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Biographical information

Other names
Master of Illusion, Darkness Slave, Servant of Evil, The Shadow Man
Date of birth
9,100 BPD
Date of death
9,142 BPD (reanimated)

Physical description

6.0 Feet
Hair color
Eye color
Black (formerly), White
Order Rank
Staff Name
"This man, well what's left of one, is as cold as ice and as deadly. He can drive even the greatest of minds to insanity, he is the incarnation of evil and anger"
―About Ezgoth

Ezgoth is a dark magical being and necromancer. He is the loyal servant of the Dark Lord Azugon and led his forced during many of his master's wars. He was trained in the Academy of Magical Beings by the legendary Moreusico, but fell into darkness. He was killed by Azugon before the Great Purge of Amsnorth, and created into a Spawn. This was to show utter obedience to his master.

Ezgoth was one of the most feared beings in history, and is often considered one of the most powerful magical beings of all time. Most of the fear came from his immense power over illusion, and is called Master of Illusion. His great power over dark magic has gained him a reputation, and he is also one of the most wanted people in Amsnorth. He has a bounty on his head which is higher than 1,000,000 gold pieces.

After the mysterious vanish of Azugon, Ezgoth was cast out from Gran Sarathal by Robert I Heartan, and the Army of Darkness lost control over the Races of Amsnorth. After that day Ezgoth has been hunted by nearly every king and queen, who have all raised the price of his bounty.

Character and AppearanceEdit

Ezgoth is a cruel and dangerous man, ever since his early childhood he has enjoyed toying with people's mind. When he grew older he became more attached to dark magic, and with that he became more power hungry and evil.

Although during his time before being corrupted by Azugon, he was not fully obedient towards the Dark Lord, but did on the other hand respect his power. It was when Azugon reanimated him into a Spawn did Ezgoth completly lose his humanity, and become a heartless monster.

Before he became a spawn, Ezgoth was fairly average looking, with a light stubble and cropped black hair. However as he grew and tampered with dark magic, and became corruped his features started to fade and become more dead-like. When he became a spawn, his eyes went from brown to a bright white colour, that when looking into it many claim it to be looking into death itself. His hair grew to his shoulders and us pitch black, his skin became blotchy with bruises and marks, and is as pale as a sheet of parchment.


Early LifeEdit

Not much is known about Ezgoth's past, but what is recorded was that he was orphaned at a young age. He moved from orphanage to orphanage throughout his childhood. At the age of three he was moved across the sea to Summer of Priest, where he was forced to serve under the Green-Elves for over 2 further years.

He was builed and tortued by most around him, and they toyed with him due to his unusal appearance. This drove him mad many times, and he often attempted to flee from Missundi. However he did not get far.

There was one day when Ezgoth was resting he was ambushed by a group of his fellow servents, who beat him bloody and tried to dangle him from a tower. Fearing for his life, Ezgoth screamed and in doing so he caused the entire tower he was held in to shake and crumble. However the bullies dropped him and he tumbled to the ground, but before he could die from the impact, he managed to surround himself with a shield that prevented his death. 

This event astonished everyone, and Ezgoth was held in a cell to answer for his crimes. Again fearing for his life, Ezgoth demonstrated further magic and blew open his cell and used magic to escape the city. But before he could leave he was approched by a witch named Eyvwin, who took him into her care.

When Ezgoth was brought to the Academy of Magical Beings he was brought before Azugon who at that time was the academy's Grand Wizard. Azugon found the boy interesting, so had him train under his greatest student, and one of his most powerful wizards, Moreusico


Ezgoth was taken under the wing of Moreusico, who trained him differently from the original way of the Magical Beings, he instead had Ezgoth spend hours a day reading and trying to perfect his knowelage. This often frustrated Ezgoth, and many times he snuck into several of his fellow mages' rooms to see what they were learning.

Moreusico and Ezgoth

Moreusico training Ezgoth

One day Ezgoth approched Azugon feeling that Moreusico was holding him back, and claiming that he does not care much for him. Azugon dismissed this, and stated that Moreusico was training him in the best possible way, knowelage before power. Ezgoth left feeling little for what the Grand Wizard said, and started to become more distant towards his master.

However after he begun to lose hope, Moreusico took Ezgoth into the courtyard where he assulted him with spells. Shocked Ezgoth used what he learned in his readings to summon a shield to block himself. The old man then informed him that his knowledge of the magic he read in the books has assisted him in performing spells. 

The Dark StudentEdit

Ezgoth throughout his training as a mage spent most of his time within the library, on the orders of his master. However the young student did not take too fond of learning further in books, so decided to sneak out of his learning to watch the sorceres training in their ways of magic. Ezgoth lust to learn of the magic these beings did, so many times a week he would venture forth to watch them, trying to study their magic and perform these himself.

While Moreusico believed that Ezgoth was still reading, the head wizard, Azugon begun to suspect that he was missing his classes, so sent Morganna to find out what the child was up to. Ezgoth caught on to this at the last moment, and started back at his classes until the suspicion faded.

When Ezgoth was twenty years old he was promoted to sorcerer rank after he passed the Selection. However Moreusico and other memebers of the council did not find him ready, and believed that his manner of overview of magic was lacking that of the normal magical being. Azugon passed on these thoughts, as the young student still passed the Selection. 

