Fairies or, as they are known in Elvish Shióg-rriak are a race of tiny elf-like beings that reside within the forests of Amsnorth. They are known for their small size and strong connection to the forests and life forms that dwell within the trees.

They are a highly rare race, and most go through their whole life without ever getting to see one. However they do present their selves if they encounter a wounded being or animal near their resting place. It is said that they would heal any being or animal, despite its dark or light persona. 

Unlike the Unicorn, fairies are not actual pure beings, but instead believe that both darkness and light must thrive in order to have a functunal world. But if darkness gets too much, the fairies would intervein to stop it.

They along with the dragons and leavons, are the only races that are immortal.


Fairies are very mysterious as they are not seen much, this does not make them few in numbers, as they hide within large areas filled with hundreds of different life forms. They use this to mask their presences from others, which makes them some of the most protected beings alive.

Their origins are to reach back since the day the first mortals walked Amsnorth, but it is unclear how long their exact time on the lands is.

There have not been much stories told about these beings, but many have claimed that they were born to magic and that they along with the leavon were sent to protect the forests.


They resemble the Wood-Elves in appearace but stand only 4 inches tall. It is rather difficult to tell the difference between a male and female fairy, as they all have long hair atop their heads, and hairless bodies elsewhere. 

On their backs are very small thin wings which flutter and flap over three thousand times per second. Despite the delicute look of these wings, they are as strong as dragon scales.

Some fairies have small spikes atop their heads which serve as sensors.

Great PurgeEdit

When Azugon launched his attack on Amsnorth the fairies were one of the few races that were not affected greatly by this. It is unknown why Azugon did not hunt these small people, but many have believed that he never had a grudge with them and did not see them as a dangerous threat.

However the fairies did not hide away during this period, as they helped house and protect many people as they fled tthe forces of Azugon.

Freedom WarsEdit

The fairies yet again did not participate within this war, but they did not competely disban the other races. They helped many Wood-Elves and Humans as they stumbled wounded near their homes, and healed their wounds.

Current StatusEdit

The fairies currently still remain within the woods of Amsnorth, they live inside small houses that are protected by their immense magical power.

Relationship with Wood-ElvesEdit

Faries hold a very strong bond with the Wood-Elves, this is mainly due to their similar personals. They live with each other in the great forests of Amsnorth, with their primary home being Greatwood City

Nymeria with a fairy

Queen Nymeria with a fairy

The Queen of Elves, Queen Nymeria respects the fairies greatly, and houses them within the most scared places of her city. This causes the fairies to assist and heal any wounded elves that arrive back within the city. Also fairies many enter the Beauty of the Forest, a small pond which features much of Amsnorth's pure holey power. 

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Fairies do not fight in any kinds of wars or battles, but their power is known by many. They are wise and very cunning, and hold much wisdom around the lands. 


Faries are one of the greatest beings in Amsnorth for their use of magic. They are known as the first people to possess magic, aside from the dragons and leavon.

  • Healing Magic - their main power is being able to heal almost any wound. They heal all beings, despite their either bad or good self. 
  • Spititual Magic - these small beings are one of the few that can use such magic and not be affected by the Vale. They can pass through such dangers, and use the spirits to harvest power.
  • Illusion - fairies use this magic to hide their presense from others.