their family, he too was forced to stay there.

Edward II Heartan was King of Amsnorth for a very brief time, before he was killed by his own people. Elizabeath was broken when she heard the news of her father's death. Sadryn moved Elizabeath from Garreneari, into the Temple of Gala, to protect her from traitors that lurked within Wizardear. They planned for several further months in how they would put Elizabeath on the throne, since now it had been taken over by the dwarves, with Yhafar Boulderrock seating himself as King. 

Once news had reached Gran Sarathal that Elizabeath was being held under the protection of Sadryn the Valiant, Yhafar Boulderrock ordered her to be brought to him. However Sadryn refused, and crowned Elizabeath in his own halls. Now Queen of Amsnorth, Elizabeath begged her friend and ally to combine their forces to form an allaince to defeat the dwarves, and take back Gran Sarathal and the Main Lands, for his assistance, Elizabeath promised for crown Sadryn as King of Wizardear, and allow him to have full control over his lands.

Quest across the Main LandsEdit

Now with a new group of allies, Elizabeath decided it was time to move against the traitor, Yhafar Boulderrock. Despite being new and young to warfare, she knew how to play the game. Rushing into battle would be foolish, so the new queen acted behind the scenes, keeping her presence hidden. 

Due to living her entire life within Wizardear, now one knew who she was, or how she looked, so took on the name of, Fraya Vymoster, the daughter to a farmer. Sadryn the Valiant employed one of his most trusted servants, Caplium Vymoster to impose as her father. They two travelled across the Magic Sea and landed off the shore of the Northern Territories, and moved by cart across its lands, and often stopped off at towns and villages, trying to find those still loyal to House Heartan.

For the next three years, Elizabeath imposed as Fraya, and managed to gain the support of many loyal highborns and lowborns alike. Now with a huge army, Elizabeath begun her invasion. Slowly she retook lands across the borders of each country within the Eastern Territories, burning dwarf camps and forts, and killing many dwarves who had proclaimed themselves the new lords and ladies of that area. This gained the attention of Yhafar Boulderrock, and soon an army was sent to counter her attacks, however they did not succeeded, as Sadryn had moved against the dwarves by invading the North. They had managed to force the forces of Yhafar back towards the Western Territories, to the point where many dwarves abandonded him. Elizabeath's actions pushed forwards, and caused many people to turn on Yhafar, and side with her as they sensed her victory. 

Now with them cornered, Elizabeath decided on the best action to take back Gran Sarathal, so she sent a raven to inform Yhafar, that if he should leave the capital, he shall be spared his life, but he must remove all titles, and bend the knee to their knew queen. Of course he refused, and sent out more men to patrol the Western Countries. Many people who had sworn themselves were executed by their new dwarf king, and this did not go down well with his subjects. They turned on him, every peasant, rich, farmer and worker all moved against him, bloodshed was spilled on every land and corner of the West. Eventually the capial city itself became a bloodbath, with many people dying.

Elizabeath used this to her advantage, and entered the capital posed as her alter ego, and made her way to her family's home. There she defeated Yhafar in single combat, slicing off his right arm. Before she could finish him off, she was struck by an arrow, and was forced to flee the fight, however Yhafar had abandoned his people and the city and fled with his nobles back to the Dwavern Kingdom

Queen of AmsnorthEdit

Reign after victoryEdit

Now sitting in her ancestors home, Elizabeath decided to fix the mess that the previous kings had left. She begun by rallying all nobles who were allied with Yhafar Boulderrock, lying that she was going to offer them a pardon for their support, however when she had all 1,000 in the one place, she ordered her archers to open fire on them, killing all. This sparked a great deal of shock throughout Amsnorth, and she eventually became feared. This is what Elizabeath wanted, and through this no one questioned her.

Sadryn the Valiant, now King of Wizardear, arrived at Gran Sarathal to congraduate his ally, and there Elizabeath finally declaired him, in front of the Senate that she would be a king, and that his lands and countries were now independent. This was not met well with the lords, who believed that with two kingdoms now gone, the Human Royal Government would lose its wealth and power. Elizabeath already knew of this, but decided it the best course of action, as an independent world would allow a more peaceful one. She allowed the dwarves to keep their titles and lands, but made a treat that if they should ever try and invade their lands again, she would kill them, and remove House Boulderrock from power. 

Later LifeEdit

Elizabeath lived the rest of her life as many had before her, and enjoyed her life as a wife. Fraizer Wolfbane, despite being crippled was a great husband to her, and due to his crippled nature, eventually could not create more children. This did not bother the queen, as her son, Gaston III Heartan would be a great successor. 

There was a time of peace in Amsnorth, with many lords keeping to their own lands. Eventually Elizabeath died on a journey from Wizardear, and was buried in the Kings' Mountain.

See AlsoEdit

Queen of Amsnorth
Preceded by
Jackaline Heartan
Elizabeath II Heartan Succeeded by
Evangeline Heartan

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