Elves of Greatwood

Elves of Greatwood


White tree, on a blackground, with several white birds flying overhead
The more it grows, the more it thrives
King of the Wood-Elves, Queen of the Wood-Elves, Lord, Lady, General, Commander

Other Information

Elves of Greenwood, Elves of Oakwood, Elves of Pinewood, Elves of Evergreen, Elves of Ravenfall, Elves of Vulkwood
Military strength
6,000 footsoldiers, 12,000 archers
Date of founding
Creation Period
FA 0
Ancestral weapon
"My ancestors forged this great kingdom from nothing but sticks and a few honourable men. Now it thrives and is currently one of the greatest empires in history."
Queen Nymeria on her heritage

Elves of Greatwood is a term used by many to describe elves that have been born inside Greatwood Forest. It is regarded as being a Great House, but the elves themselves do no consider their community a noble house of any kind. It was forged around 25,000 years ago by King Andriel when the different factions of the three kinds of elves split themsleves into different groups, and the Elves of Greatwood were the first beings to set up the new foundations in which would become the Wood-Elves.

The house has participated in nearly every single war in history, and were the major beings in the War of Kings and the Great Purge, losing both of them. However their power and great assets made them one of the greatest threats in the kingdoms. It has the largest army of archers, as well as some of the best marksmen in Amsnorth.

The sigil of the Elves is a white tree, on a black background with several white birds flying overhead. Their words are the more it grows the more it thrives, refering to the White Tree which is on its banners. The original name for the tree is Móshùo, Tree of Gods, found within the Gorge.



The Elves of Greatwood started out as being only a small portion of elves that were a part a greater community of elves, however after the three kings, Andriel, Shalimal and Soliman decided to seperate their races into three different factions, the newly formed Wood-Elves moved to Greatwood Forest where they set up their new kingdom.

However their formation was not a good one, as most of their time was spent trying to fend off the growing population of the Dark-Elves, which were beginning to prove problems for the wood-elves and their hunting. Villages were raided and many wood-elf civilians killed. King Andriel sent out ravens to Shalimal, demdning justice. But these events eventually lead into the very first recorded war, the War of the First.

Andriel lost the war, and his head, however his offspring took over his mantle, and made a truce with the Dark-Elf Empire to spare their lives and to form an alliance of sorts. The Wood-Elves were made into slaves, and many of them were sent off to work as cooks, soldiers, maids, squires and prosititues. 

During the War of Kings, Safdraen move against all the other kings, and was perhaps the strongest force for an amount of time. He defeated Saaelas at his own homeground, with the help of Jafier Heartan. Due to his support, Jafier allowed him and his future decendents to keep their title of monarch for the rest of their time.

No war ever came close to the horror and tragic the elves faced than during the Great Purge. Safdraen, Thurdan and Melenki all forced themsleves and their people into an almost constent moving routeen to keep them from being found by Azugon. But their life was miserable and they faced torture and pain as more and more elves were made into slaves. 

It came to no surprise that the Elves of Greatwood support the cause of Tharik Heartan during the Freedom Wars, to help put their race at ease. When they lost this war, Melenki fled into hiding once more and faced a huge bounty on his head. Another war came is when the War of Flowers took place, with Robert I Heartan claiming the title of his right, when Azugon vanished from sight. 

Military StrengthEdit

The Elves of Greatwood have the largest archery in Amsnorth as well as the most skilled marksmen. Around 12,000 archers currently reide within Greatwood Forest more than any other place in the world. Their footsoldiers are around 6,000, a very large number. However their footsoldiers are not masters at swordplay, but are very, very skilled in tactics, and will more likely find an advanced solution rather than head straight into the fight.


  • Queen Nymeria: only child to Melenki and the Queen of the Wood-Elves.
    • Her husband, {Sorian}, died during a storm at sea.
    • Mymera, her eldest child and Princess.
    • Lymeria, her second oldest child and youngest.
  • Riadriel, Lord and a distant cousin to Nymeria.
    • His son, Sillas
    • His daughter, Sina
  • Anoriath, Lord and brother to Riadriel
  • Thranor , commander of a large portion of archers
  • A great deal more of elves

Ancient and Older MembersEdit

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