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Ellinor Heartan

Biographical information

Other names
The Wicked One, Queen of Torture, Queen of Blood, Woman Shrouded in Gold
Date of birth
TA 4890
TA 4973 - TA 4984
Date of death
TA 4984 (94 years)

Physical description

5.6 Feet
Hair color
Light brown to gold
Eye color
Chocolate Brown
Royal House
"A wicked queen that destroyed the good taste of her house. Her long line of children and grandchildren did not bring so much as their ancestors did."
―About the queen

Ellinor Heartan (TA 4890 - TA 4984), was Queen of Amsnorth from TA 4973 until her death. Sometimes called The Wicked One, Queen of Torture, Queen of Blood, Woman Shrouded in Gold, she was one of the few females to be the first born to a King of Amsnorth.

Ellinor was the daughter of Bilious III Heartan and Millie Abernath, due to the old age of past monarchs, Ellinor did not obtain the throne until he was over the age of 80 years. However throughout her time as Princess of Amsnorth, she had a fierce reputation around the world.

In TA 4973, Ellinor succeeded her father to the throne and set out to rule by good counsel. She depended heavily on a group of trusted advisers, led by Graehath Grim and Baron Underhill. One of her first actions as queen was the establishment of an Mystic Dragon Shrine, of which she became the Holey One. This Ellinor Religious Settlement was to evolve into the Church of Gods.

In government, Ellinor was more moderate than her father. At first she was considered one of the best monarchs in years. In religion she was relatively tolerant and avoided systematic persecution. However only two years into her reign, when the Lord of Garreneari declared her unfit and softhearted, several conspiracies threatened her life, all of which were defeated with the help of her close friends throughout her time as Princess. Ellinor was cautious in foreign affairs, manoeuvring between the major powers of Wizardear and the Great Valour Islands. She only half-heartedly supported a number of ineffective, poorly resourced military campaigns in the Shattered Islands.

It was said during these periods that Ellinor begun to change. Many of her most loyal followers turned against her, in attempt to betray her and the throne. Ellinor took quick action, and executed more than 50 nobles across the world. Her actions brought much shock to the throne, and she decided to change her way of ruling. Over the course of her reign she executed more than 600 people, making her one of the biggest highborn killers in history. She caused the decline in economy, military, education and trading. The poor became poorer, and the rich became richer, with over half the population living off scraps. Many people attempted to rise up against her, but her outstanding military tatics, and spies enabled her to evade each attack. 

Character and AppearanceEdit

Ellinor was a cunning woman, and known for her polite speech as a young woman. Her attention to art was her most famous trait, as she would often travel months just to see a painting. She paid over 40,000 Golden Dragons for the Painting of Dava'jon, which still hangs in the Royal Palace. As she aged, she became more fierce, savage and ruthless, however when she became Queen of Amsnorth, she became a force to be reckoned with. Even her husband, Mathrekus Writingham, the King of Amsnorth had no power to control her. He eventually commited suicide several years into her reign.

As a young woman, Ellinor was decribed as being the most beautiful woman in Amsnorth. She was said to have looked like an the perfect sculpt of a god. She skin was the perfect shade of tan, with constent shine through her hair, and it would often change from brown to gold. She wore the finest clothings, and was never one to dismiss her status as a highborn.


Early LifeEdit

Born to Bilious III Heartan and Millie Abernath within the Dwavern Kingdom, Ellinor did not know much of her true nature, until her father revealed to herself and her mother who he was. After this, Ellinor sought more power as she knew she could claim it. 

Before they ventured to Gran Sarathal, Ellinor made several contacts within the Golden Halls. At the age of 10 she had slept with many nobles to try and gain their friendship and use this to her advantage in later future. 

Young ellinor

Ellinor was a beautiful woman in her youth

When they arrived at the capital city, Ellinor was crowned the Princess of Amsnorth, and this honour was overseen by the entire city. Because her father and grandfather was so respected as the king, her cause was highly respected. However Ellinor cared little about her people, as her own goals were much greater.

A long planned schemeEdit

Ellinor Heartan started to make several friends throughout the lands, using her great beauty to flirt with nobles, lords and dukes. While many of these men fell for her beauty and charisma, some noble ladys begun to suspect Ellinor's cruel nature, but the princess would later find out about these women before they could spread word.

Ellinor also planned the attack on Markwall, she did this by managing to tease a bandit leader. The bandit Five Fingered Jaxlon fell prey to her, and she used his bandit groups to assult the city, to kill the noble and his family. As the battle was in the bandits favour, while Five Finger was about to slay Lord Destrain Shandfax, Ellinor stabbed the bandit in the back and led the city's forces against the bandits, killing them all. While Five Fingers lay bleeding, Ellinor sliced his throat before he could utter her betrayal.