In his sorcerer rank, Ezgoth started to become more and more hungry for more power over magic. During his classes he would often rival his teachers, and try and correct them on many things they said. This often got him in trouble, and this even caused problems for his master, Moreusico as many blaimed him for his teachings. 

Ezgoth did not show much anger and evil until he travelled across Amsnorth to assist the lands with his healing magic. During this time Ezgothy ventured into the East, there he arrived at the village Kraven. Instead of helping most of the injured and sick, he instead tried to lean more magic, darker, deeper magic that would eventually cause much panic in the village.

His actions drew the attention of the Academy, and Azugon himself arrived at the village to confront him. Instead of taking him back to the academy for trail for his actions, the Grand Wizard asked him where he learned such magic. After Ezgoth informed him of what he found, Azugon promised him a promotion if he kept his mouth shut.

Becoming DarkEdit

When Azugon launched his first attack on the world of Amsnorth Ezgoth was the first to join his ranks. This shocked his old master Moreusico. Azugon asked Ezgoth to try and persuade him to join the army, but Moreusico refused and Ezgoth attacked him. Although he was quickly defeated by his former master, he managed to hold his own for some time. After than day he saw him as nothing more than an enemy.

During the war Ezgoth begun to experiment with more dakr objects, which caused Azugon to grow wary of him. On one dark day, the Dark Lord asked for him to meet with him. When he did the dakr wizard killed him. To ensure that he does not every quesiton his power, Azugon raised him from the dead as a Spawn.

Hunting Magical BeingsEdit

Ezgoth's main task was finding and eliminating all magical beings so they proved no treat to his master. Throughout his travels he met and killed hundreds of them, mainly children and babes still at their mothers' teat. Ezgoth's name was known across the lands, and he soon became as famous as his master. 

When the dragons started to rise, Ezgoth wanted to test his powers and face one. His master granted him this and took him to fight his first dragon. However Ezgoth was no match for the dragon he faced and it fled before Azugon had the time to step in. Ezgoth was never granted the task to hunt anymore dragons, so went back to finding magical beings. 

On the RunEdit

When Azugon fell Ezgoth went into hiding. Many assasins and bounty hunters stalked and hunted him across Amsnorth, which caused him to run into his former master once more. Again Ezgoth lost the battle, but managed to escape with the help of the Spawn left over from the war.

For thousands of yearsm Ezgoth remained hidden from the world, creeping around only in the shadows, killing and attacking many forts and castles around the lands, which granted him the name of Shadow Man. The wood-elves were the main enemy of him as they hunted him for hundreds of years, with many still after him. 

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Ezgoth is considered one of the best magical beings of his generation. He attracted the attention of Azugon, who admired his powers. He soared through his ranks until he settled on necromancer. He was taught by one of the most powerful magical beings of all time, Moreusico, and used his former master's skills several times during combat.


Ezgoth was a master in the art of swordplay, being one of the few magical beings to be skilled in such a trait. He was taught also by Moreusico how to use a blade, and used it often in later future during wars and battles. Ezgoth was one of the few to be able to conjure magic from a conjured weapon. Ezgoth defeated many skilled swordmasters, such as Nymeria, Mymera and skilled assasins and bounty hunters.


Ezgoth's main power was magic, something that he said himself was a master in. Many foes has fell to his power of magic, he even managed to hold off some great wizards and witches, and even come close to killing few. Ezgoth was nearly at his wizard rank when he died, something very rarely manage to acomplish at his age.

  • Element magic: Ezgoth was adept in using the elements in combat. His favourite was the use of fire, something that he used many times to burn and cause serious pain to his enimes.
  • Dark magic: Something very few can use, dark magic is one of the strongest and dangerous of all magic areas. Ezgoth was trained by Auzgon in this art, who is one of the greatest. He mastered it at a young age, and used it to hold his own against Moreusico and kill hundreds of magical beings.
  • Spirital magic: Ezgoth was adept in this art, but prefered not to use it unless he had to. Due to this being highly dangerous, it attracted Ezgoth because he saw the more dangerous ones as being the strongest. Ezgoth used spirital magic to harvest the powers of fallen foes, and store it until he had use of their powers.
  • Shapeshifting: One of the most difficult things to master, Ezgoth perfected this skill and used it many times throughout his years. The personal favourite of his was to transform into a Tree-Troll, something he invented himself. 
  • Illusion: Ezgoth is considered to be one of the greatest illusionist of all time. His main skill was to perfect this art, and he did so at the age of twenty. Azugon himself stated that he was more powerful than himself in this area of magic, and he has used it many times to confuse and test Azugon's mental ablilties. He used this skill several times on his encounters with Moreusico, and used them to escape the old man. Ezgoth was so powerful in this skill that he used it to confuse entire armies, and cause fake realms and realities for them, granting his forces to quickly end their lives. However this takes time and control.

In the BooksEdit

Ezgoth is the primary antagonist of Dust and Shadow and Fire and Steel. He is deucted to secondary villan in Blood of the Dragon, but he is the main reasons behind many attacks.


  • He was inspired by Severus Snape from Harry Potter.
  • He is roughly 6.3 feet tall.
  • His hair is darker than midnight.
  • He is more evil than Azugon.