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Elsa Mallen (née Hendy, Heartan)

Biographical information

Other names
Elsa Mallen, Elsa Hendy, the Grey Queen
Date of birth
TA 9530
TA 9574 - TA 9590 (becomes Queen Mother)
Date of death
TA 9593 (63 years)

Physical description

5.4 Feet
Hair color
Blonde, white (older)
Eye color
"Elsa Heartan was one of the few queens that were respected and loved. Her kindness was worldly known, a trait that would eventually pass down to her eldest son."
―About Elsa

Elsa Heartan, also known as Elsa Mallen (TA 9530 - TA 9593) was the Queen of Amsnorth through her marriage to Robert V Heartan. Elsa was the daughter to Russell Mallen, a highborn within Ürsanthium, the Lord of House Mallen. At the age of 40 she marriged the Prince of Amsnorth, Robert, her second marriage. Her first husband, Anthony Hendy, a lower class of nobility married her when she was just 14, and through him she has two children, Dean Hendy, Yagrine Hendy.

However at the age of 34, Anthony died of a heart attack, which left Elsa a widow, and to look after their farm and lands on a low income. Her two children had moved off to explore Amsnorth, leaving her alone. Elsa was required to hire servants to help her contain her lands, one who was brother to Robert V Heartan, Graham Kicklebolt. Graham helped her manage her lands, with a little pay, as he begun to feel sorry for her. It was not until several years later, did Graham suggest her to his older brother. Elsa was hesitant, because of Robert's father, Nark IX Heartan, who had a sinister reputation throughout the lands, and was the main responsability for her struggle. 

Robert eventually arrived at Elsa's farm, and within moments they two bonded greatly. Even though it is rare for a prince and heir, to take on a woman already previously marriged, Robert cared little. Over their four months, they had begun to love each other, and Robert proposed. They wed the year later.

When Robert V Heartan was crowned King of Amsnorth, Elsa moved from her farm to stand by his side. Her children, Dean Hendy and Yagrine Hendy were made into Royalty, and given the title of Lord and Lady, while Elsa became Queen of Amsnorth. Through Robert she had a further two children, Gaston IV Heartan and Harken II Heartan, two of which will become Kings themselves.

In TA 9590 Robert died of a serious illness, which left Elsa deeply wounded, however she still stood by her son's side, when he was crowned shortly afterwards, and became Queen Mother. Only three years later did Elsa die herself, it is said that she died in her sleep, painless and peaceful.

Character and AppearanceEdit

Elsa was a very kind woman, who had a caring heart for all living things. Due to owning a farm, she would never kill one of her animals, she would get one of her servants to do it instead. She also had a strong love for her family, and had never shown one more love than they other. However she would be intimitating when scolding her children, Harken II Heartan being the main target.

Elsa stood around 5.4 feet tall, and had a very slender figure, despite having four children. Her hair was a golden shade of blonde as a young girl, a colour that would go white with age. She enjoyed rather basic clothings, never trying to over show her status as a highborn to others.


Early LifeEdit

Born to Russell Hendy and Georgian Mallen in Ürsanthium, Elsa was not a highborn noble, but rather lower-class. Throughout her early years, she spent much of her time on her father's farm, learning the trade. Even though she disliked the farming itself, she loved to spend time with the animals, and was often bullied by her brothers.

At the age of 14, her father wished to increase his farm's income, by marrying her off to a richer family house, House Mallen, the Dukes of Great Valour Islands. The third oldest son to Farquad Hendy, Anthony Hendy was her intended. After only one meeting, they were to bed wed only a short time later, and only one year after she gave birth to their first child, Dean Hendy. Due to having a son, and with him being a highborn noble, he did not want to work on a farm, and left to explore the world. She gave birth to a second child at the age of 22, Yagrine Hendy.

Alone on the farmEdit

When Anthony Hendy died of a serious heart attack, Elsa was left with her land farm and land. Even with her daughter assiting, Elsa found it to be a great struggle, even more during winter. It was so bad, that Yagrine left the farm to persue a better life, leaving Elsa alone. 

For several months, Elsa took responsability for the farm, and had a hard time fending off wild animals, and lurking bandits. With the help of guard dogs, she managed to keep her farm free from invaders, while placing dummies throughout her lands, to make the illusion of dozens of men working there. This kept her safe for a time, when part of her lands were raided, and around 20% of her livestock stolen.

Elsa had no choice but to spend the only savings she had to hire protectors and workers. Offering a rather low pay, several struggling men accepted. One of these men was Graham Kicklebolt, the struggling son of King Nark IX Heartan. After a time the two bonded, and after hearing about Elsa's struggling cause, Graham informed his brother of her, who later rode to her farm. Robert V Heartan and Elsa bonded very closely and quickly during his time at her farm, and he gave her large sums of gold to help with her farming.

Only few months later did Robert offer her hand in marriage.

Accession of Robert V HeartanEdit

When Nark IX Heartan died in TA 9574, Robert was crowned as the new King of Amsnorth, and Elsa being his new wife, was made Queen of Amsnorth. To the consternation of the Human people, Robert and Elsa began to give religious military and administrative offices. Elsa shared the general concern about the increasing taxation that Nark had placed on the lands, a struggle that she faced herself.

Only a year into her reign Elsa gave birth to her and Robert's first child, Gaston IV Heartan. Elsa keen on improving the lives of the people, decided to decrease the tax by a large amount, and double the guard patrols along the roads throughout the Main Lands. This was countered by the Senate, who believed that the Queen had no right to do this without consulting them and the King. However Robert was more than happy to do so, but the Senate yet again countered this. 

Fearing that the Senators are bleeding the people dry of money, Elsa fired several of them, which gained her a bad reputation amoung highborns. She replaced them with her own family, with her father, Russell Hendy being the Chancellor. Now with the order restored, she and Robert V Heartan impoved the lands, and helped keep the lands safe from bandits and raiders.

Queen Mother and DeathEdit

When Robert V Heartan died of a great illness, Elsa was moved to a state of mind and she became depressed. However despite her greif, she still assisted her son Gaston IV Heartan on his time as king. While withered and old, and haunted by loss, Elsa did not do much, and often spent time within the Great Gardens, with her two other children, Dean Hendy and Yagrine Hendy, who were now highborns.

Three years later Elsa died in her sleep, and many healers say she passed peacefully. Her funeral was attended by tens of thousands, who all paid respected to a loved queen. Only four months later, her youngest son, Harken II Heartan murdered Gaston IV Heartan and took the throne from him.

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Queen of Amsnorth
Preceded by
Igraine Heartan
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