End's fall

End's Fall Cliffside

End's Fall is a gigantic cliffside located within the Dwavern Kingdom. It is the largest cliffside in all Amsnorth, and its most notable for the Three Kings, the one hundred feet tall statues.

The cliffside is also home to many hiddeen caves and small shores. It attracks many visitors due to its ancient landscapes.


The End's Fall was named after a dwavern king was killed after he tumbled from his horse and down the cliffside. Throughout time it eventually became more famous for claiming the lives of many people.

However this was not all negative, as during the dwavern uprising, many of their enemies perished within the deadly rocks and ocean.

The Three Kings were the statues of King Jarmen Boulderarm, King Aregeon Boulderrock and King Steffark Boulderrock. Jarmen was the first to be erected by the ancient dwarves due to his prideful ruling. When House Boulderrock took over leadership of the Dwavern Kingdom, they allowed the statue to be remained out of respect, and added two more kings to the cliffside.


End's Fall is located ten miles from the Bronze Hills and roughly one and a half thousand miles from Golden Halls. It stands near the Golden Ocean and looks upon the hidden parts of the sea.