Name Elves
Dominions Greatwood Forest, Pinewood Forest, Greenwood Forest, Oakwood Forest, Albaia, Sçotinis, Wizardear, Summer of Priest
Languages Elvish
Height 4.5-5.8 feet
Skin Color White, Green, Black, Purple
Hair Color Blonde, Silver, Orange, Red, White, Grey and Green
Lifespan 8,000 years
Distinctions Small, slim, agile, wise, beautiful, vicious, intelligent
"Born in the image of the gods, the elves are both pure and dark. Being the first mortal race in Amsnorth, they are held in high regard and are known throughout the lands"
―About the elves

Elves is the name given to the group of three different kinds of elves. They are a race of mortal beings residing within Amsnorth. They look very much like humans, but their appearance vary depending on which type of elf. The average wood-elf stands around 5.2 feet tall, while the green-elf stands around 5.8. The elves are the very first recored mortal race to walk the lands of Amsnorth, which makes them only slightly younger than the dragons

There are three different kinds of elves: wood-elves, green-elves and dark-elves. They are also the longest lived out of all the mortal races, with most living up to 8,000 years. Elves first appeared around 25,000 BPD in the Western Territories. Because of their different appearances, the three types split themselves into three factions. Over time they begun to migrate across the lands, and began to civilize and settle. 

King Andriel of the wood-elves was the first ever king to have been elected, and his rivals, Shalimal and Soliman were also the leaders of their faction. Shalimal wanted to hold further power, so began to invade the wood-elves, and this started what would become the very first war, the War of the First

After the defeat of both the wood-elves and green-elves, Shalimal wanted to form his own empire, so he could hold the supreme power above all others. The Dark-Elf Empire was born, and they started their own government. As the years progressed, the elves started to migrate across the seas, and they eventually discovered more races, such as the humans and dwarves. The Empire took control over all these, and a trade begun between them all, and a small alliance was formed. Elves have played a major part throughout the history of Amsnorth and remain to this day as the more wise race of all.



When written text first came into Amsnorth, Andriel , Shalimal and Soliman were the first ruling kings of their race. It was as these three kings decided to seperate their races into the three different governments, did Amsnorth's first civilizations begin.

The Wood-Elves moved their race into the great forests, which would later be known as the Woodland Realms, and the Dark-Elves migrated to the Burnt Islands. The Green-Elves however decided to reamin within the Western Territories, until several decades later when they managed to pass the dreaded seas to the island of Summer of Priest.

War of the FirstEdit

Like any civilization war was impossibly to avoid. When the War of the First came into be, all the elvish kings were pitted against each other, in one of the most brutal battles of its time. Each of these elves wanted more power and land, and when Shalimal declaired himself Emperor of Amsnorth. The other kings did not like this, and King Andriel was the first to attack the new emperor. Master Soliman joined soon after, and the first ever war recorded begun.

Shalimal won because of his great numbers over the rest and the Dark-Elf Empire was formed.


Wood-Elves: These elves are paled skinned, ranging from white to silver. Their eyes are slint and narrow, and glitter like jewels. Their eye colours are mostly blue and green, while rarely violet. They are the smalles

Wood-Elves are perhaps the most beautiful out of them all

t of all the elves, standing on an average of 5.2 feet tall, and are much slicker and thinner than their kin. Also their ears are very large in comparison to the others, with pointed tips which pass their head.

Dark-Elves: These elves are dark shinned and have vicious appearances. Their skin can range from black-brown, and purple. They have several shades throughout and have very rought textures. Their eyes like the wood-elves are very slant and narrow, and can change from purple, red and black. They are slightly taller than the wood-elves and stand roughly 5.4-.5.6 feet. 

Green-Elves: These elves are the tallest out of them all, with green skin. Their skin colour can change depending on their personality. For example: a green-elf with a dark past and cruel personal, can have a shade of green as dark as hunter green, while a light and kind elf can have a chartreuse shade. Their eyes
Kick Ass Dark Elf Lord-01161027

Dark-Elves look intimidating in armour

are slightly more round than the other elves, with the colour being only emerald. They are the tallest of all elves, and slightly taller than the humans. Their average height is 5.8 feet. 

