Elizabeath I Heartan
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Elizabeath I Heartan

Biographical information

Other names
The Usurper Princess
Date of birth
TA 4,946
TA 5,013 - TA 5,014
Date of death
TA 5,014 (68 years)
Realms ruled
Many swords

Physical description

5.5 Feet
Hair color
Eye color
Chocolate Brown

Elizabeath I Heartan (TA  4,946 - TA  5,014) was the Princess of Amsnorth around 4,700 years prior the events of Dust and Shadow. She was the second child to Areothan II Heartan, the first being Gaston I Heartan. Elizabeath was known to have a rather fierce reputation, and was a skilled commander, and very efficent in swordplay. Unlike most royal females, she prefered the arts of warfare, rather than marriage. However at the age of 16 she married and eventually had twso children, Arabella Heartan and Olivar Heartan

When her niece Robert II Heartan found out he couldn't have any children, he stepped down as King of Amsnorth. Robert before she left the throne, elected William II Heartan as his successor. This sparked outrage among Elizabeath and the other members of House Heartan. Due to being the second child to Areothan, Elizabeath was next in line for the throne. She begun a rebellion as she wanted to remove William from the throne and take it herself, however Robert along with her uncle, and cousins supported him. The rebellion named Rebellion of Family lasted a short time, and Elizabeath was defeated, and was killed in combat.

Character and AppearanceEdit

Elizbeath was rather stubborn and cruel in her own way, however she was not completely vile. She had known to have loved her children effortlessly. She was also very smart, and skilled in battle and warfare, and this also made her very arrogant and ruthless.

Elizabeath was a very beautiful woman, stood around 5.5 feet and had long curling brown/red hair. Her eyes were a deep chocolate shade, and she enjoyed luxury clothings. 


Early LifeEdit

Born to Areothan II Heartan, Elizabeath was the second child, the first being Gaston I Heartan. Elizabeath was known in her early years as being rather bossy, and would bully her younger brother, Markus I Heartan quite often. The only person who was able to prevent the bullying was Gaston, and this brought a wedge between them both.

When their father died, Gaston was crowned King of Amsnorth and Elizbeath was not present. This did not go down well with Gaston, and when she arrived back at the capital, he named her Duchess of the Rocky Vale, to make sure she no longer stayed within the city.

This did not go down well with Elizabeath and she eventually begun to hate her brother. It is unknown if she had started to plot against her brother at this time, but it is implied as she started to gain a large amount of allies and friends, and had hired her own army.

Rebellion of FamilyEdit

When her older brother died, his only son, Robert II Heartan was crowned king. However only a few months later, it was announced that he was stepping down from the throne, and that his second cousin, William II Heartan was going to be his replacement. 

Elizabeath heard about this and marched on the capital in outrage. After Robert's twin brother, Walter II Heartan died in a ship accident, Elizabeath was next in line to the throne. There have been many rumours that Elizabeath had played part in the sinking. 

Once she arrived at the capital she demanded that she take the throne as William had no right. However Robert who was still king at the time, informed that it was his last order to make William the new king. Elizabeath had no power then and fled the city, and later begun a Rebellion.

For the next few years she started a small civil war against William II Heartan. Elizabeath had a much large army, and a huge number of followers, but she underestimated the skills and commanders of William. During the two battles fought in the rebellion, Elizabeath lost both of them, and she was later killed in the second along with half the members of House Heartan.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Elizabeath I Heartan was a skilled swordmaster and commander. She defeated many people in combat, and slew dozens despite being very old at the time.

See AlsoEdit

Duchess of the Rocky Vale
Preceded by
Elizabeath I Heartan Succeeded by

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