Elvish, also known as Whénguà and Erfu-Gongu is the language of the elves and their primary language. The elvish tongue was spoken by every living person during the Creation Period. This was until the humans migrated across the seats and into the Main Lands, where they brought their own tongue, Rochillion.

Elvish is still spoken by nearly all elves, however it is not as common as it was thousands of years ago. Most elves who speak it, tend to be those of a higher class. While most common elves speak the basic tongue.


The first elves came into Amsnorth in the year FA 0, where Shalimal, the Dark-Elf  emperor started to invade lands across the Main Lands. The langauge was spoken by all elves, while different ways of speaking the tongue was different between the different types of elves, the main language and spelling remained the same. Every book before the Second Age was written in elvish.

The elvish language became to fall slightly over the course of history, as the human population increased greatly. Since the human tongue was spoken so often, Rochillion was adopted by all other races, and eventually elvish was spoken by a selected few. 


Elvish Rochillion
People Hiito
King Guówun
And Huhn
For Duswū
War Zhànēng
Together Yīqgo
Power Gōnga
Woodlands Lindan
Greater Gèngar
Honour Róngth
Respect Zhong
City Shee
Weapon Bundki
See Mirthu
Sea Kaiyik