Ellinor's plan to have the city be in her debt worked grealy, as Lord Destrain offered her a life sentence that he would honour for her saving the city and his family.

Battle CommanderEdit

Long before she became queen, Ellinor was a highly respected battle commander, even thought she entered little battles herself, she had a keen eye for the battlefield. Ellinor was responsible at one point in commanding the Human Royal Government army.

During the Battle at the Rocky Vale, Ellinor ordered several forces to take the castle back from a group of goblins that still held control over it since the time of Azugon. Ellinor planned several attacks on the castle, gaining the plans and layouts of the massive structure. 

After several days of a seige, Ellinor managed to break down the gates and floaded the castle with over 3,000 soldiers, and lost only 100. After they took the castle back, Ellinor made it her base of operation. 

The First QueenEdit

When Ellinor reached 83 years old, news reached the Rocky Vale that her father, Bilious III Heartan had died. This made Ellinor take all of her things and travel to Gran Sarathal to take the throne she had wanted for so long. 

Ellinor was crowned queen several weeks later, after she disbanned the council of her father, along with anything else that Bilious III had control over. Ellinor wanted to make sure that the entire kingdom was under her complete control and had loyal servants under her command. 

When she was crowned, Ellinor became the only first female in history to claim the throne. This made many riot because they thought that a woman could not rule as good as a king can. This angered Ellinor and she ordered for each of these people to be brought to justice.

When the men were found, Ellinor charged them with treason, and ordered their deaths. This was the first sign that the people believed that she was not like the rulers before her, but more brutal. Ellinor became corrupted and greedy as she lusted for gold above all.

Ellinor even threatened the Lord of the Golden Halls to give her countless gold pieces, and the one time he refused, she sent legions of soldiers across the sea to take control of one of their gold mines. The lord knew he could not defeat the queen through strength of arms, so decided to give the queen more than half of their intake of gold and riches. 

The Wicked OneEdit

Ellinor was known by her nickname, The Wicked One this was mainly due to her cruel nature when she became the queen. Ellinor increased tax, decreased the amount of gold given to miners, builders and blacksmiths, but increased the gold of soldiers, which further increased the number of her army.

The Human Royal Government had the largest army in Amsnorth and the largest it has ever been at this point, mainly because many humans, elves and dwarves joined the army so they could provide for their familes. The army had increased from 14,000 to 140,000 in under one year. 

Because the queen had cut so much money for the people, many rose up against her and many riots erupted around the lands. Villages were attacked, banks invanded, nobles murdered and farms burnt. Ellinor responded to this as she always does, with violance. Over 800 people were brutally slaughtered by the royal soldiers. 

Death and LegacyEdit

Ellinor ruled for 11 years before she eventually had a heart attack and eventually died. This sprung celebrations across the lands, as they were finally free of her corrupted reign. However these did not last as her son, Areothan II Heartan was not a great king either, but he did much better than his mother in reducing the taxes she set on people.

Ellinor is known for being the first ever first born queen, and also among the worst rulers of all time. She was a respected battle commander, but that was the only good thing to come out of her name. She also was the first monarch at the time not to be awarded with a place in the Kings' Mountain.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Ellinor was a skilled battle commander, and even very talented with a sword and bow. While she did not enter many battles herself, she did on few occasions one being the Battle of the Rocky Vale. In this battle she showed how much of a soldier she was, and managed to take control over the castle with just 100 dead soldiers of her own army. 


Ellinor was a very skilled swordmaster, and defeated many goblins, bandits and knights. She is best known for the conquer of the Rocky Vale, in which she killed many goblins, ogres and other dark creatures. 


Like most kings and queens, they all gain control over the most powerful sword in the world, Dragonheart. A sword that can unleash waves of fire, and cut through every metal, iron, steel or armour that even the best blacksmith can forge. 


Ellinor prefered the use of bows and arrows when in combat, as this enabled her to stay out of direct contact. She was very talented with the use of a bow, and was said to have never missed a shot if one was within her sight. Her skills could match that of a Wood-Elf

Battle CommanderEdit

One of the greatest battle commanders of her time, Ellinor was a perfect example of a leader. She managed to plan countless battles in her time, and even as an old woman she could plan and organize battlements of almost every place.


  • Is the only one of her name
  • The first evil monarch since Zakcumfry Heartan
  • First monarch not to be rested in the Kings' Mountain

See AlsoEdit

1. Bilious III Heartan Ellinor's father


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