Current StatusEdit

The elves continue to prosper around Amsnorth and populate most places. The green-elves are the least populated out of the three, however every civilan area in Amsnorth has their own green-elf, this is due to their skills in healing. They serve as doctors. 

Wood-Elves serve in armies mainly, being archers, while dark-elves remain in their own lands, within Wizardear. However some dark-elves may been seen around the lands, but this is rare as they prefer to avoid humans and dwarves due to their past. 

Powers and Abilities Edit

Elves are the fastest of all mortal races, and have a vast skill set. While green-elves are the ones to avoid combat, the wood-elves are the best in terms of archery, while dark-elves can be dangerous in close combat, by using their speed and agility.


The wood-elves are the greatest race in all Amsnorth for their mastery over archery. There is no race finer in this skill than them. The theory is that due to their keen eyes, small arms and advanced hearing, is what has caused them to become such excellent archers.


Wood-Elves are fairy skilled in both swordplay and archer


Although they do not use this skill often, they are no stranger at it. With many elves using daggers and short swords and longswords, they are very quick with an attack. They use this skill in odd ways, using speed, jumping and flipping to confuse their enemies.  All elves are trained to use swords throughout their lives, nearly as much as bows and arrows, but they do not prefer to use them. Only a few elves have been known to use a sword over a bow: Melenki, Nymeria and Mymera.


Their favoured skill is with the bow. Due to living in the trees, using its woods and animals to help with their skills. Elf archer use of the bow, they have become the best archers in history. With no other race coming close to their skills.  Over the years, elves have hunted many animals, which has given them the best title of hunters. Many young elves are given trainning tasks of hunting rare animals and killing them. All elves thrive to be the best in archery, with many competting against each other.


On a very rare occasion can an elf use magic. One example of this was when Nymeria managed to create a barrier of magic to conceal and protect her city from the outside world. It banishes all enchantments, making a magical being useless within its range. Although Nymeria is not a magical being, she can still use a small amount of magic, but cannot use it for battle porposes.


These elves are the most skilled swordsmen in Amsnorth, although not the strongest, their brute skill and speed, and agility make them highly dangerous in battles. Their unique style and discipline make them for deadly oppoinents.


Dark-Elves are the best in Amsnorth for their skills and style with a blade. They wield a katana and are highly lethal with them, by using their great speed to move in and out of their foes with great ease. Also they are trained with high discipline and are taught to use their skills with courage. If one elf were to fail in a task, they are forced to take their own life out of dishonour. 


Like the wood-elves, they are very skilled in this art. However not as acomplished as their fellow kin, the dark-elves are till dangerous and skilled with the use of the longbow. Like swordplay, they are forced to use archery with discipline, and are not allowed to use their skills unless they can perfect everything.


Green elf

Green-Elves are very slippery and almost impossibly to see in forests

Although these elves are not known for skills in battle, they can still be skilled in several of the arts. However despite this, green-elves are largely intelligent, being smarter than any other race with the execption of the dragons


Green-elves do not use blades or any kind of weaponry unless need be. They can use them however, and use mainly longswords and never shields. They are trained to use swords to defend only, and never to attack. Their use of the blade has them balance out their movements, and try and find a way to talk their way out of dangerous situations.


Green-Elves are the smartest of all races in this skill, they can use their brillant minds to solve nearly any problem. They are mainly scholars and politicans due to their understanding of their enemy.


Green-elves are masters in this skill, being the only ones to be able to understand chemicals and ingredients of potions and poisons. They serve in villages and cities, using this skill to serve as healers to the people. 

They can also use this skill in combat, by setting up traps and experimenting with lethal substances that can wound and harm large amounts of people. They can also craft poisons, which also make them for dangerous enimes and assasins. 

In the BooksEdit

They elves play large roles within the books, serving as both enimes and allies. The green-elves and dark-elves are one of the first races Isabella Mthendale lives with and sees within her time in Seatown, while the wood-elves are the primary allies to her during her travels.


  • They are inspired by real life cultures: wood-elves, the Chinese, the dark-elves, the Japanese, and the green-elves the Korean.
  • Dark-elves were not influenced by the dark-elves in the Elder Scolls games..
  • Wood-elves are only slightly taller than the dwarves.